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The best way of Cooking Okra Curry at Home

Okra some people call it Ladyfinger in some parts of the country. Both appear to be the same. Okra will be very soft and fresh to prepare the items t at home. But, the difficulty arises when one is asked to boil them. A newbie for cooking can not Okra like ordinary vegetables. He can not cut it into round pieces and wash them. The upper part of Okra is very useful in giving relief to the people suffering from Arthritis. The upper portions should be cut off and kept in a water during the night. Morning, after getting up from the bed and washing your wash a Glass of water, should be taken as a juice. This will be very jelly like substance. People may not like it in the beginning. But, once they are habituated to this and the relief they get they will definitely prefer to have it.
Some people cut round pieces of Okra and add them to the Buttermilk stew. This can be found mostly in South Indian recipes. They first prepare buttermilk stew and just before removing it away from the stove they add the nicely cut, round pieces of Okra which give a terrible taste to the dish. Some people fry the okra pieces separately in Ghee and add them to the buttermilk stew This also gives good taste to the recipe.
There is another preparation known by the name Fenugreek stew. It will be very rich in taste. It will be like Hot and Sour soup which we all like to have during chilling weather during winter. This is a class by its own. This can be had at any time and if kept in a fridge it can be served safely for 3 days without putting it to test.
If okra pieces are nicely fried and added to Fenugreek stew the taste will be excellent and one can use it even as a soup. But the problem is with preserving it. It can be preserved maximum for a day with the help of a fridge.
Whatever may be the types of dishes the problem will be faced by most of the people in making a curry out of it. The reason being due to the stickiness of Okra when it is cut. You can not touch them with wet hands even by mistake.
Here I will explain how to prepare Okra/Ladyfinger Curry
Ingredient: Okra/ladyfingers 200 gms
Curry leaves,
Red chilli powder 1 tbs
Tamarind juice 1 1/2 spoon
Salt to taste

First, wash ladyfinger in a running water. Clean them with a soft cloth and see that they are not wet. Allow them for 2 minutes and see that there are not water drops over them.


cutting okra.

iamge credit to: swathirecipies.com


Cut Okras into nice round pieces. See that your hands not wet this time. If they are so please dry them with a cloth/towel. If possible try to wear paper gloves.
Taka frying pan. Add 5 tbs of any oil of your choice. If it is Olive Virgin Oil you get a good taste. When it is hot add some mustard seeds and when they splutter add some Red chillis (2 ) and then Curry leaves (8 Nos). keep it for 1 minutes. See that this is not roasted. Now add Okra pieces to this Oil in the frying pan covering it for 5 minutes. Remove the cover and keep the flame low. Now see if the Okra pieces are sticky. If they do not, keep them covered for another 2 minutes.

After removing the cover now add the Tamarind juice to the pieces. Keep the pan on low flame adding some salt required. Add the Red Chilli Powder also. Keep it for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes take off the cover and flip the pieces with a wooden stick. Do think frequently. Everything becomes perfect by this time. You will see that the Okra pieces are very light brown in color and soft and convenient to be taken with rice. If you by mistake keep the flame on high the pieces will be roasted. Never keep the flame on high.

The Okra is ready now. You can serve it along with rice. They will be soft to eat along with rice and you can even take them as a side dish without any rice.

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The Superfood you should not miss in your diet

The term Superfood has got many definitions. Each dictionary defining the term assigning many terms associated with medicine. This is leading to only unnecessary confusion among the readers. To make the term easy to understand some efforts have been made but none could define it with precision. The more you add the more will the meaning be twisted and goes beyond the comprehension of readers. It is enough to define the term in simple and precise words than trying to engulfing and attributing many numbers of qualities. Remember SMALL IS ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL.

The terms superfood is the food which is very good for health and supplies all energy nutrients for a body.

Can we add an Egg to the list of Superfoods? Yes. There are certain qualities an egg shows and possess which is conveniently adds it to the list of Superfoods.

An Egg is the most natural food rich in proteins which are not to be found in any other foods. An egg contains all proteins, Minerals like Phosphorus, Calcium, Iron, etc., It has got a proportionate level of Carbohydrates, Vitamin A etc..

The fats that are good for the health of heart, Vitamins, and other nutrients and the egg yolk is predominant with Vitamin A, good fat, phosphorous and one should not throw it away for fear of high Cholesterol.

It has got rich antioxidants that are useful for eyes. It prevents the macular degeneration and eye cataract

The high protein content in the Egg provides and assures satiety. Taking an egg regularly in our diet will lead to weight loss and nicely cuts down the fat content in the body. Is it not amazing..!!

An Egg is good for hair and also for the skin. There are many beauty products available in the market that contain Egg Yolk.

for face pinterest

iamge credit: pinterest.com       egg for the skin


Beauty products like Facepacks, moisturizers, anti-dandruff shampoos will have a nicely proportioned Egg content precisely added egg contents. There are shampoos available in the market for the growth of hair that give strong and fuller hair.

Regular consumption of an Egg increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and this leads to protection against heart attack and other heart diseases.

The protein in the egg can be absorbed by the body very easily. As such it strengthens the muscles in the body.

Having said that now,  is it not appropriate to add this invaluable egg to the list of SUPERFOOD?





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Crow-A link between the Dead and the Living

You might have come across people saying “What is this Crow life? No joy, no cheer, no play, no comforts, living like a Crow going to the office, working there, and coming back home, night take dinner, watch T.V and get to  sleep…this has become my daily routine without any enjoyment. I am really cursed to have this life”.

But, the life of a Crow has got its own place of importance. The lifespan of a Crow is about 7 years and depending on the surroundings there are some who live for more than 10 years also. There are about 48 varieties of Crows. A Crow is a black bird. It is very intelligent. The brain-to-body ratio of a Crow is equal to that of the brain-to-body ratio of a Chimpanzee. This bird is found in almost all places except in Southern S.America. They can give amazing expressions. One should hear the voice of a Crow when it expresses its emotion when it is hungry. Ornithologists say that they display happiness, anger, and sad feelings and they can be trained to speak in the voice of a human being though I doubt this particular point. I have never seen and heard anybody saying this. This is only for the Ornithologist to validate their statement.

The one point most of the people agree with is they got a good memory power. They hide their food at different places and can locate them easily where they hide it even in a thick jungle. These are fearless. They pick up and draw stones or sticks on predators. People do not like as they damage crops.  They eat all types of food and got not reservations or restrictions to the types of food.

But, one will be amazed to know that the Hinduism attaches importance to Crows and considers that it establishes a link between the dead and the living people. If food is offered to Crows it carries it to our dead ancestors the practice which is quite visible in many Hindu families during Annual Death ceremonies of the deceased people. There is a practice known by the name SHRADHA. This is a practice where Rice Balls are prepared and gingelly seeds are added to the Rice Balls. It is taken chanting some Mantras and placed on the roof top of a building or at a place which is comfortable to eat without being disturbed by any other animals or insects. They shout …ka..ka..ka…Which is nothing but an invitation to a Crow. It comes and accepts the Rice Balls.  The annual death ceremonies will be considered unfruitful if no Crow accepts the offering.

In my personal experience when on the 10th Day of the death of my father I performed the ritual in a graveyard and the priest cooked the Rice and prepared the Rice Balls. He asked me to keep them on a particular place. I placed them accordingly. He waited for 10-15 minutes. There was not even a single Crow. He asked me to observe that a Crow will definitely come and accept it. I could not believe it.

He continued the ritual as usual. I was looking at him saying that there was no Crow at all. He just laughed and asked me to join him and watch the scene. I joined and started the ritual along with him. While I was concentrating on the ritual suddenly I noticed a Crow eating the Rice Balls. I was shocked to see the scene. He explained me everything in detail.  Tears trickled down from my eyes recollecting the memories associated with my father.

There is a strong belief among the Hindus associated with a Crow. When a group of Crows (called Murder) sits on the roof of any house it indicates the death of any person in that house within a short period of time.

Whatever may be the characteristics and special features of a Crow we should accept that it has got some value and purpose of living and there is nothing in the universe which has been created without following the theory of CAUSE AND EFFECT.





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The growth of hair lies somewhere here

The growth of hair is a complex phenomenon. The natural theory ‘a thing lost is lost forever’  always holds good. It holds good just because everybody differs in its natural constituents from the other body. Honey may be good for me but it can not be so for all or to my immediate neighbor. A general view is always drawn and a conclusion will arrive it.

The growth of hair is also having the similar property as each and everybody is having a different configuration, body constituents and it is not always possible to arrive at a definite procedure or product with emphasis that helps in the growth of hair.

My personal experience has shown that the use of medicines containing steroids for Psoriasis treatment had a vulnerable attack on my hair and the hair came out in small stacks into my hands whenever I was combing them. This has embarrassed me than the Psoriasis the disease I was suffering from. There was no other way but to take the treatment at the sacrifice of my hair. And it is only after a thorough observation and determination I could regain my paradise and enjoy seeing the growth of hair again.

The growth of hair requires proper consultation with a doctor at regular intervals of time, use of proper shampoo, yoga, meditation, good habits, regular water intake, protein intake, combing of hair, exposure to heat, health condition, food habits. All these aspects require proper care, devotion, and good discipline to follow. One can not expect yoga from a person suffering from Arthritis or joint pains, One can not expect good protein intake from a person who is having a heavy body, and one cannot expect a marketing person to take up activities in so and so season and weather only.

However, there are certain practices which everybody can follow at home using the simple kitchen and regular items that work really well in the growth of hair …a fuller hair and a long hair.

People may not be having the habit of applying oil to the hair. I have seen many not applying any oil for days and months together except on some special festivals or occasions. One need not apply and drench oneself in oil. But, a sufficiently good amount of oil left for 2 or 3 hrs is good for health. Though there are many oils available in the market in so many brands and various names, the use of Coconut Oil is an excellent remedy that works towards the growth of hair. Apply coconut oil to the hair giving a light massage around the head and tapping nicely on the scalp. The next step is to take some oil and apply it onto the scalp and move your fingers gently over the scalp in circular motion. Leave it at least for 2 hrs. This can be done early in the morning 2 hrs before taking your head bath. This is meant for those who do not apply oil at all.

But, this can not be for those who apply oil occasionally. They can instead apply oil onto their head during night time before going to sleep and wash it early in the morning using preferably a herbal shampoo.

Some people may find it difficult to use Coconut Oil as it will trickle down slowly and spread around the face. But, there is no alternative except to bear with it. The use of gingelly oil is also highly useful as it not only helps in the growth of hair but also makes the scalp strong,  healthy, and more resistance during exposure to the hot Sun.

An another practical method for the growth of good hair is just mixing a fistful of curry leaves to the Coconut oil. The curry leaves are a must kitchen item in the Indian household. It is the heart of their cooking secrets and adds up to the taste of any item prepared.

Most of the people do not know using Curry leaves for the hair growth. They are aware of many Ayurvedic Oils made of flowers like Jasmine, Hibiscus, Rose etc., each of which has got its own property and benefit.

Take fresh Curry leaves about 30 in number and clean them. Take 10 spoons of coconut oil and heat it for 2 minutes. When the oil is sufficiently hot add the fresh curry leaves and continue the heating. After two minutes the coconut oil turns into light black/black. Switch off the stove. Allow the Coconut Oil to cool.

This oil is applied to the head along with a light massage around the scalp and also along the sides of the head. Leave it for 25 minutes and take a head bath with cool or warm water using Rita powder or using any herbal shampoo that fits you well regularly. Do this for 2 months and you will be amazed to see the growth of hair and the difference can only be felt instead of explaining it orally. The first sign one will find is a total absence of dandruff and then less amount of hair turning into gray. The hair becoming stronger from the roots. The disappearance of splits at the ends of hair.

This is the best method I personally followed in my case when I was a victim of Psoriasis losing almost all my hair but finally could get it though slowly.

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The living is an Art. This is a God’s given Art. For living one should eat. But not the contrary. The truth finally after a severe research and discussion finally leads to a conclusion that man can lead a happy life even with the least money in his pockets by choosing an appropriate food item. The search for those items that can be prepared with least effort and less money draw me towards UPMA  a nice dish one can substitute in place of rice. The other being STUFFED RICE.

Upma is known to everyone. There are varieties in it. It can be prepared according to the availability of vegetables. Even when there are no any vegetables it can be prepared using only the broken wheat or broken rice. This is the uniqueness of this food stuff. One can feel fuller after eating this. It can be consumed with various types of curries, powders, and finally even along with Curd. Ladies in India generally do not prefer it as it is meant for Widows only. It was their regular Dinner made generally using broken rice. The item was preferred adding buttermilk to this food item.

But, the days have changed. When ‘ eating something to keep stomach fuller ‘ has become the concept of minimum food a search has been made making it delicious adding some nicely cut pieces of vegetables with seasoning giving it a different name VEGETABLE UPMA. This can be prepared using broken wheat also.

If broken wheat is very nicely broken it is called KESARI RAVA.

wikipedia org broken rice  tomatobath

image credit to: wikipedia.org

Upma prepared to add more tomatoes will ultimately be known as TOMATO BATH.

When the broken rice is added to the boiling sugar syrup it will be turned into a sweet dish which we call RAVA HALWA’. This is a sweet.

Whatever may be additions and names they all belong to the family of NO RICH and define the seeming rich status of an individual living in PROSPEROUS INDIA.

Another food falling into the category but even cheaper than UPMA is STUFFED RICE.

Stuffed rice is prepared by steaming the rice. They will be very light and occupy more volume which will be highly disproportional to the area. This is everybody’s food. Even the rich prefer it as a time-pass item during travel. Of course, with a different name.

During my journey to Varanasi, I was discussing with my co-traveler. I heard somebody shouting ‘BHEL/BHEL PURI’. I was just distracted. The voice was very freaky. I glanced through the container of the vendor who was sitting at a place in the compartment. He was not sitting but was not allowed to leave the place. Many travelers sending their choice of preparations through their kids and friends. He was preparing them adding sometimes more Onion pieces, sometimes more vegetables, and sometimes more chili powder and salt etc.,



image credit to: youtube.com

The main ingredient in ‘BHEL’ is stuffed rice. It is prepared by adding  the following ingredients to the stuffed rice;



Nicely cut small Onion pieces

Some coriander leaves

Masala powder

curry leaves

Tomato slices

roasted Bengal gram

Groundnut pieces

Some lemon juice

The Vendor was making some cones out of paper. He was putting some stuffed rice in it. Later he was adding all the above stuff one by one and finally shaking the stuff by covering the paper cone. That’s all. The BHEL is ready. Everybody was eagerly waiting to collect their order anxiously. He could make a very good business for the day.

When you are alone, feeling hungry, with empty vesselS in the kitchen the only easiest stuff that comes to your rescue is THE CHILI MUR MURE’

Take Murmure in a large container, add some chili powder (2 gms) and salt 1/2 a gram and shake the mix. If it is not mixed properly add a spoon of any oil or Ghee. Your stuff is ready for the day. Some people add some Chutneys in place of chili powder and Salt. This is another stuff to eat leisurely for a time-pass. One can add some Onion pieces and salt also to give a different taste.

Food makes life and how to make it a meaningfully tasty one depends upon the person who prepares it.



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Food is necessary for our health and they are effective tools in providing the body with the necessary amount of energy. Foods should be handled with care. If not, they spoil. The cost of food is increasing day by day and one is not careful in storing them it will affect badly on his pocket. Keeping certain foods in the refrigerator, treating them with proper temperature, not exposing them too much to moisture, keeping them properly covered and canned are some of the techniques people generally adopt in storing the foods/food items.

But, there are certain foods that last forever and there is no need to pack or can, freeze, and they are quite good to use as there will be no loss in their nutritional value even after they are preserved for a long time. These are simple foods that we know already  but did not pay attention

Honey: The perfect chemistry underlying this food makes it a great one which is the work of the bees. The Nectar is squeezed by the bees from the flower. But, the composition of this nectar will be altered due to the presence of the enzymes present in the bodies of the bees. The processing and proper sealing of the honey plays an important role in increasing the shelf life. If the honey is not placed properly and is taken out with wet hands this may, of course, spoil the very composition and may be lost. Otherwise, this is the only food stuff that can remain fresh even after 100 years

Another important food that we generally use in all our foods and other kitchen preparations is salt. The salt prepared from the Sea water last long and will never get damaged. It not only lasts long but is also useful as a good preservative as it has got the property of extracting moisture.


image credit to:Dreamtime.com


Do you recollect mothers keeping a lemon piece upside down in a salt to enhance its life for using it after 1 or 2 days?   Nowadays most of us have seen table salt only with a label ‘Iodized Salt’. But, the adding of Iodine actually reduces the shelf life of the salt and cannot be used after 5 years. This is meant for throwing out only.,

Sugar: Sugar lasts longer. But every caution is needed to preserve it It should not be exposed to moisture. The granulated sugar should be kept always in an airtight container only. This is the only food that one can consume even when it is exposed by mistake and becomes a solid. Sometimes, we witness some brown layer over a sugar. This is only due to process that has been used in preparing the sugar. But, brown can be prepared very easily The manufacturers of the sugar though say that it does not spoil even exposed and can be used in its solid state the retail sellers ask for some manufacturing date as it is required and mandatory.

Soy Sauce: If we keep open the Soy Sauce container it will not spoil and its salty taste will remain forever if it is kept in a refrigerator.

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Doing exercise is a must for any person. It is inevitable to keep ourselves fit and active always beside maintaining good health. Exercise increases body resistance to fight against any kind of weakness that may likely to attack in future. It is not only the body but the mind also to have proper exercise as the blood circulation from the brain to various organs of the body is regulated through a minute and delicate nerves totally controlled and managed by the Central Nervous System.

Is there any exercise to activate all the organs of the human body, a one-for-all like a solution that assures both physical and mental health?

Yes, there is one such exercise which is expensive and can not be afforded by a common man. When I say horse riding is the best exercise even an enthusiast student will hesitate to take it up keeping the monthly expenditure involved. Starting from purchasing the dress, shoes, and other safety equipment the total monthly fee may be equal to his 3-5 months fee on any other exercises. So, he will search for alternatives down the line. But he need not go past the next name on the list.

Do you know what I am hinting at? yes. This is definitely Swimming. The exercise which our parents did during their youthful days. They spend hours at the shores of the sea, village canals, near water Tanks, open wells and enjoyed the exercise without adding any additional burden to the money financial expenditure.

They spend hours at the shores of the sea, village canals, near water Tanks, open wells and enjoyed the exercise without adding any additional burden to the monthly  financial expenditure.

They were wearing some ordinary clothing. They were going around the villages wrapping a small cloth around their waist searching for a suitable place for swimming. The bigger a well is the more preferred it was. They were going in groups of 5-15 members all at a time. Of course, not all were jumping at a time when the number was more. They were dividing themselves as batches and entering into the well batch after batch. They learned it in most of the cases from their parents, friends, and relatives. Subsequently, they taught it to their kids and made them perfect in the techniques involved in the Swimming. Sometimes, they carried even some ‘lightweight sticks from plants’ that as a safety equipment even to prevent the learners from drowning.

Of course, they are now replaced by Motor vehicle Tyres.

The expenditure involved in learning swimming was quite minimum except for a good and healthy diet for keeping the stamina at a good level the expenditure involved in any other things was almost nil.  The joy derived in swimming will be immense and the health benefit we get out of this exercise is immeasurable.

I never learned swimming until my tenth standard. I was always confining myself to a room meant for studies. But, the friendship circle brought a dramatic change by inviting me for Swimming. We all went on our bicycles with double riding. There were about 10 bicycles.

After reaching the well located on the outskirts of the town my friends kept the cycles away and dressed up in separate underwears brought with them. I was a little bit hesitant to stand in a group like that. They were all quite free. After some observation, I got some confidence and the thrill they were enjoying while swimming made me take an instant decision to learn it. I too became one among them soon. But, I was afraid of water. They readily tied the Bamboo sticks around my sticks which gave me more confidence. They were with me throughout my swimming. After a three or four visits one day they removed the sticks and enabled me to swim without any assistance. I swam comfortably.  That was a friendship which does not require any monthly fee. They took credit for making me learn SWIMMING. I am really proud of having such friends.

Swimming is the only exercise which can be taken up as a group activity or a solo one. If one gives some gap and again takes it up one should understand that he is physically fit to take up the exercise. He should collect information as to the depth of the water, quality of water, maintenance, information relating to the safety etc., before taking a dip or dive to avoid further physical and health complications. To have the idea of one’s own physical stamina is essential while swimming in a sea. Some people go very nicely without any estimation of the stamina required to come back. The actual danger lies here. If they exhaust their stamina they can not come back comfortably in spite of taking the best help from the tides. Sometimes, a heart which becomes weak due to the habits developed during the gap period needs proper examination before taking up this exercise. Otherwise, people will be affected adversely and may collapse on the spot to the annoyance of the colleagues and other friends.

Some people go very nicely without any estimation of the stamina required to come back. The actual danger lies here. If they exhaust their stamina they can not come back comfortably in spite of taking the best help from the tides reaching the shore.

Sometimes, a heart which becomes weak due to the habits developed during the gap period needs proper examination before taking up this exercise. Otherwise, people will be affected adversely and may collapse on the spot to the annoyance of the colleagues and other friends.

Precautions before swimming meant for a Swimmer 

One should know and estimate the depth of water.

One should inquire about the safety of the water ascertaining from the local people if he is a person to the area

Food stuff available with him and available in and around of the premises

He should frequently consult a doctor for health check up

If he is swimming in a pool he should  also have information as to the cleanliness of the water and about the maintenance of the Swimmingpool.

He should know pretty well that he got the required stamina to swim in particular type of water. One can swim easily in a sea but can not in a pool. This is the simple principle one should know and should never jump into the water with over confidence.




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Positive Thinking as we call it is not an easy task to exhibit at our whims and fancy. This requires a lot of practice. It requires emotional activity to think about positivity expecting something good in spite of being involved in many negative traits and circumstances. It is a mental activity and a driving force anticipating something good and positive.

A mind with positive thinking will observe and anticipate the negativity but does not stick to it. Instead, it goes the past and see the beyond of it with a hope of getting everything turning into good.

The emotional state of mind requires some tools to develop this activity. As we all know the Yoga and Meditation are the all-pervading tools existing for any kind of treatment as far as it relates to mental and emotional aspects. Hence, doing meditation and Yoga will improve the positivity of the mind irrespective of the situation one is surrounded with.

Doing Yoga and Meditation even between the four corners of a room will no doubt improve the situation but doing the same in the Nature enjoying the God’s creation will add up more to the result. The negativity of mind kills one’s resistance, energy, and the hope in every human being. The more it increases the more the depletion of positivity. Now, the point lies in refilling the energy required to build up positivity.

Spending time with people having positive thoughts will definitely lower down the stress level. If it is taken up along with tours to different places enjoying the nature it definitely works out towards driving out the stress level. Taking up social activity is another way to come out of negativity. Visiting some N.G.O and participating in some social building activities is the best to live always with positive thinking. Sharing your experiences with friends, colleagues, rendering some service, advising youngsters and helping them reach their goal is another tool that makes one positive.

Accepting everything with a smile without exhaustion is also a tool that works terribly in developing the mental attitude emotionally and make you ready to take up, even more, challenges.



image credit to: youtube.com

Whenever I feel lonely and feel frustrated with building up of negativity I generally prefer to attend Foreign Language Classes. The atmosphere and surrounding are quite different with young and dynamic students learning many things, asking many things and spending time with them really keeps me away from being depressed. This is where I find some activity to build up and a fresh life to start with. Doing some DIY projects, Craft work are also the activities for consideration.

Positive thinking is not always smiling and enjoying showing an artificial smile on the face but allowing negativity, keeping it to stay back, and anticipating the results towards good with a hope which is a challenge.

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My friend is an efficient cook. He is maintaining a good catering team. Nowadays he is quite busy and I could not meet him as I am his regular visitor to contact him on one occasion or the other. The reason for his non-availability being a New Canteen. Yes…a new venture for his capacity.

For a hard, good, and efficient worker like my friend, running a canteen is a game of 1,2,3. I thought definitely it is here lies his luck and would definitely come out with a handful of money in his pocket. But, the thing happened otherwise.


quora com

image credit to: quora.com


I have observed that the rates of items in his canteen are cheaper than in regular Hotels in and around my colony. He gives a plate of Idly for Rs.30 (5 Nos), Poori for Rs.30 (5 Nos), Vada for Rs.30 (4 Nos), Dosa for Rs.30/- with many varieties as per customers choice.

I could not gauge the reason for the loss he is incurring. He was running in loss. No customer was appearing in his Canteen. Today when I reached his Canteen for my food I noticed on the way a Vendor selling Tiffin items on the pavement and was unable to serve the items to his customers in spite of having engaging two Assistants. I routinely stopped for a while and inquired about the rates. The pavement vendor was giving a plate of Idly (4 Nos) for Rs.10/-, Poor for Rs.10/-, Dosa for Rs.10/- and whatever the item you chose the price will be only Rs.10/- only.

The only problem with the pavement Vendor is that a customer has to stand and eat on one side of the pavement. Of course, the dirt and unhygienic conditions are always there as it is most common in India and we never bother about them and most of the bees and mosquitos on the dirt had to leave that place as we are their  most dreadful competitors and can adjust to any kind of condition whether it is dirt or shit.

They were all eating their food with immense pleasure as it is only a DHARMASALA opened for them. The bees were biting them. The mosquitos were sitting on the stuff they were eating for relaxation after coming out of the dirt. Do all these matters an Indian customer? No….never..we threaten them. We drive them out…we are their competitors to eat more dirt than they.

There were some pedestrians who were spitting on the road and the customer unmindful of this was reaching for his item running over the spit. Is it the poverty that is making an India to prefer such stuff or is it the cost of living that is compelling him to go for these Pavement and Road Side canteen. Why are they not afraid of diseases and why are not they afraid of being ill-affected by such surroundings? I could not understand the reason for this. The only reason for the closure of my friend’s Canteen is definitely this Pavement Vendor only.


street food dailymail co uk

image credit to:dailymail.co.uk

I moved a little bit further and saw a Mobile Van. There was some rush. I thought it for some hot sales. But, realized that it was a Mobile Restaurant,  of course, not a palace on wheels but, surely it is for an economically poor and middle-class people.

The mobile was on one side of the road and a person was selling the Token and at another side, there was a person who was handing over the items collecting the tokens.

This was also a Competitor for my friend who reached to a conclusion to close down his Canteen realizing that he would be allowed to make something good out of his hard work and efficiency as long as the two competitors are there beside him and he expressed the same before me.

INDIA IS DEVELOPING at a great pace in all fields liberally releasing grants and aids to the poorer section and other economically backward people only to survive AND satisfy with what they can get best on the road side but not the best they needed in a sophisticated and hygienic surroundings. Everybody is busy with his own earning unmindful of anything.

Living and leading a happy life with good and sound health in a hygienic atmosphere are never the ideals their education had taught them as most of them are habituated to fight for a day’s survival than for expecting a dream of such life in their future.

Eating out means eating on the side of a pavement for an Indian and it is not even on the roadside canteen.

When I expressed my view to my friend he said ‘No’ for the reasons. They I immediately drew his attention to a car. The driver stopped. Two people were sitting inside. The Driver hurriedly went inside the Pavement Restaurant and returned with a hefty parcel in his hands and handed over the stuff to the rear side passengers. There was no reply from my friend and was busy closing the shutter for the day.





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It is really great to taste some of the items meant exclusively for summer season after a gap of 26 years. Whenever I happened to visit my place I was missing them for want of time or in a hurry of spending time with the friends whom I spent most of the schools days with. But, this time I have made up my mind with a strong zeal to taste them as I got an opportunity of visiting the village where I had lived though for a short period. The names of the dishes, I could only taste the items in my place of birth when Mom was alive. She was serving them in the morning as a strong food which was not at all so for those youthful days to feel difficulty in their digestion.

This time I really tasted them and felt their pinch. Whenever you visit  the interior villages of India in Summer you will come across 3 exclusive food items.

Raagi Mudde /Finger Millet Ball

This is one of the best item prepared very easily with Finger Millet flour. It is very easy to cook and tastes excellent. The first impression of the item may not be good. But, once it is tasted hot with a proper curry or Dal people will really experience the real taste of the dish. This is a common item in every household of a Rural India.

Some of the advantages of this food item are that it cools down the body temperature, it is an excellent absorbent of water in the water when preferred in winter and rainy season. The body will not become bulky and the chances of getting more weight are very remote.  The suitable curry for this food item is any leafy vegetables or Onion chutney. Some people prefer it along with buttermilk. They mix buttermilk and take it as a good diet before going out in the summer season for any unavoidable work.


This is one of the main food items in the regions of Rayalaseema and Telangana. The corn flour is doughed and just heated on a fire. The flatbread is nicely tapped without adding any oil but using only a few drops of water. This is prepared in every house and can be enjoyed with Onion Chutney or Palak Leaf curry. After coming into contact with the culture of Northern India now people are preferring it along with Chicken Curry, Paneer Butter Masala, Malai Kofta etc.,


This is the rarest food item even most of the villagese even forgot after coming into contact with the city culture.  The cultural exchnge betwen the Rural and Urban India might have transferred the first above two items in the cities but this is the only item which the cities in India could not import as most of the villages also forgot the name of it.

This is a Summer special for all people of all ages. The rice is cooked and cooled. Water is poured into the rice to the full in an earthen pot. A cloth is tied around the pot. The next morning some of the rice is kept in a separate place separating it from water and is taken as food along with Onion chutney . Some people add salt and some green chilli pieces also to this rice water in the night itself at the time of tying a cloth around it. It will be quite rich in taste. But, the inconvenience with this food item is some peculiar smell. Some people may not like it. Some people mistook it for spoiled item which is actually not.

This is one of the best Summer Specials meant for the hardworking agriculturists.

Whenever a traveler visits the Rural India they should not miss to have the above three foods. Most of you may get the items one and two only but not surely the item No. Kooti Neeru (RICE WATER). However, nothing wrong in inquiring with the people.




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