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Behavioral Problems of Online Students

Some aspiring virtual teachers need to take the time to learn people’s behavior. This is the best way to handle students online. For the starter, they might be in a mode of freaking out. They didn’t anticipate that some online students are not always in good times. A virtual teacher will be lucky if their students are like this. What if they encountered online students who show unacceptable behavior. Virtual teachers should know how to deal the situations without feeling stressed out.

Online students can range from as early as 6 years old and above. Flexibility is the key point to be successful in teaching online. The high profile of education is not enough to teach these online students. They need to enhance their skills in determining the best approach for certain online students’ behavior. At some point, it is far difficult to handle students online as compared to students in school’s classroom.

Here are the following factors that affect teaching online:

  1. Problem Child Students

We cannot refrain from catering problem children in learning online. Play therapy can be incorporated to capture the attention of a child while teaching particular subjects. It was proven that children have short attention span and virtual teachers can able to take the lead and go along the flow of particular lessons.

  1. Unprofessional Adults

There are some instances that adults tend to be more childish in learning online. They tend to be in denial for the weaknesses determine during the class session. The course of action is to give feedback after the class. It is not good to correct their mistakes on the spot. However, it varies from one student to another. Prior to the class session, it is better to ask for any expectations from the online students before proceeding the online lessons.

  1. Unorganized Online Teaching Companies

There is no perfect world in companies who are in tutorial services. The virtual teachers should read the contract thoroughly and used it as a stool for having any discrepancies in teaching online students. Take all the necessary precautions and practice the standard companies’ rules.

There are so many factors that can lead to failure in teaching online. The best thing to consider is how are you going to deal with it. It takes the time to find your own methodology in approaching different types of online students. Moreover, the virtual teachers should be knowledgeable in troubleshooting of the computer. There are times that technical problem will be the issue and needs to enhance this.

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Plagiarist: You Made Me Happy for Being a Good Author

“Am I that good?” It seems that you had copied my blog in a verbatim manner. You remind me of my dear classmate in university who had cheated during the exam and copied even my complete name. I felt so good being the most reliable source of information. There is no difference between the two of you. “Why?” You and she had copied my intellectual ability in writing. “Would I feel bad and whine about it?” My answer is a big NO.

In the first place, I am also wannabe writer like you. I had dreamed of being a writer in childhood years but it didn’t take place accordingly. It takes years before I took the challenge to write all the things that run through my mind. “Why?” I need to prepare myself and learn more to face the challenges in writing brilliant stories. Through the years, I had struggled to be what I am right now. “Do I need to regret it?” It is a big NO because I wanted to be someone and be known. Now, I am realizing that my hard work paid off. “Why?” Because you had stolen my thoughts and I am feeling great. “Why?” I had proven that I can be a good author.

“Do you feel the same way?” I put it this way. I am feeling so great that somebody wannabe like me. That sounds appealing, right? You are trying to be the mirror image of me. It means you are mutating yourself which appeared to be me. You are my replica without a doubt. You had deceived me, yourself and the other people. “Does it sound great, right?” I think it is.

Now, I am extending my deepest gratitude to be my mutant. I had created a story to make you feel so blessed copying my work. “It is a masterpiece that nobody can do and can be copied by you.” In the future, you may meet God and review the things you’ve done. “What will you say, if God asked about the 10 Commandments?” “Are you going to deny that you didn’t follow the sacred rules?”

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The Best Reminders for Heartbreakers

In some point in our lives, we still need to be human in ending up a relationship. I am referring to heart breaker persona. It is in their personality to break the heart of people who loved them so dearly. These heartbreakers acted like an animal behavior. It may sound inappropriate but that’s the truth behind their mask.

There are times that they became so inhuman in ending up the romantic relationship and offer a platonic relationship instead. In some occasion, they forgot to be humans in dealing with the situation. As for a reminder sake, they should act appropriately for letting go a person.

For instance, if a person wanted to end up the romantic ties, he or she doesn’t show the decency of being carefree to break the heart of somebody. They seem not showing the care as acted before the breakup. As if they pushing them away deliberately. We get the point that this heart breaker lost his or her love to someone. But it doesn’t mean he or she needs to be cruel and inconsiderate with the feeling of others. They forget that someone is hurting just because the relationship failed along the process.

Some people don’t show the decency to say sorry for cheating their partners in life. It was like nothing happened and being cruel will be the last option of ending a relationship. That’s the sad part of loving someone who doesn’t care for hurting the trusted partner in the first place.

The best reminder for the heartbreaker is to know that they violated the golden rule of God. In time, bad karma will strike without noticing it. There is no why’s and but’s for that. It is the course of action strike back for the bad things done from the past. The realization will be the last thing to know about the fate happened to their lives. Forgiveness is hard to gain. It is not like a piece of cake that can complete the whole cake.

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How to Determine Failure in Relationship

Some people cannot determine the real cause of having a failure in a relationship. The main reason, they were so in love and cannot see the failure of a relationship coming into their lives. There are so many instances that relationship failures can be determined through personal experiences.

Here are the following signs that relationship is boiling into hard rocky road:

  1. Incomprehensible Alibis: There is some point that your partner created so many alibis. It is not only a pure alibi and it does appear white lies too. Thus the excuses are so lame and it is comprehensible in so many ways.
  2. Night Out with Friends: For some reason, the sudden night out came to the picture. It is unusual for the partner to socialize while in a relationship. We can take note that he or she is mingling in a new crowd.
  3. Unplanned Travel: After the hard work during weekdays, you might notice that your partner is planning to travel without somebody else. It wasn’t the case. You are not a part of his or her travel.
  4. Exercises Without the Partner: There are times that your partner will suddenly change his or her routine on daily basis. He or she became a member of certain gym club and you did not belong to the group.
  5. Changing Schedules of Appointment: In some point, the usual routine of being together had changed gradually. At the end, you will notice that special dates with the partner are gone due to changes in appointments at the workplace.
  6. Less Interaction: Your partner started to become passive and never gives an opinionated statement on certain topics. It will become a frustration since you cannot get the constructive criticism in finding an answer to certain dilemmas encountered.
  7. Keeping in Silence: In reference in no. 6, your partner remained in silence while you are convincing yourself that he or she is agreeing. But it wasn’t always the ideal approval from a partner.
  8. Showing Disinterest to Any Suggestions: In every suggestion, you may give, he or she is starting to blocked suggestions. He or she is starting to become irrational in every decision. He or she is starting to push you away in his or her life.

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I Am A Walking Dead: Why?

Some people would never think about feeling death after the break up from your ex-partner. The moment was said, “I don’t love you anymore.” Your heart struck by a lightning that pierced through the inner soul. You may not feel anything. It appears you are a “Walking Dead”.

I, myself even felt the sadness and fell under the spell of depression. Let us admit that there are patterns of being felt death in your total being. It depends on how you managed to pull through out yourself from that horrible situation. There is a feeling of nothing will happen after a person broke your heart into small pieces.

The question is, “How to heal a broken heart?” It seems the question will strike back to the different notion of other people. But the safest answer is, there is no definite time to measure how to recover from being heartbroken. It differs from one person to another in coping up with the misery life after the relationship suddenly cut by the person we loved.

Being crazy will be the first reaction. You don’t know what is the reason. There are so many reactions that you can witness in dealing with the breaking of our hearts. It tends to break our soul and body.

The best part of knowing the root cause of break up would be a great help to move on to our lives. But then, there are some cases that it cannot be explained even the person who broke your heart cannot answer why it happens.

At the end of the day, we always think that there is no forever. It is true, there is no forever in a relationship. The truth is, there is a lifetime. We stay to our special someone in a lifetime. It cannot be break even the strongest forces. It can withstand the difficulty in life and can bring out the best within us.

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Which flavor of chewing gum is your favorite?

In the land of Tajikistan, most local people love to chew gums. At first, I find it weird or strange. They tend to have different flavors. You can name all fruits available in the fruit store. I thought chewing gums are only popular in youngsters. In this country, it is common for all ages to chew gums. Wherever you go in this Tajikistan, the local people chew gums. It could be in school, workplace, malls, etc.

Every shop in Tajikistan, either big or small, chewing gums are so abundant. You can choose of what flavor desired. I am not sugar coating the statement. “Chewing gum is always in their possession.” The strange habit made me immunized and tried to be like them. I enjoyed staying in the country for a year. The experiences are priceless in this country.

“What makes the chewing gum irresistible?”

There are only three ingredients that make it irresistible: chicle, sugar, and flavorings. For children, they can have a simple game to bubble the chewing gum and the winner will be the first one who can bubble the biggest in its circumference. For adults, the chewing gum helps to digest whatever they eat in every meal. As they claimed that it can make tummy at ease if chewing a gum in every meal of the day. For some reason, it can freshen the local people’s breath, can relieve from stressors and can whiten the teeth if chew gums every day.

It seems good to chew gums. But the synthetic gums are unhealthy. Then, most gums are not naturally processed. They were been processed with the use of machines and massive production to distribute in the market. The branded chewing gums captured and patronized by the local people in Tajikistan. The biggest market came along with the popularity of the chewing gums in the country.

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Revealing the Identity of a Woman Unexpectedly

Our modern society changes the lives of people and even the characters of the people had been changed. It could turn into a bad or good situation. There are times that these people commit a sin and violated one or two of the Ten Commandments of God. Some people brushed off the simple rules imposed by God and carried on by Moses in the Old Testament.


The Holy Bible context is so essential to guide the people to the betterment. If he or she refused to remember or knowing the words of God. Then, this person can fall into bad doings or even doing the bad things continually. They had reserved their souls to Hell. However, their souls are being eaten by worms while living on earth.

Some women in the world are starting to damage her credibility in the eyes people and God. They continued to violate the simple rule: “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” It seems women empowerment are becoming uncontrollable in the modern society. The “gender equality” had been advocated that women can do what a man can do. It doesn’t mean that women can be like men who are a womanizer. It has been described that men are sinners for being doing adultery. The real truth, all of us are a sinner.


Case 1

A married woman availed a transient room in the neighborhood. This woman had been in the neighborhood for so many years. The weird thing has she reserved a transient room for her friend that appeared to be a man. At first, there is no need to speculate. One night, the woman was bitten by a dog. Because of such incidence, it was found out that this married woman is sneaking to the transient room of the man as claimed her friend.


Case 2

A woman’s neighbor is a widow. Afte a few years, she had finally found her love to another man. As it expected, marriage will be the next thing to happen to her life. Then years had passed, the widow and her man lived together without the blessings of the church. One day, a woman was shouting in front of the widow’s doorstep. This loud woman was the real wife of the widow’s man.


There are so many women who commit adultery lurking in the neighborhood. It is so alarming to know this fact. If these women can just read the Holy Bible, then there is nothing to worry about. But then, they choose to live to be a sinner and continued to burn themselves alive.

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Fact: Some People Behave Like Pigs

Humans guided with the social norms. They became to be the best version of themselves. It is a sign that maturity can bring a person likable of people. There is not a perfect world but these people can take all the challenges lightly and face the other people with pride. However, some people acted like a pig. As it was described, pigs are squirming in muds and unclean in physical appearance.

Case 1

A person who loves to copy the write-ups of other people is a certified plagiarist. They don’t care if being caught. They will change their names and continued to copy and paste the manuscript of others. It shows how deception developed into their system. It is a camouflage to play with the emotions of innocent people.

Case 2

When making a composition, some aspiring authors love to use photos. These photos are taken by the authors and considered their property. But then, some people used and copied as if they own it. It happens on some writing sites.

Case 3

There is no difference between mistress and master. They are playing with fire despite being married to their partners. Our society had witnessed such scenario and it seems they were not affected being the talk of the town.  They tend to be strong in dealing with such forbidden love. Children need to endure such relationship.

Case 4

In politics world, there are so many politicians continue to deceive the local people. The main agenda is put into practice when being voted by the people. Instead of helping the economy of the country, they tend to contribute the problem of the country. It cannot be denied but people need to endure the political person’s deception.

There are so many cases that we can deal with people who show a pig behavior. It is a wake-up call for the people to live knowing what’s right or wrong. There are so many temptations and deceptions lurking in our modern society. It will progress to a more troubling situation.

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How to Deal with Noisy Neighbors?

There are so many ways to deal with neighbors to keep on disturbing the neighbors. It seems that they are becoming uncivilized individuals. At some point, they provoke a fight, never-ending parties in their house, insensitive in every direction, etc. Whatever the scenario is, these neighbors need to call their attention. If they will not be informed, the noisy neighbors will continue to put oneself in hell.

The best course of action is to talk with the neighbors as politely and calmly as possible. If it works, then there will a peaceful place to stay in the neighborhood. This would be the ideal thing for the people who prefer a peaceful environment. All tenants should always be sensitive if they are disturbing other people, especially the places are being rented.

On the other hand, if the neighbors don’t listen and continued to be provocative, then it is time to find other ways to ask for an assistance or help. Because if the misunderstanding is not concealed, the situations will be uncontrollable and the arguments will be escalated to more new levels of hurting one’s another. Despite the help of other concern neighbors, it won’t work and continued to be agitated.

First, call the police precinct. It is better to ask help from the policemen. They can be able to pacify the arguments between two neighbors. The reported incidence will be done and will be the basis if there is something happened in both parties.

Second, file a formal complaint in barangay unit. This is the best option to go through the main root cause of arguments. The head of the barangay unit should settle this as much as possible. If it didn’t straighten up with the confrontation in the barangay unit, then it will move forward to file a legal case.

There are only two options that can be possible to deal with noisy neighbors. Some people were so disturbed because of having disagreements and don’t know what to do. It is best to ask for an assistance if the situation cannot be handled confidently.

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Improvement of Chotar Communal Irrigation System
May 4, 2017

In 2013, I had the chance to travel in Barangay Tulgao East and West. My friends and I decided to find the main source of water of these two barangays. Motorbikes are the only available transportation from Poblacion to reach the community of the Tulgao tribes. The timeframe takes for about more or less thirty minutes.


As soon as you arrived in the boundaries between Barangay Tulgao East and West, the adventure starts to hike in the mountain. Then, it takes a matter of time to reach the community of Tulgao East tribes. It wasn’t easy since there are no available pathways going to the water source and see the improvement of Chotar Communal Irrigation System (CIS). It was a project wherein the local tribes of Tulgao East and West decided to have as the community project at that time.


The local tribes of Tulgao East had the chance to lead the trail going to the Chotar Mountain. It is the main water reservoir for the community between Barangay Tulgao East and West. Half-way travel in the mountain, the modern gadgets cannot have their signals from different networks. That’s the point of time to enjoy the scenery as continuing to penetrate the untouched mountains.


If water runs out while hiking to the peak of the mountain, then you can have natural water to drink coming from the running water in the mountain. It takes a few hours to reach the Chotar Communal Irrigation System (CIS). But the hiking escapade is worth to experience. It can be done if not going to hike the unpopular mountains above the Barangay Tulgao West.


There is no need to have extra effort when going down from the mountain. The unforgettable experience seeing a rainbow between the barangays. It is a place to have the best adventure for friends to experience.

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