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Social Media Is the Most Powerful Tool for Communication
March 27, 2017

Most people are so into social media. It takes a matter of time to remember things from the post of popular or famous people. I am sure busy people didn’t catch up. It was said that the posts were circulated just to reach fanatics. Can you believe that? Well, it was being shared and re-shared the particular posts in public.

In the year 2014, there are some posted messages that turned into viral. If a person is updated, then there are no worries about the real facts seen in different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Sina Weibo, etc. These are common usage of social media across the globe. For the people who haven’t seen the most popular messages in social media, brace yourself to know it.

In Facebook, the film Despicable Me run its popularity through the most shared post “The Holiday Cheer.” It made the Minions reached its chart to fame. Adults and kids love the new characters in the film.


Instagram had also shared its fame for the most like photo of Kim Kardashian getting married to Kanye West. For the record, they reached the total likes of 2.4 million and people commented for 61.6 thousand. It really made difference for being a famous celebrity.


Ellen DeGeneres takes the spot on Twitter. She had tweeted a message “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.” How can she stop the people? The tweet message came along the way around the world.

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Social media still continue to control people’s lifestyle. However, people should still control the social media instead. Be careful about posting some messages or photos, because it can cause a chaos thing to happen. It would be self-destruction and you cannot get it back of what it was posted. That’s what had happened to be careless to their actions.

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Be a Social Butterfly in Business
March 25, 2017

“What makes a business successful?” The people who are in business should be a social butterfly. If not, then how they can promote the business and maintain the loyalty of their clients or customers. The sales management includes the strategy of selling oneself in terms of dealing with different types of a target market.

Socialization is the best chance for them to meet their potential customers. It wasn’t showing the good products that they can offer but to build rapport to them. It wasn’t easy to build a rapport for the first meeting in such event. If the sales agent had been doing this for a couple of times, then there is no sweat on their forehead.

Being a social butterfly can make or break a good relationship with potential customers. If it is not possible to introduce the products or services, the connection will be the next thing to do. There is a possibility that partnership will be opened during the socialization. It is like getting to know each other stage. Capturing the attention is also essential to let them attract to what possible business transaction will happen.

Most of the tycoons had shared their inner thoughts and experience to let others be successful in line to business. Big or small scale business can get some tips or recommendations from them. The great success is to know how to socialize. In this way, you would be able to determine if there is a buying signal from these potential clients. If there is nothing, then you can able to find some good approach in persuading them.

As they said, “Practice is the best teacher for everything.” If a person was able to enhance their salesmanship, then there is nothing to worry about. In business, taking a risk is an option. They can find numerous strategies in mind on how to answer all the questions that the customers will ask during the process of the transaction.

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Career Plan: Say No to Dead-End-Job!
March 25, 2017

Career Planning is the most important thing for the people to consider in their lives. It would be a waste of time working without even planning for future careers. The wrong notion is to have a job and that’s enough. It is not ideal to work in a certain company without any career growth. Easy-go-lucky personality can lead you to nowhere. Time is ticking and cannot even stop how fast it runs on a daily basis.

There is nothing wrong if you will file a resignation to your boss’s table. Why? Because you need to find a niche that will lead to quality life and can give career opportunity. If you think that it is a dead-en-job, then you need to find a better job. Don’t be afraid of changes. It is a part of life to gamble and taking the risk is also a good way to face the challenges.

For newly graduated students from the university, it is fine to work in companies that can offer basic salaries. Since most companies prefer to hire applicants who are well-experienced in respective expertise or field. They can take the chance to gain experience and move to the next level once acquired the necessary skills required by well-known companies. It is the reality of truth in finding a better job.

We don’t need to envy those people who had their instant position in certain companies due to nepotism. In reality, these people are incompetent and it will show in the long run. What a shame, right? If you had gained enough soft skills, you might even get this higher position. That’s the part of knowing the career path. Some people forecast their future and stopped believing if there is no hope for promotion. Thus, he or she refused to have a dead-end job for the betterment of oneself.

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Personal Protocol: Read before Inking A Deal
March 24, 2017

There are so many types of people in this world. However, there are only two sides to be vigilant in inking a deal: no need to read or read the contract. I am not sure if some applicants are too lazy to read the contract and ink the deal of employment contract. For them, they need a job. Of course, that’s the main goal. On the other hand, they should know what is written in the paper before sliding the pen to affix its signature. There is no turning back once it was being done.

Case 1

A friend of mine asked to refer her to the online teaching site that I am working with. At first, she was so overwhelmed and given the tips to make it as an online Home-Based Teacher. She enjoyed teaching the students. However, she is against the contract being signed.

Case 2

It is really convenient to teaching online at home. There are no worries of waking up so early to deal with the traffic going to the working place. She was being oriented by the company about the standard rules and regulations that need to be followed. I am not sure if she’s sleeping during the orientation and eager to ink the deal of contact. After a few months, she was given some penalties for being absent in her classes.

Case 3

The employee tried her best to follow the rules and regulations of a company. Due to her negligence, she can’t admit her mistakes. The company gave her appropriate sanctions based on the contract signed. It is always by the book. Her course of action is to be tactless and rant in social media.

Case 4

Some companies’ staff should read the contract. There are some instances that they overview the Guidelines and Policies of the company. A human resource was being questioned about the salary scheme. The human resource rejected the disagreement and eventually, he or she not aware of the changes in the guideline.

There are so many cases that people whined about his or her company. The only truth is that they didn’t read their contract. Thus, the applicants should take the time to read the contract’s details. It is always based on the written agreement and they should read in between the lines. They should accept the consequences and review the contract for a couple of times before complaining about it.

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The Daily Life of a Student in China

Education is the best investment of the parents to have for their children. It is a tool for their children to chase their respective dreams in life. Without this, it will be difficult for them to find a better or desired job. It wasn’t easy but parents tried to their best to provide this basic need. There will be an argument that education is not important for some because they believed that some icons never obtained a degree from prestige universities.

In China, most students are complaining about their educational system. They are experiencing tremendous pressure from their school and high expectations to their child. The students are studying more than the allotted time at night and being enrolled in different academic tutorial schools. You can also add up some enhancement of their skills in playing musical instruments. They work more than 8 hours regular of their parents on a daily basis.

  1. A Never Ending Homework

The root cause of students’ complaint is having a lot of homework every day. It seems that can never stop doing something on a daily basis. Even if they had finished their school homework, their parents will give them more activities to do. Imagine the overloaded homework and study the daily lessons at school.

  1. Extracurricular Activities

Despite studying at school and homework, the parents continued to enroll their child to academic tutorial school. Most of these lessons are studying the English language and cannot be denied that this is their weakness. They need to acquire this soft skill to be competitive in the near future. That includes learning to play musical instruments that normally done in summer vacation.

  1. Homework on Holidays

This is also the weirdest thing to handle. Some Chinese students cannot enjoy their holidays because they still have homework to do. Basically, they take with them their list of homework while on travel or vacation. “How can they enjoy childhood years with so many things to deal with?”

  1. Studying on Weekends at School

During weekdays, they need to do all the school’s homework and extracurricular activities. They still need to go to school on weekends. Most Chinese high school senior students need to study at school on weekends for the preparation of national examination.

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Budget Trip Includes Emergency Funds
March 23, 2017

For the adventurous traveler needs to take the time to budget their trip, they needed to include the emergency funds. We can never tell what will happen along the course of traveling. It takes a matter of being so ready enough during the travel escapade can never be wrong. It is better to be ready at all times.

Backpackers should take note of this. It is not also good to tighten the budget by just eating light food. This is not the healthy way of enjoying the trip from one country to another. It should always be ready whatever the cause maybe. “Emergency funds” can make them secure and nothing to worry about for the situations of “what if.” “What if” cannot save you in the time of danger.

There are some instances that some backpackers will work in certain places and continue to travel to another place. It seems realistic during the old days. But then, I think it is not possible nowadays. They should remember that traveling to a foreign land is not easy. It takes a lot of challenges and considered the best adventure for every traveler around the globe. But, we still need to keep safe.

An emergency fund is the best priority in traveling. You can get the extra fund for emergency purposes. Sometimes, it is also part of being organized in everything. This is also ideal if traveling with the family. We don’t want to make the traveling stressful instead of enjoying the travel time with the family. That’s the reason why we need to have extra money in the form of “emergency funds.”

Some travel experiences had been reported for a couple of times. Their possessions had stolen along with the process of traveling. How can they pull through the rest of the days of travel adventure? It is also shameful in asking reinforcement from the family or relatives for money while you are on the other side of the world.

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Relationship: I Love You in Good Times!!!

Some people cannot understand why loving someone is difficult. Loving someone should be a beautiful experience and there are no boundaries within the relationship. An ideal relationship is being with someone in good or bad times. It shouldn’t be in either way of a relationship. In a married life, it is always insinuated in vows that both couples will remain together through thick and thin.

“How can the relationship will work if someone will set boundaries?” In the worst case, some individuals will ask their partner to stop whining about personal issues or concerns. This kind of person will be happy only in good times and doesn’t want to deal with troubles in life. In bad times, this person will ignore his or her partner. That’s a bad sign that this lover will never be with someone for long. The relationship will end sooner or later.

If a person stays in a relationship in good times, then it is not loving. They ignore or even feel insensitive to the welfare of their partners in life. It can never build a good foundation for having a long lasting relationship. Some married couple falls apart because of such insensitivity. A typical self-centered persona, a person who is so afraid of responsibility.

This kind of relationship happens in real life. It cannot be denied by some people who are being battered by their partners. They cannot break free because of emotional torture. At some point, they don’t have the courage to cut the relationship. It shouldn’t be ignored by some concern people. If it is possible to intervene, then they need to do it.  That’s the best thing to do than letting this person be living in misery. Loving someone shouldn’t be in limitations. If they do this, then how can a person grow in the relationship. It is best to find ways to make it grow and be together in good or bad times.

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Reminder: Our Profession Is Not Cheap!
March 22, 2017

Some companies give attractive offers and searching for the quality skills from the applicants. It takes a matter of stages to get certain jobs. Hiring selection is extensive and it takes a lot of guts to go through this process. Along the course of negotiation, we can never make our profession cheap like buying some raw crops in the public market. We had studied and sacrificed to achieve our goal in obtaining certain majors in universities.

Whatever the source of money in obtaining such degree in university, we should take the pride of it. Companies need to understand that these qualified people are not cheap in terms of giving injustice treatment. It can be claimed to be the culture of the company. But then, the employees still have the option to move out or stay. There are so many circumstances why people stay in certain companies. One of the best reason is they can see the potential to improve the quality of their lives.

A typical example is a company who offered so many incentives, fringes and the like. Eventually, the scheme changes when greediness takes part in the system. These attractive offers will decrease its amount and eventually, it will be removed. Some employees cannot able to move out because they were been brainwashed and thinking where to go after rendering services in the company for so many years.

Some professionals forget that they can still be functional and other options are still available. It is not the end of the world. A degree holder can never feel frail to lose a job because of there some other companies who can provide a better job that suits him or her. Our profession is not cheap and we still need to ponder the hardships done from having a degree. We deserved to be treated as humans who wanted to improve the quality of life.

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Sales Strategy: Sell Yourself in Teaching Online
March 22, 2017

Some freelancer who is in the field of teaching forgets the most strategic way to have virtual students. That is, to sell yourself while having classes with them. It is not easy but the skills can be enhanced while doing it again and again. Having soft skill is not enough, we need to incorporate the selling strategy in terms of business context is a concern.

In sales, there are only two things that can be offered to target market: tangible and intangible things. Products are considered tangible where customers will be availing of certain companies and services are intangible that customers avail in acquiring soft skills. One thing for sure, sales strategy is needed to gain profit from company’s target market. Selling yourself is the best tool to persuade the customers.

In the Philippines, it cannot be denied that online teaching is becoming the leading industry in providing virtual teachers to non-native speakers. A soft skill whereby the company will not need a huge amount of capital, they just need marketers in certain non-native countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. The company needs to avail computers, headset, and the internet if planning to put an office-based teaching online. At some point, they outsource the services by hiring virtual teachers to work at home. Take note of this, if you are aspiring to teach online; it would be better to work at home because you can earn more than working in an office-based teaching facility.

A successful online virtual teacher can able to cope up the changes happening in the company and follow the rules by the book. Things will work smoothly and continued to work on having loyal virtual students. It will take a lot of time, the worth of self-improvement is worth it. Patience is the key to dealing with non-native speaker students. Despite the bad feedback coming from the virtual students, it will serve as the basis on how to deal with them with the enhancement of selling oneself.

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The Four Stages of Sleep-Wake Cycle
March 22, 2017

Some people cannot think straight because lack of sleep. It seems their body system is not working despite the effort. Sleeping is so particular with warm-blooded creatures in the blue planet. The sleep pattern differs from one species to another. The sleep time duration will take more than 8 hours and commonly seen in warm-blooded wild animals. Humans are quite unique with such sleep-wake pattern.

Stage 1: It describes that people are still fully awake despite closing the eyes. The person is so aware what’s going on in his or her environment. You can still hear the sounds within the area. For some people, the different sounds at night are part of their preparation to sleep. They can even start to imagine as music to their ears.

Stage 2: At this stage, the muscle ease up, breath slow and heartbeat decreases its rate. It means that the person is starting to fall into a deep sleep. They are starting to walk in the pathway of dreamland. The sounds from his or her environment started to fade away from their senses.

Stage 3: Nobody can wake up the person easily. It is a stage where people talk or sleepwalk while under the deepest sleep. This is the time a person had their rapid eye movement and dream about of something. A person would be lucky if they can able to remember their particular dreams as waking up. Hopefully, it is not a nightmare episode of dream.

Stage 4: In this stage, a person is in the state of deepest sleep. If somebody had disturbed you, confusion will be the result. Whatever the reason, once wake up at night, Stage 2, 3 and 4 will be the pattern for a couple of times. It is like coping up from the loss of sleep in between hours at night.



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