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Affiliate marketing is not for me

I used to like affiliate marketing a lot.


However, after working so hard for Amazon and Clickbank affiliate marketing program, I realize that affiliate marketing is not for me.


Amazon commission is very low.  It starts at just 4%.  That means when someone buys a product worth $10, you get just 40 cents. 

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How to control your cholesterol
June 12, 2016
tomatoes-1280859_1280Picture credit to Pixabay

People in the countryside with active lifestyle seldom have to think about how to control their cholesterol level.


Their lifestyle is enough to ensure that they have healthy cholesterol level.


For those in the cities, especially those who drive to work every day, and good food every day, they are very likely to face high cholesterol problem. 

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How to avoid impulse spending?
June 12, 2016

If you are prone to impulse spending, you will know the bad feeling that comes after each shopping trip.


You may find you are very happy at the point of buying things, but the minute you reach home, you will feel very bad about it.


How to avoid impulse spending?

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How to write an imaginary cruise trip
May 29, 2016

After writing two imaginary cruise trips, I must say that this is the easiest way of writing.


While I am writing the imaginary cruise trip, I feel literally as if I were on a cruise ship.  I get myself excited with anticipation before I start writing.


By the end of the trip, I get tired with the journey, and looking forward to home.


How to write an imaginary cruise trip easily?


1.       Open to the cruise liner website

There are many cruise operators, such as Princess Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruise and so on.  I find that Royal Caribbean cruise information is more compact, and make it easier for writing.

2.       Select a cruise

I use the departing port, and duration to select the cruise I want. 

For an imaginary cruise trip, I do not want the short duration trip.  There is usually just one port of visit, and that is not enough to cook up a story.

6 to 9 days cruise with at least 4 ports is ideal for writing.

3.       Learn more about the cruise

You can click on the “Learn More” button to see the detailed itinerary.  It will open up to show 5 sub-headings “Where you’ll go”, “Accommodations”, “About the Ship”, “Shore Excursions” and “Guest Reviews”.

4.       Shore excursions

The description in the shore excursions is very detailed.  For each port that you visit, there are a number of short or long excursions.

These are the day trip organized by the cruise ship.

I just use the Shore Excursions to decide on the activity for each port. 

I tend to go for nature rather than sightseeing in the city.  I make the decision as if I literally on the cruise.

5.       Organizing the writing

I use the cruise itinerary as the guide to write. In this case, I do not have to worry about the layout of the completed blog post.

There is no need to do additional research too. 

As it is just an imaginary cruise, I do not have to worry about the weather or the price.


My first article was an imaginary 67 days cruise.  It took me quite a while to finish since I stupidly decided to write about such a long trip.  One day, I will go on such a trip.


My second article was a 13 days Baltic Cruise.  This is another one on my bucket list.



image credit to Pixabay

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Benjamin Graham did not sell all his stocks before 1929 Stock Market Crash

Benjamin Graham, the Dean of Wall Street, did not sell all his stocks before the 1929 Stock Market Crash.


For those who do not know who Benjamin Graham is, you can remember him as the teacher of Warren Buffett. 


Warren Buffett studied under him, and worked for him for a while after graduation.


In fact, many famous Wall Street investors learnt from Benjamin Graham, and many of them achieved great successes, even greater than that of their teacher.


When I read about the loss of Benjamin Graham during the Great Depression in his memoir, I am very shocked to see that.


I would expect that Benjamin Graham, one of the greatest investors who ever lived, would sell to avoid losses in the great stock market crash of 1929.


As it is, he did not even though he knew that crash was imminent.


Benjamin Graham wrote that, “Agrees with Baruch that Crash is imminent, but unlike Baruch, leaves portion of portfolio in stock market.”


This serves as a lesson for all investors.


When a stock market crash is so obvious, it is time to sell all. 


While many fools lost their money during the Great Depression because they were not aware that the market crash was imminent, Benjamin Graham did see that.


The fact that he knew, and took no action is a great lesson for every one of us.


It is better to delay entering the market.  There is nothing wrong with keeping the money in the bank until the right opportunity comes.


However, when it is time to sell, and you do not sell, you may have to wait 30 years to recoup the loss.


Stock market crash does not come without notice.  Many investors know instinctively that a crash is near, but not all have the wisdom to sell.


The Wall Street took about 30 years to recover to the level before the Great Depression.  Not many of us have the patience to wait 30 years for the stock market to recover.



Image credit to Pixabay

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Strategies for handling lots of homework

Your teachers have given you lots of homework, how can you deal with the homework?


Do you spend time cursing and swearing, and hope your dog tears up all the worksheets?  Do you prefer to watch TV, and pray that your parents do not discover homework?  Do you write nonsense for essays, and write the answers for all the multiple choices without knowing what the questions want?  Do you pray that God will help you do the homework?  Do you pray that your teachers will call in sick tomorrow, so that you do not need to hand in your homework?  Do you want to copy all the answers from your friends?


These stupid ideas will not help you.  You are only wasting time to think about skipping homework.  You are cheating yourself, your teachers, and your parents by not doing homework properly.


When you need to do lots of homework, you should use the following methods to do the homework:


Firstly, you have to sort the homework by subjects.  When you need to do homework from two similar subjects, such as mathematics and science, you should not try to do the in one sitting.  You should slot essay writing in between the science and mathematics homework.


Now you should re-arrange the homework by level of difficulty.  You should always do the most difficult homework, and leave the easiest homework to the last.  The advantage is that you have more energy when you start to do homework.  This is the time when you should tackle the most difficult homework.  By the time you are tired from doing so much homework, you feel happier that the rest of the homework is easier to do.


Secondly, you should start to do the homework right after your meal.  You should not switch on the TV or start to play computer game.  Once you do that, you are unlikely to do your homework.  It is very difficult to switch off the TV or switch off the computer to do the homework.  You will feel guilty for procrastination, and you still do not have the mood to start your homework.


You can arrange for a break after thirty minutes of doing homework.  You can eat your favorite dessert.  You can make a glass of ice lemonade.  You can play or run for a few minutes before doing your homework.  However, do not stretch the break.  The short break should last only ten to fifteen minutes, do not stretch it to an hour.


Thirdly, when you do not know how to do some questions, you can bookmark the questions, and carry on with your homework.  You can return to the questions later.  You can also call your friends for help. 


You should check your homework, right after you finish every page.  Make sure you have not made any careless mistake.  You want to make it a habit to do it right the first time, so that you do not have to waste time on corrections.


You want to finish the homework, check all the homework, and put the finished homework in your school bag, out of sight, out of mind.  You will feel happier seeing the pile of homework getting lower and lower.


The last tip is, you can your friends to discuss those questions you do not know how ot do, and to check on their progress.  If you have done more homework than your friends, you can make some sarcastic remarks.  You can boast about your ability to do more homework, and feel proud of yourself.


That will motivate you and your friends to finish all the homework.  You can make it into a race to see who finish all the homework first.  When you are the first to finish the homework, you can call your friends to make the announcement.  You will feel happier and relaxed when you have all the homework out of your sight, and out of your mind.  You can turn your attention to the TV, and imagine your friends still struggling with the homework.


Whenever you have lots of homework, please remember that you are not the only one who needs to deal with lots of homework.  Your classmates have at least the same volume of homework.


You will feel comforted to know that students in many Asian countries have more homework that you do.  Some of them have to do homework until the middle of the night. The result is that they are better in Science and Mathematics than you or your friends.



Be thankful that your teachers give more homework, to help you improve your grades.  You can treat doing lots of homework as savings for your future.  The more homework you do, the better your foundation, and the brighter your future.

Image credit to Pixabay

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A few lessons from the lazy cats
May 29, 2016

All of us know how lazy a cat can be.


A cat sleeps nearly 18 hours a day, and most of the time you can catch them sleeping at all odd hours.


What are a few lessons we can learn from the lazy cats, except to sleep as and when you can?


The first lesson is on focus.


A cat can focus all his attention on a particular butterfly or bird or other insects.  The body of the cat is tense, and it is ever ready for a chance to catch the prey. 


When a cat is playing, it is playing.  It does not try to multi-task or worry about this or that. 


A cat definitely does not worry about where the next meal is coming.  When it is hungry, it will focus all the energy to hunt for food.


The second lesson is on persistence.


When your cat is hungry, it will pester you until you give food to it.  If you ignore it, it will follow you everywhere, and meow angrily until you finally give in.


I have not heard of any cat owners resisting the persistence of a cat.  When a cat wants food, the owner will have to give it food, or else he will not have any peace at all.


The third lesson is cleanliness.


A cat finds the warmest and cleanest area to sleep.  When it is not sleeping, it will groom and keep the body clean.


It shows that cleanliness is an aspect of enjoying life.  If a cat can keep clean without face cleanser, shower cream and shampoo, we can also keep ourselves and our homes clean.


The last lesson from the lazy cat is to enjoy life.  A cat plays often, even though not as often as a kitten.


It will make itself comfortable under the sun, and enjoy the warmth of the sun.



Image credit to Pixabay

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A dollar now is better than a dollar tomorrow

When I studied the topic of economics in a diploma of business course, our lecturer kept on repeating a few important concepts.


One of the most important concepts is that a dollar today is better than a dollar tomorrow.  This concept is part of the time value of money.


That means if you have a dollar now, it is more valuable than the value of a dollar tomorrow.


The simple reason is that the inflation rate will decrease the value of the dollar


Another important reason is that when you have a dollar now, you can use the money to make more money so that you have more money tomorrow.


If you have a choice to get a dollar now, or a dollar tomorrow, always take the money now.


That concept is very important because it shows that the time and value of money are interlinked.


Many people regret not buying a house 30 years ago or 40 years ago when the houses cost just $10,000 or so.


Looking at the price now, they can see how inflation erodes their purchasing power.


They also see that a good investment, such as a good property, or a good business, can hold the value of money much better than money in the bank.


While there is a cycle to property price, stock market, gold price and other investments, the fact is that we cannot get the price as low as 30 years before.


It is impossible because inflation rate eats up our money.  No matter how the market crashes, the lowest price is still higher than the lowest price in last market crash.


This important concept of having a dollar now helps us to make wise decision.  If we spend a dollar now, it is as if we have spent $2 in tomorrow’s money.


Once the money is gone, you cannot chase it back, and make it work for you.



Image credit to Pixabay

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How to get into the habit of saving

When you do not have a habit of saving, you are losing out in the race to financial freedom.


How can you get into the habit of saving?


The key is to start small, and build up your confidence.


That means you start by saving coins every day.


You can use note for purchase, and save the change.  On the days that you do not buy anything, you can save a small note. 


It is easier to start small, because you do not feel so stressful when you cannot meet the goal of saving a huge sum of money. 


An advantage of saving coins is that you can feel the weight of the coins.  Coins are real money because you can see it, touch it, and hear it. 


Once you have a habit of saving the small money, you can aim to save bigger sum.  While you aim for a bigger sum of money to save for, you must not forsake the good habit of saving coins.


You can set up a separate saving account, and set up an automatic transfer of a sum of money to the saving account.


This will make it so automatic that you do not have to worry about breaking the good habit of saving money.


You have to make sure that the money in the saving account is not used for daily expenses.  This will be the emergency fund, and use only in life and death situation.


The trick is to forget about the saving account.


Since you are not going to use it, you might as well forget about it.  By the time when you need to use the money, you will be surprised at how the money grows.


An automatic transfer of just $5 a week can add up to a few hundred dollars in a few months, and you will see a thousand dollars in a few years.



If you can increase the automatic transfer as you get a higher salary, that is enough better.  

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An enjoyable holiday
May 29, 2016

My colleague returns from her short trip to Vietnam with her husband. 


For many years, they have been busy working and taking care of their 5 children. 


Their children are grown, and have their own social life. 


My colleague and her husband decide to re-ignite their romance and go for a trip without their children tagging along.


When I ask her about the trip, she says that it is very enjoyable.


I ask her about the places of interest, and whether she has any photos to show.


Do you want to guess her reply?


She does not visit anywhere at all.  She stays all the time in the hotel with her husband.


I ask her how a holiday overseas can be so enjoyable when she stays in the hotel all the time.


She says that the weather is too hot, and they do not want to go out.


I wonder at the foolishness of such a mentality.


She might as well stay home with her husband, switch on the air conditioner, and order delivery.  She can save on her air fare, and hotel accommodation. 


She has a maid to do the housework, and her children are away at work or in school most of the time.  They can just stay home and watch TV in their room.


It will be as good as staying in a hotel in a foreign land.


Since she does not have the desire to visit anywhere at all, staying home is definitely much cheaper.


If I were to spend the money on airfare, I would definitely go out and explore the city.


Even if the day is very hot, I can make the best use of a private vehicle with tour guide to bring me to all the places of interests.



I can just pay for a bucket of ice to keep the water cold.

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