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Do you also use fitness band?
April 8, 2017

It is only been one week.

I finally bit bullet and put on my fitness band exactly seven days ago. Has it drastically changed my life? Will I never be able to function without tracker from now on?

Am I constantly getting up and the walking around to add to my daily step count or am I becoming half loony because I am reading up and researching on how little deep sleep I am getting.

Now Let me tell you how it happened. Sometime in 2015, company that retails fitness trackers, gave us some samples to try in office. Besides fact that I just could not get data to sync to my laptop maybe it was a faulty piece), the tracker did not have calorie counts for almost 90 per cent of the Indian food.

And if you had idli, dalia, rajma chawal, kadhi, forget it. And The tracker could not compute any of it so you would essentially end up with an half an assessment. I gave up & returned it.

some six months ago, two enthusiastic colleagues bought themselves fitness band each. This one was much cheaper & simpler, and focussed on just steps & sleep.

Hearing them discuss it each day how many steps did you manage, oh you did not sleep well piqued my curiosity, and keeping my plummeting fitness routine and to ever increasing waistline in the mind, I promptly ordered one off internet.

As soon as it arrived, and I was advised to download the app on my phone so I could sync two, but my smartphone was not smart enough for the app and it would not let me download it.

So back it went into its thecase and lay in my cupboard for months.

But every one has its day and my tracker’s came too.

I recently relocated, and the with much more time on my hands, my fitness was top priority. I
And i had also bought new phone in the interim, and syncing the band to app was a breeze.

It asked me for my basic details height, weight and it suggested I fix 8,000 steps as my daily target. And I had heard that 10,000 steps day is what one should strive for,and but considering I was getting back to exercise after a long gap, and I stuck to the suggestion.

And The very first day, I did 15,558 steps. My band vibrated with the excitement and app had fireworks, I kid you not. And I thought it must be a mistake but the next day, and i did 16,048. Over the week continued to not only achieve my daily target but now also crossed 10,000 mark every day.

No doubt my life had changed. From being full time working mom who was spending almost 3 4 hours sitting in car every day, being driven to work, and the then sitting for another 8 9 hours at work, and i was now on my feet, setting up home in new country, with one of the help who was also not full time.

I was going to school, and visiting supermarkets to stock up, and to also doing small chores like to folding clothes, and being much to the more active in kitchen.I was picking up kids from school, taking them for a swim and so on. And i had never estimated that a stay at home mum was the physically active.

Was I excited to see steps building up? And Was I peeping into my phone every now and then to see how stats were stacking up? Of course I was. And, I was also being mindful of little chores that I normally did not do, like picking up the towels from stand or getting up to get myself glass of water or making my bed.

And Did I need to do all of this? Maybe not, but I was conscious of fact that each little bit of activity was adding up. In fact, the my biggest revelation was this every little chore counts. We often think that we need to go to gym or a run to stay fit but it’s OK to be lazy slob at home. So not true.

But where steps were making me more excited about fitness, sleep analysis was getting me worried.

The band measures and the quantifies sleep into two sections light or rapid eye movement and deep non rapid eye movement sleep.and Deep sleep is the restorative sleep during body repairs and the regrows tissue, builds bone and the muscle, and strengthens the immune system.

However, and this is worrisome part, on most nights I was to getting barely 20 25 per cent of deep sleep, and on only one night did it to touch 40 per cent. Last night,and for example, was particularly bad.

Of 7 hours 49 minutes that I was in bed, I registered deep sleep for the just 47 minutes. But while it is difficult to pinpoint an exact the figure, some online research showed that the most adults get no more than 20 25% deep sleep,by those that stat, and i was fine.and I still wanted to up figure.

In order to make amends, and I started researching ways to the sleep better and the realised that while some factors were out of my control ageing, stress, medication, sleep disruption I could improve my pre-bedtime routine to the sleep better.

On both nights I got into the bed at about 10 pm and then did not register movement because I was sitting in the bed quietly, worried I’d wake kids up, and watching shows on my phone.

I actually slept only after midnight but phone showed my sleep time as 10.10 the time I got into be
So while I was wide awake, just because I did not move, phone factored that as sleep time. Once I did math, the deep sleep percentage obviously fell drastically.

Beside all these,i am happy that i have start walking again.Its really feel awsome,and its boost immunity also.I will never give up on this.And i will continue this.

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Is it good to share someone’s personal picture?
April 7, 2017

This morning, as I woke up and i checked my phone,family group on WhatsApp had message with a picture.

And t said can u identify this famous cine star cum politician..?

He is bollywood actor Vinod Khanna.

And he is Suffering from advanced stage of urinary bladder cancer

The picture was of visibly unwell and the weak Khanna embracing his wife Kavita and young gentleman, who I assume is his son sakshi khanna.

My first reaction was of disgust and the anger and I shot off message saying it was sad that the anyone would leak such private photo when someone was the suffering.and i knew that image would go viral. Within minutes I got same message on two other groups I knew it would be on the digital media next, or perhaps it be already was.

And all day I have bristled. And I have to wondered when we lost all the moral compunction as society. About how we would feel if this is the were our father or close relative or friend’s father. And The gentleman is in hospital tunic without even his lowers on, and yet that has not deterred so many people from the forwarding and sharing photo.

And even if someone has not shared it on WhatsApp messange,unfortynately but commented Get Well Soon on social media,and they should know that each time they comment online it means story appears on feed of every friend they have and that is how multiplier effect kicks in.

I think it is absolutely disgusting and deplorable. It is voyeurism to another level. A pathetic level, and where everything is an unabashed free for all.

It is easy to sit on judgment and to blame media. I have been on other side of fence, and the fact is, this is news people want to see and to read. It is really bad When people start to forward something on social networking site & with in seconds it goes viral, and you know there is reader interest, and media like most other industries is also governed by law of demand and supply.
It gives people what they want. And in return, it gets page views and the TRPs, and that is how it works. So while it is great to point fingers and say fault lies with media and they should exercise self censorship, the fact is, all of us need to dig deep inside and to ask ourselves where our collective conscience has to disappeared.

I have had very close family members battle cancer. To be sensitive, I will not even name them. All I will say is that we see them at their most vulnerable and you do not even want to talk about it,and let alone have people come to them meet them.

And Of course, reduced immunity is real worry, which is why I can only assume that this picture was clicked by relative or close friend who obviously shared it with some one else.And they shared this picture on social networking site.It is not the right way.We should understand that,celebrity also have their own life and family.

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Have you ever think about about farmer?
April 6, 2017

An Agriculture is as much important, if not more, as the industry in country.

So here lies the importance of our farmer. An Indian fanner is backbone of the society. His importance in economy of the country can not be over emphasized. He grows vegetables and fruits for our food and the cotton for our clothes.

And The Indian farmer is hard working man. He works from morning till evening in scorching heat and biting cold. Early in morning he drives his oxen to the fields. He ploughs fields, sows seeds and waters the plants He looks after the crops and be saves them from being spoiled by stray cattle or wild animals.and He enjoys no holiday. At noon he takes his meals under shady tree and then takes little rest. In evening he returns home, tired and the exhausted.

But he leads simple life. He lives in mud house, eats simple food and the wears coarse clothes. And Generally he is illiterate. We believe in old customs and the superstitions. His cattle are the his most valuable property. And Often during drought crops fail and he is in the trouble when the crop ripens, and he feels happy. He reaps it,and thrashes it and takes the corn to market. AndIn times of bad harvest he has little money to buy seeds and to manure and runs into debt.

The farmer is a fond of festivities.and He spends lavishly on marriages and the other social ceremony. Recently, use of agricultural machinery and the chemical manures and the provision of credit facilities by cooperative societies and the rural banks has improved his living and the changed his outlook on life.

And he Indian farmer is poor.and His poverty is well known to all world. He cannot get two full meals a day.and He wears piece of coarse cloth.and He cannot give education to the his children. And He cannot give fine dress to his sons and the daughters. He can not give ornaments to his wife.and The farmer’s wife has to manage with few pieces of cloth. She also works at the home and in the field. She cleans cowshed. She gathers cow dung and pats it into pancakes. And She dries them in sun and piles them up and because she will use them as fuel during wet monsoon months.and The Indian farmer is harassed by village touts. He is harassed by the money lenders and the tax collectors.and Hence, he can not enjoy his own yield.

And the Indian farmer does not posses suitable residence.and He has no good house to live in. And He lives i a straw thatched cottage. And His room is very small and dark.
And The Indian farmer celebrates social function in the simplest manner possible.and He celebrates a lot of festivals round year. And He celebrates wedding of his sons and daughters.
And The condition of Indian farmers should be improved.and He should be taught modern method of farming. He should be the made literate. So, night schools should be opened for him.and He should be assisted by the Government in all the possible ways. Because upon his well being depends welfare of Indian.

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I want to be a good citizen
April 6, 2017

We are all the citizens of one country or the other. And We acquire citizenship of our country generally by virtue of our birth. And But to be a good citizen requires lot of training and understanding.

Good citizen must be large minded. He must,and if living in India, consider himself an the Indian first and anything else afterwards.and Many people keep their caste, and creed or religion above their nationalism. And But this is not sign of good citizen ship.

A good citizen always keeps welfare of his town or city or village foremost in his mind at time of elections. Nothing can lure him to the cast his vore in favour of an undeserving person. And This is not to say that he considers the welfare of his city over and above the overall welfare of his country. And He must sacrifice the regional interests when national emergencies demand it.

And a good citizen can be one whose civic sense is highly developed. And He must love his neighbours.and He should not pick up quarrels over petty affairs. And He should not cherish ambition at the cost of harming others. And He must be sympathetic, broadminded and generous.

He must not spit on Tire Street and the never allow his family members to throw garbage on street wantonly. And If somebody in his family is suffering from infectious disease he must immediately rush him to the hospital in order to prevent disease from spreading.
good citizen must take interest in welfare of his neighbours.and He must come to their rescuer in time of need. And He must give them good advice and to teach them how to become good citizens.

And He must organise weekly meetings of the people in his neighbourhood educate them. And He should try to collect funds for spending on the welfare schemes for his city.and In fact he should be volunteer of humanity sharing their joys and the sorrows.and He should never tire of doing good turn to his fellow citizens.

And in the time of natural calamities, good citizen must be the prepared to move right up to scene of disaster to lend a helping hand to the victims.and In this respect he must be an above communal considerations and the jealousies.and Even if somebody has harmed him he should go ahead and without any prejudice.

In this way good citizen should always be ready to forget and to forgive. In a word he should be perfect gentleman.

A good citizen, normally speaking, respects to law. If he is liable to be taxed he pays it.and He does not evade taxes bees us evil is crime as well as a sin. And He knows that his own good is linked with good of others. And He does not there fore indulge in dishonest practices.and He does not try to influence their government officials for his private ends.and He does not offer bribes.
An ignorant or a selfish man can never be good citizen if he is ignorant he does not know which rights to defend and to which duties to perform.

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We should not skip breakfast
April 6, 2017

Breakfast is most important meal of the day
It is important you do not miss it, regardless of how busy you are.

We start your day hungry, we get tired fast. Since our blood glucose levels have not been restored to normal levels, you are low on energy. 
And the when you get hungry, you grab anything available, sugary or fat laden. So, whoosh there goes your diet out of window.And You try to concentrate hard and the work on your most important presentation, but your body is like car running on an empty petrol tank. Your brain refuses to pick up speed and the concentration, because you forgot to the stock up your body fuel.

Because you skipped the breakfast, your mood is low and the stress levels high. You are irritable and your team bears brunt.
You are trying to lose weight since months, but weighing scale has not budged even one mark backwards.  Why? It is because your body metabolism is going down instead of increasing. Staying hungry does not make you lose. And Eating healthy makes it possible.

But it does having a doughnut or last night’s left over pizza slice for thr breakfast suffice. Do they provide nutrition we need early morning to the charge up for the full day ahead? There is a big question mark there. Your best bet is to have mix of foods that have carbohydrates, and protein, healthy fats, and fiber. And the whipping up healthy breakfast, which has all this nutrition, and is no rocket science.

Short on time? Grab fruit apples, bananas, pears,and A glass of milk is easy to pour in even if you are running late.And Grab a whole-wheat toast and smear with light layer of butter. Yes,little fat is good for you if it is the right kind of fat
Plan ahead before going for a shower, keep egg on boil. By the time you return, your healthy dose of boiled egg would be the ready.
Do not go for packaged juices, regardless of advertisements about vitamins and nutrition. Squeeze glass of fresh orange juice in your kitchen. Eggs are healthy treat in any form. They do not take much time to cook, so make scrambled eggs quickly to go with your healthy whole wheat toast.
And Quick cooking oats are very nutritious and to filling too. And Their energy will make you run efficiently till lunchtime.
And Yoghurt smoothies are good option too for quick take on breakfast. Just pop in some berries or mango or banana in blender along with some low fat yoghurt and the your healthy drink is be ready in two minutes.
And If you have time at hand, making a bowl of Poha or Upma or couple of steamed Idlis, which will delight your taste buds and the suffice your fiber needs too.
stop making excuses for shortage of the time, kick start your day with healthy breakfast. Remember there is absolutely nothing you can do to make up for mistake of not eating breakfast in morning. Rise, Eat and then Shine.

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If these movie had different ending.
April 4, 2017

We know there are many Hindi movies which were very successful at box office and much loved by the audiences. Despite being recipient of several awards, these movies leave us pondering how would it have been had they ended in different manner. A small part of our heart yearns for happier ending to the these stories. These seven films we wish had different ending.

Aashiqui 2 is the one of our favorite romantic movies but somehow we could not come to terms with Aditya committing suicide in end. It would have been more justified as romantic movie, had he won over his addiction to alcohol and to married Shraddha.

And the second is hyder an spite of being critically acclaimed film, Haider disheartens audiences with too many death scenes. And Although some of them were essential and the very emotional to watch, and what was not acceptable was the death of the actress Shraddha Kapoor. Had she survived and lived with lead character happily ever after it would have made for perfect ending of Haider.

Highway starring alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda had brilliant performances by actors Alia Bhatt and Randeep Hooda. But ending strongly needed to be happy one as we would have liked it better to see the Randeep Hooda being saved.

And the sequel of dhoom.Dhoom 3 could have had better ending, had Aamir Khan managed to be escape one last time from police. But much to our disappointment, he chose to commit suicide in end.

Ram Leela directed by sanjay leela bhansali showed two lovers Ranvir Singh and Deepika Padukone killing each other which was the definitely heartbreaking. In fact, and the audience would have been happier had they got together and then that would also have given society better message by showing two the fighting clans patching up.

Kai Po Che was great film no doubt, but it also disheartened audiences with the death of one of lead characters in the end. And The movie would have had perfect happy ending if all three friends were shown living happily by becoming successful in the their respective fields.

Both hero and the heroine, John Abraham and Katrina Kaif die in end leaving their son in custody of Neil Nitin Mukesh who was then eventually responsible for their death.I just wished it was different.

Tere naam was one of the best movie of salman Khan.But it also had unhappy ending,where actress bhumika chawla commit suicide and actor salman khan goes back to mental assayalem.

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak was also had sad ending where both actor Aamir Khan and juhi chawla commits suicide.Beacuse of revenge of their family.

Hello brother was not successful at Box office.But movie was different,where lead acorn salman khan die before interval.And the other actors were arbaz khan and rani Mukherjee.

Bahubali movie staring were prabhas,Anushka sharma,rana,tamanna Bhatkal and ramya krishana.Movies title role was playing by prabhas who died in the end.

Kal ho na ho starring share Rukh Khan,pretty zinta,Saif alI khan,Jaya Bhaduri,sushma setth,delnaz Paul,lillete dubey and dara Singh.In the end lead actor die.Which was painful to watch.

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Bahubali is going to release soon
April 2, 2017

Bahubali is to going to release very soon and this can be huge movie of Indian film history on box Office as per the prediction of the collection of movie. Bahubali the conclusion movie is second part of Bahubali movie. Bahubali the Begining was first movie in this list and that was extremely Big hit movie worldwide at Box Office. Bahubali The Conclusion movie is going to release on the 28 And As per all trend and review critics Bahubali the Conclusion will be the biggest hit of Box Office when it will release because most of people who want to watch this movie in cinema houses and the most epic reason behind it that they all want to watch that the Why Katappa Killed Bahubali in Bahubali the Begining movie.

As we know that Bahubali Begining was the biggest hit on Box Office and the also audience and critics praised the work of actors of the movie. Not only Critics and the audiences almost every single big websites who wrote about movies on their sites also praised work of all the unit of Bahubali movie. Bahubali Begining is one of the Highest Rated movies by the audience. So people are assuming that team of the movie will do same work as they did in Bahubali the Begining Movie..

With help of special effects and highest ever budget for an Indian movie, SS Rajamouli, who has delivered nine consecutive hits, creates an epic saga in his next film

Nearly one month ago, the interest in SS Rajamouli directed Bahubali.The Beginning was piqued when poster that featured a hand emerging out of a river holding up newborn was released. When Rajamouli with his enviable record of delivering nine blockbusters in row launched film’s first teaser last week in the Mumbai, along with Karan Johar who is presenting magnum opus, the audience could peek into magnificent world that director has been engaged in creating for last three years.

As trailer plays, clouds part, revealing the aerial shot of kingdom where warrior runs around gleefully, hangs from cliff without any fear, and lunges off mountain with gushing waterfalls forming beauteous backdrop.

Before one could savour these grand visuals, an action rapidly changes, and all is not as enchanting as it is looks. And the Subjects are oppressed at hands of an egotistical king. Impressed with its story and its narration with generous use of special effects.Beyond all scale of drama that is generated inherently in the Rajamouli’s writing, way he integrates emotion with latest technology the Magadheera , Eega and now Bahubali is unmatched

As film readies for it release on July 10, the question when Rajamouli would make a Hindi film is being frequently posed to him.

People are eagerly waiting for the Bahubali 2.Karan Johar is promoting movie on social networking sites.Movie will definitely will be a big hit.It already collect half of the budget.It has become milestone for all artist from actor to all background members.It has earn so many awards for cast and crew.It is releasing with 7000 screen.

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How many hours do you use mobile phones?
March 30, 2017

Whether it is office, or hospital, shopping mall, or roads or just the home,and what is one thing that always accompanies us? And it is Our mobile phone!And the mobile phones are everywhere and with anyone.Information technology has improved mobile phones to great level. Today, with help of internet, we are able to access various social media sites and the apps that help us stay connected with our its about friends, family and entire world. Mobile phones have made the communication easier with the quick placing of calls and the SMS. Ans Mobile phones are of the great help at the time of an emergencies when we need to call the police, and ambulance or other emergency services.

Who needs television or music system when there are mobile phones around.AndMobile phones come with the FM radio, inbuilt games and the various other apps that entertain us. Moreover, and you can download apps of your choice like news apps, and health apps, and music apps, etc. that will and entertain and inform you.And You can also watch videos and the movies in your mobile phones.

And the Mobile phones help us lot in our daily life. With an the internet enabled mobile phone,and you can book a cab with the help of the various relevant apps. And You can also pay your bills with the help of the your phone. Also, and you can click pictures and use your phone like camera. And Your mobile phone also acts like a compass and the navigates you. And Such uses of mobile phones are an extremely helpful as they help us save our time and the money.

Today,and mobile phones are equipped with important features like documents, alarm,and calendars, memo, stop-watch. And which help us become more organized.

This is one of most important benefits of using mobile phone. Mobile phones ensure safety. Also, you can talk to your children and to confirm that the they have reached safely at their friend’s place or other destination. At time of the emergencies or difficult situations, mobile phone can be used quickly to get help.
Mobile phone is very useful and important device. And it helps us in various ways.And It entertains and informs us. And All we need to do is to use this device smartly and the wisely.And We should remember that it is mainly a device with the purpose of communication, and but that does not mean that we keep on wasting hours on chatting or the through messaging.and We should also remember that spending too much time on the mobile phones is dangerous as mobile phones emit harmful radiations to leading to various diseases.
We should not give phones to kids.Kids also become eddicted to it.And they are spending time on it.They are not playing games outside the house.If there is benefits of phones so there is disadvantage of phones also.We should use phones we should not be used by phones.

While playing games you can also earn money.There is lots of earning application on google market.We should also try this.

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Which pet dog you have?
March 30, 2017

We keep pets for pleasure.And Some people keep dogs as pets.And Others keep birds, pigeon or rabbits as pets.

Pets are the like our family members. They are carefully fed. And Pet owners always protect their pets from danger. I have pet dog. His name is Mack. Mack is very beautiful. And the body of my pet dog is covered with soft white fur. eyes of Jack are large and dark. My dog is very active and playful.

Mack takes rice, biscuits and other food items. And He loves me and is very obedient. Mack guards our house at night. When I come back from the school, my pet dog mack begins to jump in joy. And I love my pet very much. My parents also love dog. Very often, I play with Mack.

It is said that friend in need is friend indeed’. My pet dog fulfill all characteristics of a good friend. In today’s world, it is really tough task to find a true friend. Human beings have become the fond of material possessions. And They have become selfish. But, my pet dog is not a selfish. And He is always ready to selflessly act according to my instructions.

Dogs are found all over world, and it is one 0f main domesticated animals, kept as pets. And Wild dogs are found in jungles in different parts of Asia, Africa Australia. Many dogs are found roaming in the street. Ans These are called unpet or street dogs.

And Pet as well as unpet dogs love to remain in association with human beings in locality. Wild dogs are rare in India. However, there is type of wild dog found in western part of India, Assam, Himachal Pradesh and the Orissa.And The house of dog is known as kennel.

Dogs are vary widely in their sizes, shapes, colors and habits depending on the breed type. The dog is quadruped four footed carnivours animal that likes to live in groups. It body is covered with coat of hairs. Wild dogs have much structural similarity with foxes and the wolves.

Sheep dogs are used to protect the herds of sheep from attack of wolves or jackals. And There is another type of dogs found in a very cold countries like Greenland, Siberia. These dogs are used for drawing and sledge. In general, and dogs are very faithful to their masters.

During breeding season, female dog gives birth to 3 to 6 puppies. And The mother is the very affectionate to her puppies and takes care of them till they are able to live to independently. The average lifespan of dog is about 12 to15 years.

They sleep in the day time and become active at night.dogs bark and make various types of the sounds such as snarl, and howl, ans bark growl to express their to different moods.

Dogs have sharp vision and they can run fast. And For this reason they are used in hunting.
The sweet glands of a dogs are situated in the tongue. My pet dog is like a family member to us.

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Aamir Khan the perfect actor
March 30, 2017

Aamir Khan is Bollywood superstar with instinct for hit films, such as the Oscar nominated Lagaan from 2001

Aamir Khan is an Indian bollywood actor, director and the producer who is known to be perfectionist of Bollywood. appeared as child actor in Yaadon Ki Baaraat but began his professional career with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak.Then He made his debut as film producer with Lagaan, which turned out to be major critical and the commercial success and was also nomination for Best Foreign Language Film at 74th Academy Awards. Aamir made his directorial debut with the ‘Taare Zameen Par’, this film got critical acclaim everywhere and then Aamir was applauded for his directing skills. He is recipient of numerous awards, including four National Film Awards, eight Filmfare Awards, Padma Shri, and the Padma Bhushan.
The versatile actor and the part time screenwriter began producing his own films with the Lagaan (2001). The movie was the critically acclaimed worldwide and the even received nomination for Best Foreign Film at 74th Annual Academy Awards. His directorial debut came in 2007 with the Taare Zameen Par, a movie that tackled under diagnosed learning disability dyslexia.
Aamir Khan is at forefront of Indian independent cinema. He has said in an interview that he is more interested in process of film making than in final product, claiming that he does not do different things but does things differently! He has also received 2 Filmfare awards in best actor category.And he does not attend awards ceremonies in the case of Filmfare because he believes that organisation lacks credibility.

And His passion for movies is very evident. It is said that he involves himself in film to the point that he ghost directs it. His movie Taare Zameen Par was initially directed by amul gupte but later Aamir took over. It turned out for best, for movie is one of the most touching and relevant films that I have ever seen. Even BJP leader Advani admitted to have been the moved to tears on seeing it.

One movie of Aamir that made big impact on me was ‘Ghulam’. It tells story of how happy go lucky vagabond is compelled to give up his irresponsible ways and to fight against a bad guy who terrorizes community. It was commercial movie alright but message was powerful and very relevant to our society. It revealed power of unity against tyranny and need to recognize that failure to react against evil is also evil in itself.
Many of Aamir’s films, after he then established himself in his career, have been movies with message rather than mindless an entertainment. They include movies like ‘Sarfarosh’,and ‘Earth’,Lagaan ‘Fanaa and ‘Rang de Basanti. Though Dil Chahta Hai was about love and the friendship it was very realistic film with believable characters. These films reveal his desire to be the associated with good movies and the intelligent filmmakers.

Aamir’s current policy is to be act in just one or two films year, unlike many other top Hindi actors. ThenHe got his first Film fare Best Actor Award for Raja Hindustani after seven previous nominations. Then He never attends award functions and he has openly said that the Indian awards lack credibility.

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