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Parents, not only a word

Parents not only give us birth but they give us a life. Nothing is worth their value. We exist because of them. But is that it? Not only a life but they give us a reason for our life, a goal. No one is nothing without their parents. Everyone needs them all the time. We may not realize it but we are so much dependent on them that we forget their value. We start taking them for granted. And a time comes when they become a headache but still we do not realize that we need them the most.

Their advice is the best thing one could ever receive because it is a universal fact that they are always right. We are always ignorant in the beginning but eventually, we come running back to them. Not everyone is lucky enough to get the unconditional love of their parents but those who are should always be there for their parents. A lot of cases have come up recently about the abandoning of old people by their children. Abandoning those who gave them life, taught them how to eat, walk, learn and what not only to end up in some old age home. We can never match up to the sacrifices that they have made for us unless it is for our kids later.

Nothing can be compared to the pain suffered by our mothers of carrying us in her womb for nine months and finally giving birth, waking up all night just to look after after us when we are sick, always providing the last piece of food even if she is hungry or the hours of hard work by our father to provide enough for us, his family. We never notice the small bits of happiness they give us. Rather we are frustrated in our own many ways that we forget to keep them happy only to realize they still wish our best.

So it is our time now to repay for what they have done for us and to make their each sacrifice count. This does not mean buying expensive gifts or them but even spending a little time with them can surely make their day. Sharing your daily day details, asking theirs, taking them out is the least we could for them. Never neglect your parents and always be there for them because we owe a lot to them.


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What traveling means to me
June 6, 2018

I love exploring. I love to find out the hidden meaning of certain places, their history, their stories. I just can’t get enough of it. Though I have not traveled much, for now, I am sure I would do so. To travel to my dream place, explore the unexplored, wander around the streets, eat under the roofs, take sun baths, dance with strangers. I have always wondered how it would be to live a different lifestyle as in, in a different culture.

I just don’t want to travel to a place and see the famous views or glance at its elegance rather I would stay there as a part of that place and completely get lost in it as if I belong there. I want to connect to the people there, make new friends. I would rather go grocery shopping than collecting souvenirs everywhere. I don’t want to be just a traveler but someone who feels like home there. Though I would like to stay in motels just to get that passenger feeling and compare to my own country’s and miss it.

I would go to the beaches and stay there all night long hearing the sounds of the waves, to the fields to get some sunshine, to the clubs to meet strangers. There are many places on my bucket list, the streets of Vienna, the waters of Bengal, the crowds of Times Square not because they are famous but because they are unseen and are not appreciated. Also, it would be good to have some time alone to explore as there will be no crowd.

I would taste the country food, adopt the attire, watch their shows, meet families. So my ideal travel plan includes not only a few days trips and adding a new place to my passport but living the fullest of that place and carrying a lot of memories.

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What actually does the word “freedom” means?

I think freedom is something one cannot achieve in life. We all are bounded by some or the other thing. A child is bounded by his parents and parents are bound by their responsibilities. We often take the word “freedom” in a different manner as in being able to do stuff without anyone else’s consent but actually, it means to do things with one’s consent which is not always an easy task. There may not be someone who will be always there to guide us through the wrongs and the rights of our lives and we will be the ones to take the decision on our own. But now it depends on us on how we use that freedom. Some may misuse it and the other may use it for their own benefit.

Freedom for teens nowadays is nothing but just doing stuff by not getting interrupted by anyone especially their parents. If a child is being able to do they say they have got freedom. But really? Is this what freedom is? Will the child be able to do things on his own? He still will hesitate and ask for guidance if not to his parents but at least to his friends which means he still has not got the freedom to do stuff on his own.

Adults, on the other hand, are consistently bound by their responsibilities which they have towards their career or their family. They still are not able to take decisions according to their own free will. Even the biggest of the dignitaries have to think a lot of times before taking a decision and thus cannot just pass on something that they wish to do and should be of others service. Hence, we can say that no has got freedom in this world. None of us have the freedom we look for.


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Why to care about what people say?

It has always been a matter of fact that we care more about what people say. Whether it be behind our back our even on our face. We often tend to do or say things that would please people though it may hurt ourselves.
We express the best of us to impress others. And during this, we lose our dignity. We end up doing things that do not favor us and eventually adopt those habits. We are scared by the fear of judgment.We tend to believe what they say about us and let that change us. Many people face this and are bound by it because they are so now much dug into it.

People are gonna think no matter what we do or what we are. They are gonna make assumptions about us. Even we judge others by the way they look, the words they speak and about their personality without even knowing them. It is a natural tendency of human beings. For example, if we see a boy and a girl together, we assume different things about them. Each one has a different perspective but what matters is that it should not affect us. It is a common fact among teens nowadays. They are constantly being judged by one another and that has led them to divert from their original goals and run towards what might make them look more sophisticated or in today’s language “cool”.

We should not care about what people say or think about us. They are gonna say no matter what so why not do something of our own will and then let them judge us. It depends on us as in how we let that judgment affect us. It can either take us down a path or towards the way we have planned to do so. So we just have to believe in ourselves and let anyone decide our decisions.

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Suicide is not an option

We all are crushed at one point of life and have no solutions to our problems and a time comes when those problems become big enough to bury us down.We are left with no options and the only thing that comes to our mind is what if I could run away from all this as we just can’t bear it anymore.Here comes the moment when we are so disgusted with the reality that we take a decision .Now this decision can either take us to face the truth and come up with a life saving solution or can take it.I don’t know why suicide has become so easy nowadays and everybody seems to be taking it for granted.But why no one ever realizes that any problem is not worth our life.Any situation can be handled though it may take time, maybe much time, but is always worth it.It never harms to take a one more try when we know that the next try could be it.

However this is not only the case when people choose suicide as a solution for their life(irony).Pushing our mind to that edge where we are left with nothing but fall also takes a deep turn here.But all we have to do is to unload that heaviness off our mind.It is not as easy as it may sound but why not give it a shot.Talking to a friend, family or any acquaintance is what I found helpful.Someone who will understand what we are going through and help us past this.Or at least ask them to help us in any other way if we are not comfortable to tell our situation.This will surely provide us a new hope.I know few people who have gone through this and now the idea of suicide just seems stupid to them .They now a have clear vision of their life and do not want to lose it .

I hope this blog will help you get a certain idea to help yourself as well others who are in need.

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