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Simple Solution To Literacy Base Log In Error.
Loggin In

I regularly login Literacy Base and as usual was trying to do so in the morning, it is when that I encountered an error (An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.)

A few attempts with the same error had disturbed me but wanted to give it a try before sending a support ticket.

I am not a tech expert but certainly have a little knowledge of how the internet connectivity works.

I was facing a similar issue with a Paid To Click site where the advertisements were not visible as they regularly do every day.

So I had cleared my browsing and download history, cache, cookies, active logins, site preferences and offline website data from my browser.

This solved my issue with the Paid To Click site but it must have caused the login error with Literacy Base.

So what I did is that I again cleared all my browser history as earlier then restarted my desktop PC.

Then what I did is restarted my mobile phone as I use mobile data and use my mobile as modem to access the internet via PC.

Restarting you device whether it is a mobile phone or a wifi router changes the current Internet Protocol address (IP) as they are dynamic IP and keep on changing at every restart.

But if your internet service provider has assigned you and Static IP address then it won’t change, and I don’t think anybody using Static IP would ever encounter any login or IP related issues.

Guess what I was able to login to Literacy base without any error, and had no worries to send any support ticket.

I think it is something related to your cookies and your internet protocol address (IP), clearing the cookies must have caused me the error.

Hope the above solution works out for everyone who encounters the log in error, happy to help you.

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Insulted Me For Thing I Wasn’t Concerned With.
April 13, 2017
aggressive-Why People Keep Insulting?

What would you do when you do if you were in my position today? Me and my wife are tenants at our current place from the past 5 months now. Least did I know that my landlord had not paid his society maintenance from the past one year.

I regularly transfer our rent to our landlords bank account through net banking regularly on the 13 of every month. This month the landlord said to pay it to the society office and say that its the amount for maintenance by the landlord.

My rent is Rs. 4500 and the pending maintenance amount was Rs. 6020 which I had no idea of, until I reached the office. Now the person who was handling all those accounts started to make arguments with me that you pay the whole amount I will not consider the partial payment and if I don’t he will discontinue the water supply for our house.

I said what are you talking Sir, I am a tenant and not a landlord that your bursting on me so loud and threatening me to discontinue the water supply. His reply was I don’t care who you are pay the whole amount now or I will call up my men and get the discontinuation done right now.

He was a manner-less human being the way he was talking and threatening me, for reasons I had no concerns with. I quickly called up my landlord and spoke to him about the whole situation, but even my landlord is a jerk. She said you don;t argue with him just pay him the whole amount and reduce the amount from your next rent.

The whole situation was really Insulting and heartbreaking, because nobody had treated me like that before and specially for reasons that I was not responsible for. I know that the person did it on purpose so that he could get his maintenance paid, but he used me as a shield to do so.

I could have retaliated back to him with his own ways but I had kept quite because that might had led my landlord into much trouble. Today was really frustrating and unexpected it will take a while for me to get out of the situation but still I fell I dint deserve  to be treated that way.

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Your Small Things Can Built A Nest, Try Yourself.
March 28, 2017

As an Indian and especially from Goa, we are huge consumers of coconut in our family from ages. Once the coconuts have been completely used we do not through the shells we keep them aside to create holly fire rituals. As regular my wife had kept the remains of coconut shells on the window railings besides the bowl of water which is regularly kept for birds in the summer season. We have a tradition in our family that before starting the lunch or dinner a small portion of the food must first be offered to the birds or animals. It is meant that when we offer food and water to birds and animals they reach our ancestors which are hungry and thirsty.

Now to the main story our window glasses are coated with anti glare window film which avoids the direct sunlight into the house. The advantage of these glasses is that we can see through them but nobody from the outside can see the inside. Taking advantage of the anti glare windows I often watch birds sitting on our railing and watch them playing here and there drinking water, eating food offered and even leaves of the plants. It’s really a huge fun and relaxing to watch those sweet little birds having fun.

One day I realized that all the birds were busy as usual except for one bird. She was busy pulling the strings from the coconut shell which were kept near the water bowl besides the plants. She pulled one string with much exertion and flew away. Later she again came and again pulled one more string after two to three pulls she was able to break though a single string. This continued for a while, but later I got to my routine and that day was gone.

The next day I again went to the window as usual to watch the birds enjoy and to my amaze the little bird was again on what she was doing yesterday. I had a word with my wife about what actually this bird might be doing with those coconut strings as she might be having some idea. She said that the little bird is building her nest as it might time for to lay eggs and a reason of which she is pulling those strings. Those strings are very light yet very strong and can be easily bent to make a round and cozy nest for the eggs to be kept warm and safe. I was so amazed that I was witnessing a hardworking sparrow building her nest and soon to have a family like mine.

I was so happy and excited that wanted to help that little bird build her nest quickly, but how?  I again asked my wife and she said see she is pulling those strings and it’s a tough job for her with that small beak of her. Now you do one thing when that bird is off with one string quickly pull out all the strings out of the coconut shell and spread them and again close the window and watch. I quickly did what my wife said and kept on watching the bird came and for a moment she was still and a little confused as to how the strings are off that shell. But suddenly she took 4 to 5 strings at once and flew away, now where she was carrying a single string in one trip now she was carrying 4 to 5. That small deed was saving much of her energy of pulling those strings off which was quite hard for that little sparrow.

Now again I wanted to help that pregnant little bird which was soon to lay eggs, question was what to? Quickly it came to my mind that I have some old cushions which we were suppose to dispose off. I ran inside and tore those cushions and removed a little bit of soft cotton and again spread them on the railing and waited for the bird to come. She again came and my excitement was about to burst waiting for her to carry those cushion balls which I had kept for her, as they will make her little home more cozy.

I almost jumped and hugged my wife as that little bird carried away my cushion ball with her. I don’t have words that will explain you the amount of happiness which was flowing though my veins at that moment. I don’t know how many of you would consider that a joyous moment but for me it was really a wonderful felling. I realized that there are so many things that might be worthless for us but they have a whole lot of meaning for someone. I remember telling these to my office colleagues and they all loved it and planned to the same at their places.

My request to all, to please keep some water and food for the birds in the summer as the temperature rises very high killing most of the birds around the world due to thirst. I never use to do it earlier until someone told us to and now I am requesting you all too. It could be a very little effort of yours but it could save many sweet little lives. Me and my wife have come with another plan as-well, we had some furniture work done in our house last week. And there are some wooden planks left over which also we were going to throw away. But my wife came up with a great plan why not build small bird houses and hang them on the nearby trees.  Now I am not a carpenter expert that can build a house but we have asked the one who made our furniture to show us how to make one, the rest we will do on our own.  Just realized that a house is just not always build with bricks and cements it can also built with things you won’t ever imagine.

Image Courtesy : Pixabay Free Images Database.

What An Iphone Experience Was That.
March 23, 2017
Iphone 3gs

I still remember the day when my sister who stays in Australia had come to visit us and while going back she gave me here Iphone 3gs. I was really in a shock because I had just asked her what would be the price of a new Iphone if I buy it in Australia compared to India.

I know it was just a question and that it would have never made it to reality, because owning an Iphone was and is still impossible for me. I knew that my sister was aware that even if I am asking won’t be able to afford one and while leaving she handed me her.

It was a used Iphone but still it was giving me pleasure of having a new one. As it was an old phone it had a little bit of gap in between its joints, I thought that it must be the back case which can be removed to get the battery out.

I had all those Android phone in my mind where you can pull out the back case and get the battery out, what did I know that it could not be done with the Iphone. I tried it at first but it was tight so gave it a hard pull again and to my worst nightmare the phone split into two.

I realized that I had ruined the phone as all the internal organs (circuits) of the Iphone were visible now. Nothing could have happened more worst than that. What in the world did I do so and even if I did how did the phone break down so easily because I don’t remember it pulling it so hard that it would have broken into two.

Then there was a call on my wife’s phone it was my sister she had reached home to Australia. She said that I forgot to tell you that the phone is old and the battery does not come out so don’t try to pull the back cover.

That was too early of her to say that and too late for me to hear.


Image Courtesy:- My own picture of the broken Iphone 3Gs taken from Galaxy Tab2.

Your Reaction On, Sorry Your Update Has Failed.
Jumping Hurdles, Why writing sites fail (2)

I have an habit of keeping my software’s up to date so that they function properly without any glitches or breakdowns. But sometimes the updates are so time consuming and huge that its better if you ignore them. Firefox Browser has one of those updates that can make you go restless. I usually avoid updating Firefox browser because the past experience while updating it were very annoying. Now if you have software that you haven’t updated since long but suddenly decided to update it, so its quite obvious that you would get the current latest update. But with Firefox update is a little different you wont get the current update straight away, you will download all the previous updates till the current update. Means if you are on old version 25 then instead of downloading the current version which could be V.48, but the downloads would be V.33 then V.44 and later V.48 simultaneously. Now all versions are more than 40+MB in size just imagine how much time would it would take to reach the current update if you have slow connection. And that you are not guaranteed that the update wont fail in between and to your nightmare it won’t even resume from where it was interrupted. Today had decided to update my browser as it was giving me some trouble while surfing. I received one update properly but it took a long time may be because of connectivity or the update servers might be down. But when it was to download the last update it had almost made it to the finish line and only had some kbps left, the update failed. I thought it might be because of my internet service provider so gave it a second shot. Again the ship drowned when it just had made it to the shore, with huge amount of frustration again gave it a try. WOW what a luck guy I am the update again failed, almost 200MB and 1hr wasted just to see two words Update Failed.

My First Post Dint Make It, Am I Missing On Something?

My first post on lb quite dint make it to what I was expecting from it, I know something is there that I dint keep in mind before proceeding, specially the topic.

It actually was very tough to decide what to wright as never had any experience in the past of any writing site.

Yeah I accept the fact that I dint go through much of the post which have made better on lb and then learn what post would be beneficial.

Actually I do have a busy schedule daily of which I get very less time to interact with anyone, even with my family members also.

My wife is the one who introduced me to lb last month and she said whenever you get time start interacting and making friends here.

At first I was a little hesitant on what she had suggested, but it was quite interesting as I carry my laptop everywhere and would be of change from the regular routine.

I had a word with my wife on what could be wrong that not even a single person liked or commented on my post.

According to her perspective it was the topic the post was based on should have been something different than it being on life and death.

Yeah I am more of a spiritual kind of person and that was the first thing that came into my mind.

She said you could have started with and introduction to yourself instead.

I should have consulted her before posting, yes I am a little disappointed but not that much that I won’t continue anymore.

I love this site, just not because I can earn here but know for sure can make better knowledge and friends from this site.

I don’t know if I can ask but still any advice on how to choose the topics or how to make the best out of lb would be of great support for me.


Image Courtesy:- LiteracyBase

Life Is Monitored By The Breaths You Take.

Hello everyone, this being my first post here on Literacy Base so I want it to be more learning on what actually our life span is based on.

So I have decided to talk on a topic of which I acquired some knowledge from our Holly Hindu Books. Have you had a tragic experience of someone close or someone whom you have just met, is suddenly no more.

Yes this happened with me quite a times, the worst was with my childhood best friend, will talk about it on some later day. The news is very shocking and it takes a long time to accept the fact that the person is no more in existence, because your last meet might be so sweet or cool that anything of such could happen you wouldn’t have even dreamed off.

According to our Holly Hindu Books your last day of existence is already decided on the moment of your birth, the time and even the way you would leave this world.

Our life is measured by each breath you take which is monitored by the Hindu God Shani. Now God Shani is the God of Justice he gives you punishments based on your past deeds and even rewards you accordingly for the good ones.

Our present life experiences (Happiness and Struggles) are based on the Karmas of our past life and while facing the effects of your past Karmas currently you are preparing what you would be facing in your next life.

Lord Shani is monitoring your every breath, and the moment you are about to breath your last he informs the Lord of Death called Yama. The duty of Lord Yama is to take the soul out of the living being the very moment the duration of his breaths are over and decide what soul he is to put into according to his past Karmas.

So at times you even don’t get time to say Goodbye to a few close or known ones. No matter what religion or cast you belong to always fear your Karmas because you are reaping the fruits of your own misdeeds.

Image Courtesy:- Literacy Base