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fruits that people wouldnt dear try. Question would you try a fruit you never seen or hear before??
July 19, 2017

Fruit!  Fruit!

There  many different fruits on this planet that no one every hear of or tasted, some people are scared to try new thing. Like on bizarre food, if it look good try it.  See we human cant resist the temptation on tasting , smelling, seeing ,  or eating new and bizarre food.

My question is  if  you  hear that’s a new fruit that’s no one hear of just arrive at the market would you go buy to try it out? Don’t forget that human weakness curiosity or better yet temptation kick in, there nothing wrong in trying new fruit.

Two days ago my father brought a jack fruit, i was curious how the fruit taste. But my father eat all the jack fruit before I could ask if I can taste it. I really want to taste a dragon fruit, I love the dragon fruit favorite vitamin water. That’s my favorite water i can drink that all day, but im curious on how the dragon fruit really do taste like.

If I travel to different country the first thing i would do is go to the market and simple different food and drink as well.

Like if i were to travel to china i woulycheeld try Lychee. it a red or pink fruit that grow in canton, china. The fruit have a clear sweet fresh inside.  yum!!!.




Yeah I cant forget about this fruit i seen on watching you tube. I would like try  this fruit the mangosteen aka (queen of fruit) in grew in southeast of Asian mangoste

a white color center fresh it cross between sweet and sour.









There many of fruit are just waiting to be tasted.


Also there a fruit that I never heard of before, it called the (chocolate vine fruit).  Yeah i know right, rbe309291301c3da3505c43b48817430aeally a chocolate vine fruit. But it very real indeed in native to  China, Japan and Korea , but you can find this type of fruit  U.S and the  fruit is find in maryland, washington,DC, and pennsylvania.




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Do you believe mankind can travel throughtout our solar system?

In star Trek it took mankind many year to sit aside their hate and racism for one other.

yes, i know it just Tv. but on the flip side of that they were able to come to a revolution, or some type of peace between all race on this place. now, if they where able to come together and sit aside there different and become one.

Why our race cant do the same?? but scientist what to travel throughout our solar system to see if our planets or our planet moons are capable of supposing life.

yeah, here the thing about that, before even can do that we need sit aside of hate for one other before we even thing about traveling any farther. we cant take our problem out there in space we cant for example race racism. we can take that out there. why you ask? because if we stop that whole racism thing out there with a highly weaponize , and intelligent race of species, they might not that to well. my friend that will lead us in a all out intergalactic war.

That lead me to another major problem our race have. That problem is telling other country how to run there our government. yes! people that our race big problem. That’s also a very big n… No!  if we every decide to travel to different planet such as our own or different solar system. if we did came across a whole civilization of a race aliens we cant go to there planet and tell them that we take over and you have to do what our race said. no! NO! that’s we surly started a war no question ask. right of the back that would start problem and that can leaded to war.

oh yeah there another that mankind have huge problem with interfering with other people problems. In all star trek they have a prime directive. therefore that prime directive means: Is a guiding principle where the untied Federation of planets (UFA) prohibiting the protagonists to “interfering ” with any internal development of any alien.

so that mean under any reason no government should not interfered with other country problem. only. and ONLY!!! if that country is in need of help, other then that no countries should interfered in other countries problem. if that problem don’t concern you or our countries then don’t interfered.

yes, ladies and gentle man that our lovely countries huge problem interfering with thing that don’t have anything to do with us.

Do you agree or disagree???

endless wonder

Space and time

now i’m asking you do you truly believe mankind live beside another race that’s not human?

In your mind can you picture the out come of that?

Do you believe mankind is capable to live in a different era where human and different species of alien can live together?


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