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Why I like cartoons–A look at the past.
February 18, 2017
Iron man
My son's drawing.

       My son’s drawing.


Why do I like cartoons? That is the question I ask myself. I am 60 going to be 61 in a couple of weeks and I still have not lost my taste for cartoons. I have enclosed a picture. A drawing of a original cartoon character created by my son Mark Santos.  Due to copyright restrictions, I cannot post my favorite cartoons but you can look them up in the you tube website. As a child, my mom used to turn on the TV and I would watch Popeye cartoons. I remember the original Popeye cartoons that were made in the late 30’s and early 40’s. They were black and white but at the time, our TV was black and white so it made no difference. Then, I started watching Popeye going into a transition. The cartoons were in color. This, in turn, enhanced the character further.

Other cartoons.

As time passed by, I got to watch other cartoons such as Walt Disney. I remember going to the movies with my mom to see Pinocchio. It was well made, the colors were great as well as the animation. I remember when the puppet came to life and the plot thickened. I am not going to tell you what happened but you can check it out, probably, on you tube.  Then, through the years, came the Looney Tunes. Cartoons like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd came on the scene to further entertain me. It would be amazing that in some of these cartoons, there would be classical music in the background. The cartoons were, at times, violent but very funny.

Who can remember Harvey cartoons? Casper the friendly ghost and Baby Huey? They were entertaining and very funny. Baby Huey was an over-sized Baby Duck who seemed to, always, get into some trouble. The Hanna-Barbera Cartoons came to the scene with some classics such as Abbott and Costello as well as Laurel and Hardy. It seems that every year, there was a different cartoon in town.  Who can remember the Flinstones and the Jetsons?  Hanna Barbera made an impact with these cartoons in the sixties and early seventies.


Superheroes come to the scene.

When the middle of the sixties came, there was a deluge of Superheroes. DC comics came on the scene with well made cartoons of Superman and Superboy. I would try to watch every episodes on Saturday mornings. Then came Batman, Aquaman and the Justice League of America. Great plots and stories never failed with these heroes. Marvel comics came on the scene around that time with Captain America and other great heroes. On a Saturday, you might see the Fantastic Four and Spider man cartoons back to back. Saturday mornings was the place to be in front of the TV for great suspense and adventures.

Superheroes still have a place in today’s cartoons. The Batman animated adventures are very well made and entertaining. The Brave and the bold, Spiderman and other superheroes are still around and with better quality of animation. I still like to watch cartoons because they entertain me–Pure and simple. I have enclosed a picture of my son Mark with Iron Man. This was taken at a wax museum in California. Anyway, what are your favorite cartoons? Feel free to share.

Is Technology our friend or foe?
February 12, 2017



The cost of living vs Technology.

There was recently an uproar to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. California was one of the few states that allowed a raise in the minimum wage to $15.00 hour. While this was a time of joyous occasion for some, it came with some bad side effects. McDonalds was starting to experiment with some automated cashier machines. All the customer had to do is submit the order and it would serve you a nice hot meal. In the meantime, some employees were on the way to losing their jobs. Sad state of affairs.

As a kid growing up in New York City, New York, I would see the personal customer service at a gas station. The attendant would check the oil, fill the radiator with water and fill up the gas tank for you. Sometimes, the attendant would detect some much needed repairs and you would avoid a breakdown along the way. Now, in today’s world, you tap a few buttons on a computer, slip in your credit/debit card and fill up your tank yourself. The oil? You would check it yourself at the gas station. Long gone are the personal attendants to serve you.

Recently, we have seen Uber get in on the act. Having driven for Uber, it was a nice way to make some extra money. Now, recently, Uber had stated that it was experimenting with driver-less cars. It will, only, take a few years until that technology is perfected and the Uber drivers will be history. Technology has its advantages but sadly, the people are who suffer, getting unemployed and without a job.

Robots to the scene

We are seeing how some houses are being cleaned by Robots! This process is in the experimental stages but soon, there won’t be any need to hire any housekeepers. People will have their own robots to assist them in their daily labor of housekeeping. Robots, on the other hand, are good. The US government has been experimenting with the idea of fighting wars with Robots. The Police Departments have some robots that can detect and deactivate bombs. The cost of saving lives is a good positive side of this. Of course, we have the drones which can serves many uses in the government as well as in the business world.

Robots are getting built to where they, actually, look like a human being. In about 10 years from now, we may well see some Robot Policemen as well as some other robots among society. Technology has even created life-like women robots to provide companionship. Some men have expressed a desire to even marry a Robot! Technology is full of surprises and, always, changing but can we expect it to be for the better?

Closing thoughts

I, for one, appreciate technology. I try to keep up with it in the news. It is a fascinating subject to me. When I brought my android, I was on cloud 9, entertaining myself for hours with my new toy. Believe it or not, I have used my android to help me make some money on the side. On the other hand, it is easy for hackers to steal your identity if you do not stay on top. Getting a good virus protection app is a necessity. So, having the good and the bad, whether we like it or not, Technology is here for the long haul. My only thoughts about this is to make the best of it and make it work for you and your family.


It’s time to be joyful.
February 9, 2017
Jesus wants to give you joy.

                Jesus wants to give you joy.


” …The  joy of the Lord is your strength(Neh 8:10) ”

What is joy?  Some would say being happy.  Happiness can be associated with joy but it goes beyond that. Joy denotes festive gaiety. Sometimes, laughter can be involved with joy. We see an example in Psalms 2:1-4, where the Lord is laughing at his enemies. Why is he laughing? Because he knows the end from the beginning–He wins in the end!

Bearing this in mind, having a relationship with the Lord Jesus is important. When you accept him as Lord and Savior, you can have the joy that only the Lord produces. (*) Your enemies becomes his enemies because you are in covenant with him. Life with its daily struggles is filled with stress and worries. Medically speaking, stress has created many health issues and shortened people’s lives. On the other hand, Medical studies have shown that when you laugh at least 10 minutes a day, your health will improve. (**)

God wants to give you joy from above. The joy that no man can take away from you. Will this mean that I will not have any more problems? No, I would be lying if I told you that you would have it easy for the rest of your life. That is not true. We will have to go through struggles, testings and trials but the good side of this is that God can supply the answers you need. The word tells us that we are more than conquerors. (Rom 8:37)

Man is looking for answers in this life. Many are so overwhelmed with life’s problems that they run to the bottle and drown their sorrows. Others find solace and comfort with drugs. They are looking to escape life’s problems but when one gives his life to the Lord, he will give them a way to escape and have victory in their lives. So, if you find yourself overwhelmed, despair not. God is waiting for you to take the first step. Give yourself to Jesus and watch him give you victory in life. Remember–The Joy of the Lord is your strength. God bless.

Other links—

1- http://www.webmd.com/balance/video/laughter-heals (**)

2-http://wordandgrace.blogspot.com/search?q=sinner (*)




Writer’s block? There is hope.
February 6, 2017
The clock is ticking.

                      Time waits for no one.


Writing! It can be fun. For some, it’s a way to release your pent-up emotions. Others just, plainly, enjoy it. Whatever your reason for writing, it can be a grand experience if you have a load of stories to share. Sites like this one can pay you for writing whatever comes to mind.

I have written for different sites and I remembered when I first started writing. I decided to share some of my personal stories, then I proceeded to write about my favorite movies and classic TV shows. Since I am a Preacher, I would include some sermons. It was nice and it paid me a check, once in a while, not enough to make me rich but I was satisfied. As I started to get myself familiar with this art, I found a good tool that was helpful.  SEO! (Search Engine Optimization) A good study on SEO words can help the new person on the block. Doing a search on key words can help bring about the desired public to your site.  Social media can,also, be a big help. Social sites such as Facebook and Twitter have helped me boost my reading public.

Using Facebook and Twitter

One thing to do is seek to increase your following with Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook account, you should if you are a writer. Registering for an account is easy. The next step is to build your site with people you know. Sit down for a while and think of your social circle–Old friends, lost family members,etc. As you add those to your circle, it will build up. This process can increase your reading public. Also, Creating a free personal page is another way to get your following. Say you like Cars, you might build a page on Cars and invite people to like your page.  Using hashtags (#)on a particular subject would help bring some people who may be interested in whatever you have to present from your site.

For example, You decide to use this site to write about cars.  The subject of Oldsmobile is what inspires you.  You type and finish your story.  Afterwards, you go to Facebook, post it on your wall. Next, hopefully, you have created a Facebook page and post it as well. Over the post, you write #Oldsmobile. Now, when someone makes a search on that subject through Facebook,  they will find you and, most likely, they will click a like. Also, you might invite some of your friends and family to like your page. You will be surprised at how it can build a following. It, also, helps to share some articles that you might find in Facebook and do the hashtag over it. Take some time and get familiar with how the hashtag works because it is a good helpful tool. This same, principle, also works for Twitter.

When you use Twitter, a good rule of thumb is to shorten the link. Going to the bit.ly website (Provided below) is a great way to do it. They, also, help keep track of your Twitter tweaks through the site.  When you go to Twitter and post your tweak, Put the hashtag(#)–subject–and short link and that will help you speed up the process.  Try to post your Twitter tweak around 4 pm because that is the time that most people will read their Twitter post. Also, posting it doing the different times of the day or night is helpful. The more you tweak, the more views you can get. These simple steps  has helped me to get some views in the past concerning Twitter.

Getting Writer’s block.

What do you do when the excitement is gone and you run out of things to say? My suggestion is to go to any news site such as CNN, FOX and see what is trending on subjects of Politics, Technology, Health, etc. Knowing what is trending will put you at an advantage and when you use your  SEO and hashmarks, it can help bring more of the public to your site. Take a subject that you have a passion and interest in. Doing that will boost a “second-wind” in your writing. Soon, you are ready to go with new energy. Trending puts you on the edge of things because now you have an advantage to catch people’s eyes on subjects that interest them. Facebook and Twitter, also, have trending patterns that will help create new ideas in what to write.

Summing up

Writing can be competitive and a tough field to get into. Some writers make a living out of writing. While this is great, it is good to write for the fun and pleasure of it. Using tools like SEO and hashtags is a plus. Also, try registering for as much social media as possible. It will help you even further. Other than Facebook, Google and Linkedin among others are a good way to expand your horizons. On writer’s block, there is an answer to that too. Doing some reading on the side concerning a subject that interest you can help avoid writer’s block, giving you fresh materials to write about. It’s a good rule of thumb to look at trending patterns and watch what is popular among the public on a subject you like. Hopefully, these tips will help the new writer and improve his reading base. Feel free to take advantage of these links below for some helpful information on writing.



2- https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-do-keyword-research-ht#sm.0001s5bh9in6yfozx1l1ecfuixgtv

3- https://app.bitly.com/default/bitlinks/2jol7P8






A few thoughts about Drones
January 31, 2017
Helicopter Drone
A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Reaper has the ability to carry both precision-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)

A MQ-9 Reaper unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land after a mission in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Reaper has the ability to carry both precision-guided bombs and air-to-ground missiles. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson)


What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned aircraft that is controlled by a computer or by a cell phone. Drones have an interesting history. Their development started towards the end of World War 1 but could not be used during that time because it was, still , in the early forming stages. They were used during World War 2 but on a limited basis.

During the 60’s, they were used to spy on other countries. Equipped with a camera, it served its purpose bringing clear photography to its owners. The late 1990’s and beyond, saw the drones used to bomb strategic places in battle. It can,also, be used for crowd control. This equipment has gone through a long evolution and now we see that you can get a drone for an affordable price.

The development stages.

The drones come in all sizes. In fact, there are some that are the size of an insect. Others are the size of a small helicopter. My son Mark brought a drone and I was impressed at how high it flew. It was a small but tough. It made a loud noise, flapping its wings and it would move around with ease. It was, also, equipped with a camera.  Drones are flown everywhere and many would fly it over their neighbors house. There are some people who feel uncomfortable having a drone fly over their house because of privacy issues. My personal opinion is that there should be some respect for privacy in that area.

Notwithstanding, drones are here to stay and we will see more of them in the future. The Amazon company plans on using drones in order to deliver their products on a same day service. How would you feel having a drone deliver your goods from Amazon?  Also, Federal Express and other delivery companies plan to offer delivery services. There are many concerns, though because of the possibility of having their computers hacked and used for terrorism. Another concern would be that when they are flying around the skies, the commercial jetliners might have some difficulties and risk an accident.

Closing thoughts.

We have seen the different types of uses in the drone industry. How it was used in times of peace and war. Now, drones are everywhere and are a good source of entertainment. You can use it when you are on vacation. Just take the drone and use it to  scout the city or place where you are visiting. Imagine if you are going to Toronto, Canada and want to see the Niagara falls from a bird’s eye view? Can you imagine the pictures taken and how spectacular it will look? The sky’s the limit on how you can use the drone, especially, when you go on vacation. Also, there are some who had some drones made with the carcass of a cat and other animals. It brings to my remembrance–Rocky, the flying squirrel cartoon. Now, with this new technique, you might see a flying squirrel in the sky.  Well, that’s it for now sharing my thoughts on drones.  For your information, I will enclose some links below.


Interesting links–

1-https://binged.it/2jol7P8–Rocky the flying squirrel

2- https://www.theguardian.com/world/video/2012/jun/05/catcopter-dutch-artist-amsterdam-video


Do You Miss The Cars Of The Past?
January 30, 2017


When I brought my 2014 Nissan, I felt like I had arrived. Great state of the art. All you had to do is press a button on the ignition and you were set to go. Also, it had a great air conditioning system as well as a device for weather conditions.  It, also, had a smooth ride but I had a rude awakening. First, I was, partially, covered and did not have a full warranty. I, deliberately, chose that option because a full warranty would have upped the monthly payments. I figured that since it was fairly new, it would not give me any problems down the road. I was in for a rude awakening.

My son's Caprice.

My son’s Caprice.

Trouble Along the Road.


Soon, I started seeing the Check Engine light lit up. So, I took it to the Nissan dealership. They had to put it on a scanning device and, unfortunately,  it was not covered. I had to pay $112.00 for that  scanning device. Then, I found out that it need about $400 worth of repairs. Thank God, there were minor repairs and did not affect my car, overall. Bearing this in mind, me and my son (The mechanic) fixed it at a lower price. Then, there was the keys. My son misplaced the keys and I needed to have the spare. It would have cost me $300 to get a new set of keys and update it on the computer. Hail to the age of technology!

Somehow, I found the keys and saved myself about $300–Thank God. As time passed by, my son decided to   purchase a 1984 Caprice. (Picture listed on the top of this article). I liked the fact that the keys were affordable if they got lost ($2.00), plus it did not have all those ridiculous tech items.  Old cars can go up in value and if you know what you are doing, you can make a nice profit.  New cars do not hold any value and as soon as you drive it off the lot, it diminishes in value. That is why you need a good car insurance with the GAP option.


Closing Thoughts.


Please do not misunderstand me. I am happy with my Nissan Altima but if I had seen the whole picture, I would have invested in an older car, fixed it and had it accumulate value throughout the years. My wife, also, has a 2010 Blue Focus. That car is very reliable and has blessed us along the way. If you are going to get a new car, I would recommend a Ford Focus. My Nissan is, alright, too but it came with some minor defects and I was a little disappointed. Nevertheless, it has, also, treated us nice and is a good gas saver when you take it to the highway. Anyway, that is my two cents concerning cars. Hope it helps someone down the road.

English Only? Why Not Learning a Language Can Hurt You.
January 30, 2017


It’s time to learn a language.

It's time to learn a language.

No, this is not a political article so do not bother to debate me on this. I find that this expression is a strong point for why learning another language can be to your advantage. I was born in the USA in the city of New York. I came from Hispanic Descent. My parents are from Puerto Rico and had settled in the United States for 20 years.  In our house, we spoke two languages–Spanish and English. I butchered the Spanish language, mixing it with English. I, later, found out that I was not the only one. Many like me spoke Spanglish (A mixture of English and Spanish).

My parents, later, adapted to English only so that I would not get confused. After living in the States for 13 years, my father moved the family to Puerto Rico to get me out of the streets of New York City. Puerto Rico, even though, is a commonwealth of the United States, is a place where Spanish is the more predominant of the languages. (English is the second official language)   Bearing this in mind, my father took me aside and told me to forget English for a while. The priority was learning to read, write and comprehend the Spanish language.

My mother, bless her heart, gave me a crash course in the Spanish language. Now, I had an advantage—I understood it but I could not read nor write it. After many hours for about two weeks, I was reading and writing in Spanish. Spanish is not a difficult language to learn. The words are simple and if you are in an atmosphere where Spanish is spoken, you can pick it up in a very short time. So, I adjusted to learning how to speak two languages—English and Spanish. After 8 years of living in Puerto Rico, I joined the US Navy, moved to the States and served for 4 years. During that time, I got married, finished my tour of duty and settled in Virginia.


The Advantage of Learning Another Language.


Learning how to speak another language has benefited me. Working in a few different companies, I would handle the Spanish customers concerns. Doing that made me feel good about myself. Recently, the US government has adopted English only. While I can understand the concept of English being the official language, as a one who comes from Hispanic descent, I have mixed feelings.  Businesses, in order to make a profit, realize that the Hispanic Market is a profitable one. Why alienate them because of English only?  They have money and they want to take advantage of the free market. Also, as a minister, when I was working in a Spanish church, that has helped me in the sense that we gave them a helping hand. I have to admit, I would encourage my former Hispanic church members to learn English and gave them some classes in my free time.


You Can Learn Another Language.


Why is it important to learn another language? Scientific research have found that learning a language can benefit the brain. Another reason is that it opens doors in the social and economic areas. The global economy is a huge market in the business world and learning two or three languages can help bring clients to any business. My cousins moved to Montreal, Canada and they had to learn French. They, already, knew Spanish and English but when their father moved to that area, they had to make a few adjustments. Learning a third language was easy because they were children. Years later, when they applied to the workplace, their pay was better because they knew three languages. Many would say that learning a language is difficult but it does not have to be.

Others would reason that it costs a lot of money but I got good news, you can learn another language for free. In this blessed age of technology, there is an app called Duolingo. When you download it, you can learn a language and have fun doing it. I am, presently, taking French lessons. I do not take too much time on learning it but the app will work with you. Just 5 to 10 minutes daily with simple exercises and you would be amazed at how you can pick up some words. It is entertaining and can be addictive. So, do yourself a favor, download that app. Have some fun and learn a language. It might open doors for you in the future.

Would you work as a rideshare driver?
January 29, 2017
Nissan keys

                               My car


Rideshare has become good business, especially for the customers. For years, a customer was at the mercy of Taxi drivers. Friends, please don’t misunderstand me, because I was a Taxi driver myself. I have met some good, honest Taxi drivers who would bend over backwards to please the customers, but like in any business, you have some bad apples. I remember, years ago, landing in New York City at the Kennedy airport, I took a Taxi cab. The driver got lost in the city and I had to pay a high fare. He shaved off a few dollars but it was still high.

Bearing in mind my past experience, I decided that it would be a different story, once I got hired to drive a cab. I got hired in the late eighties, and as a cab driver, I would do my best to be honest. The company provided me with a map of the city. I made sure that I knew that map from top to bottom. When I picked up my fare, I would ask the customer –“What route do you want me to take?” I figured that was safe and I would not be accused of  cheating them. I remembered when I first started, I would struggle to make a living. After my two years had passed, I was blessed to be one of the top earners in the cab company. Then, I left the business and started working for Verizon. Little did I know that in the future,  I would drive customers around town but in a different setting.

Enter Ridesharing.

When I retired from Verizon after 21 years, I got hired to work in a non-profit ministry. I wasn’t making much, but I managed to supplement my income with other side jobs. A friend encouraged me to try Uber. At that time, I needed a car. So, I figured that buying a new car and using it to supplement my income with Uber and Lyft (Another rideshare company), would be ideal. I read how you can earn up to $20 an hour, so I decided to try it. At first, I made some money but it wasn’t $20 an hour. After gas and spending over an average of almost 30 hours a week, it was more like maybe $8 an hour. Still, that managed to help me bring some much needed cash to my home and pay the bills.

Soon, I stopped driving because I was not satisfied with the time spent driving. The $20 promised in the ad was not working for me. Still, there were times, that once in a while, I would drive and earn a few bucks here and there. There was, something, that I did noticed in the short time that I drove for rideshare. In a big city, it is possible to earn that amount but living in Norfolk, Virginia, is not ideal. It is a small city, plus, there are a multitude of drivers that you have to compete with.

Uber and Lyft have some free and discounted cards that you can share with  friends and family. You can,even, distribute it at the local businesses around the area in which you live. You can make some money if you can get some contacts but that takes some time and patience.  Uber has  some strict restrictions for using your car but don’t worry–They have another option available. You can rent a car in order to drive around but my advice is to look before you leap. Don’t rent a car if you are driving part time. Make sure that you can spare at least 10 or more hours in a day.  Doing that will ensure that you have the rent, gas and a profit on the side. Also, a rule of thumb when driving—Early mornings and rush hours are ideal to make money if you don’t mind fighting traffic.

Other alternatives

Another way in which you can earn some fast cash is to work as a recruiter. I recruited a member of my church and she was a good-getter. I made a cool $100 when she completed her first 30 trips for Uber. You can, recruit drivers, too but you got to get your foot in. You got to start driving for Uber and Lyft. The nice part is that when I got my referral, she, also, got her $100 bonus—so it was a win-win situation. I got some links for you below if you want to try driving and becoming a recruiter. While I don’t regret my experience with rideshare, I like to recruit other people–It’s easier and you don’t have to fight traffic. Thank you for reading  and feel free to share my article.


Useful links–

1- For Lyft—-https://www.lyft.com/drivers/ANGEL024534

2- For Uber. Look at the ad on my facebook page (Link below)–


3- My two cents—https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7XQmBUaO3E













How to make money with M-turk –Some useful tips!
January 28, 2017


Ah, the great mystery! How do I make money online?  Many people have heard about making money in the internet. Some may have been ripped off.  Others have filled out endless surveys, only to end up having zero cash in your pocket. May I suggest a simple and legal way to make some much needed cash? Give Mturk a try and see the money come in.

Mturk is associated with Amazon products and in my opinion, a great way to make some money. If you like shopping at Amazon, Mturk is for you. You can use your earnings to get some Amazon products and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You can, also, decide that you may want your money deposited into your checking account.  Whatever option you pick is a win-win situation. While I am not promising you a Million dollars, this can come handy for gifts and saving up for your Summer vacations. I read in a blog of a lady who made $800 in one month doing Mturk. While to some, $800 is not much money, that money in my opinion is a car payment and some utility bills. Others will average about $4.00 to $7.o0 dollars an hour.  Not much money, agreed but if you are sitting down bored and watching TV, why not pick up a few jobs here and there? You will be surprised at how it can add up.

How to register for Mturk.

The main thing to understand is to go to the website, which I will provide below. It is free. Then, after you register as a worker, there is a waiting period. After that waiting period is over and you are accepted, you can begin. Start with the small and easy jobs. Maybe some surveys. The mistake I made when I began was that I went after the big money and if your job gets rejected, it will cost you. The jobs (Hits) are measured by how many you, successfully, completed to those that were rejected. Make sure you maintain a high score, because if you do, you will get better hits. A tip to those who like filling out surveys, go to the search engine (Find Hits containing space)and write surveys and then on the side, click on the box Hits that you are qualified for. After that, click on GO. A list of surveys will appear and you can do them in sequence.

Some tips to consider

Here are some rule of thumb that you need to consider when you apply for Mturk–

  • After you are accepted with Mturk, finish the simple and cheaper hits (.10). Build up a list of hits so that your score can improve. Remember, you are getting some experience under your belt. For the time being, forget about making money. Have some fun and enjoy the ride. When your score reaches 90% or more, go for the big hits.
  • Second, go to the search engine and on the side that says the following words–“That pays at least $” and on the space provided type 1.00 or more. Now, you are ready for the big leagues. I have done a survey worth up to $7.00 and that is nice but be content with the dollar surveys for now–They add up.
  • Reddit has a section for Mturkers and, sometimes, you can find a good hit listed.
  • Mturk has a blog for beginners and seasoned workers. Take some time to read it.
  • Go to Mturklist.  It has it’s pros and cons. My advice is that you might want to consider the Premium section. It is a good website with great hits and it is free. The only disadvantage is getting to the hit. There are ads from Adfly and their cookies can slow down your computers big time. The Premium section does not give you the ads and it is only $1.50 for one month. Not a bad deal!
  • The other website that I recommend is Turkopticon. It tells you what hits pays well and what hits to avoid. Not everybody is honest and some will not pay. Knowledge is power.

Closing thoughts

It is my hope that you will try Mturk and share some thoughts with me. I cannot tell you how many times Mturk has helped pay for my gas and even some groceries. Mturk for me is entertainment. Rather than sitting down bored and worrying about money, I am doing something about it. The amount you make is up to you. I am happy just making a couple of dollars per day. For others, maybe 10 or 2o dollars per day may suit you. Whatever your taste, happy turking. Here are some links along with some expert advice from youtube below.

Links for you—-

1- http://mturk.com

2- https://turkopticon.ucsd.edu/login

3- https://blog.mturk.co

4- http://mturklist.com

5- https://www.reddit.com/r/HITsWorthTurkingFor/

6- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4inxn1uBIc






Dare to dream–You can write a book.
January 26, 2017
Use the computer to write your book.

Technology to the rescue


Have you ever wanted to write a book but did not know how? Do you think it can cost thousands of dollars to write a book? From the days of the typewriters to the present age of technology, writing a book is no longer a mystery. There are a lot of tools and ways available at your disposal to aid you in writing a book. The best way, in my opinion, to start is by way of the E-book.

The E-book is a good start

Why do I think the E-book is a good start? It can be short and simple to do. In today’s busy world, people do not want to spend time reading a long book. They want a book that they can read and get to the point of the story or information needed. The kindle and smart phones can be a lucrative market to sell your E-book but my advice is not to do it expecting a big bundle of cash. Write a book because you want to. Having this in mind, you will not place yourself in an anxious state of mind and will enjoy the journey. I, personally, have wrote two E-books and while I am not a millionaire,I have enjoyed my work and have seen some fruits. In time, the money will come.

Here are some main points to consider when writing your E-book—

  • Go to Google drive–If you do not have an Google account, get one as soon as possible
  • Get familiar with the format and start writing–Make sure your book cover stands out. Remember, first impression is a strong asset for your book. You can be creative and take a picture. Also, you can look for pictures that are domain free. Please do not get any copyright pictures. Doing that can get you in trouble. Also, the website Fiverr is a great way to make a book cover for only $5.00. A good introduction and strong content is another good way to begin your book. Try to capture your public’s attention during the first few minutes. A good book will go a long way and good reviews from the public are a must. Even if you get some bad reviews, do not be discouraged. You cannot satisfy everybody–remember that.
  • After you finish writing in Google drive, you can transform your files to PDF or Word. My advice is to go to PDF. It is easier to download it and easier to publish.

Marketing your E-book

This is where the rubber meets the road. With the PDF format,  you can download it and sell it by way of the website sellfy. It is free and it is easy to set up your material.  Now, that you have your E-book published, tell your family, friends, church, etc. Go to Facebook and promote it on your page. You might want to create a free Facebook page and promote it even further. There are many ways to promote it for free or at little cost. Now, if you want to go by way of the big leagues and promote it by Amazon, that is another avenue. You can, even print your book by way of Amazon and they do the work for you by including the credit card option and a space for your materials. Also, Amazon has a great system on publishing your book on softcover. I have included some useful links to help with your book writing adventures. Hopefully, it will work for you as it did for me. Until then, happy writing and go after your public. Thanks for reading my article.

Other useful links–