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Best Ways To Build Ones Financial Credibility


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Each and every individual would like to have a good name, fame and  image in the society and to achieve this especially when we are in business or any facet of life financial credibility is a must. What it does is to build a confidence in an individual, whatever his status in society or in life may be. It is very important to have a good track record in this aspect of ones life to be able to attract more finance or goodwill from society. This is because of the fact that the world runs on trust and it is a thing which has to be protected at all costs. As once that is lost whatever the individual has done all his life to reach the position where he or she is comes crashing down in seconds like a pack of cards. Here are some of the best ways to build ones financial credibility in life. It is like this if one has financial credibility the world tends to rally behind such people. When they call them for help in bad times.


Payments – Payments form an important part of ones life as we need to buy goods and services from different parties as they are needed by us and our family for daily, monthly or yearly needs. There are some things like a house and similar ones which will be with a person for his or her lifetime. To get these things in life in a smooth way what we have to do is, see to it that we pay all our payments which are also called dues on time. The best things is to avoid credit. Or if one has credit cards and the like for use see to it that the payment for the goods purchased reaches the banks or the credit card companies in a weeks time. One can note here that many people try to extend the time for making payment to the credit card or similar companies till the last moment. They generally get a credit period of around forty five to fifty days.


Do not wait for such a long time. In the worse scenario make the payments within a thirty day period. These companies recognize and value such customers and offer more facilities and credit to them they even offer more loans to them or clear loans faster when needed. The reason is they maintain a record of our expenditure and payments and see the payment patterns. So in their records and in their view our financial credibility and goodwill increases as we are making prompt regularly before time. This helps the credit card user of similar users a lot in the long run.


Small Bill Payments –  Always settle the bills of small amounts say for the purchase of vegetables, provisions and other similar services which are used regularly on a day to day or a weekly or fortnightly basis immediately. Avoid taking credit for such small items as shopkeepers do charge an amount for interest for the credit being offered. Sometimes they do this in their accounts books and calculate them in such a way that you will always show outstanding amount. It is difficult for us to trace such transactions as they are small amounts and the data is large. Hence people do not check them too thinking it to be a small amount. But this amount increases over a longer period and one simply keeps paying and has no clue of it.


This happens in provision stores and other such places. One more advantage is if you pay the money then and there itself then the account of the transaction is settled and the next time you go to that place the shop keeper will serve you better as you have kept your financial credibility and earned his good will too. Many a times if you are short of cash he will give you the product to you and ask you to pay later as he has trust which you have built through your payment pattern.


No Salary Advance – This is one more common mistake which I have seen many of my colleagues in different places of work do. While I appreciate they may have a need, but many a times I have observed they have perfected this as a fine art. They may get the money in advance or sometimes others may be told it is not possible. But by doing this what they are doing is damaging their financial credibility. Their justification that it is their salary and they are only asking for the money  for the period which they would have worked for, this does not potray a financial credible image of them in the eyes of the employer. Employers are very particular about these things and they make a mental not of it.


It is better one works for the whole month and takes the salary when the date is due. As the concept of salary means on a monthly basis or being paid at the end of the month or the beginning of the next month. If an employee follows this rule then he will discipline himself first which is good, then the next thing is if the if should a time come where he needs salary advance or the whole salary for some important then the employer will be pleased to make the payment to him as he know that this employee has a good financial discipline and will not ask money unless and until things are beyond his means or if he is in trouble and the employer would want to help such employees.


These employees also have the good habit of returning the money to the company back before the salary date should they make some other arrangement or should they have overcome the cash crunch. The employer will surely remember this act and his financial credibility increases and so does the goodwill which he already has. This is also reflected when these employers are asked about the financial credibility of this particular employee by his future employers. The earlier employee is happy to give a good report on this particular aspect.


No Loans Policy – I know it is very difficult for the people in the world to survive without loans. But if you would want to develop your financial discipline and credibility. Then it is better to learn to live with what you have and not go around for loans. Let us say if  a person would want to buy a vehicle then it is better he funds the same from his salary. If he finds his salary is not sufficient to fund for a particular brand of vehicle then go for one which fulfills the need and also does not lead you to take a loan for it. Maybe the vehicle may be small or have less speed but it is still your vehicle and you can travel on it and go places.


If you are so passionate about a vehicle which you would like to own then either save more money for a few months or cut some costs by stopping some habits as these will fund and pool the money you want to buy a vehicle. If you find it difficult then try to save at least seventy to eighty percent of the price of the vehicle and take a loan for the remaining twenty percent only as this would be easily payable by you than a hundred percent loan. Here by not going for a loan at the drop of a hat you are developing good financial discipline and you are first saving something and then thinking of buying and you value the vehicle or any such product more as you know how much you sacrificed for purchasing it.


These are but a few ways of how you can build your financial credibility and goodwill. This inturn will get you respect financially all round and people and lending agencies will see you track record on this particular especially when you try to go an buy some big ticket item like a house or other such things. They want to know whether you are self disciplined financially and do you have the capacity to treat their money lent to you as theirs and return the same to them on time with the interest due to them for lending you such an amount. People are not taken at face value is a well known thing. But someone with the kind of credentials as the ones stated above. Whether it be his or her neighbors, relatives, friends, office, credit companies, banks, housing finance or other such lenders everyone will be eager to part with their money as they know their money is in safe and responsible hands of an individually who knows and practices  financial discipline.

Snakes And Their Different Varieties In The Wild
April 2, 2017
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Snakes are one of the most interesting reptiles which have caught the attention of the humans since ages. There are many stories about snakes in different religions, epics and mythologies more so in Hinduism. Many of us think that they have ears but it is not true as the external ears are not well developed. There are others who try to feed milk to snakes but even that is not right as snakes do not drink milk. A few others who try to keep snakes as exotic pets but it is always better they stay in their natural habitat and environment. One can find snakes in water, in hills, trees, fields, forest areas, bushy areas, shrubs, water bodies, lakes, seas and in oceans too, many a times even at place where human beings stay that is our home too.


They also tend to know somebody is approaching them through vibrations on the ground. They are shy creatures and prefer to stay away from humans. They generally prey on  rodents, eggs of birds on trees, birds, mice, other snakes etc. They become prey generally to eagles, vultures, peacocks, bigger varieties of snakes, sea creatures, humans as many societies eat them and mongoose to name a few. They have adapted themselves very well to different terrains and habitats be it land, water, marshy areas or rocks and mountains and even in deserts too. Thus one can say they are adaptive to different climates, regions, forest areas, temperatures and other such features.


Let us now discuss a few more details about these slithery reptiles in brief. There are more than three thousand different species of snakes which have and are inhabiting the earth. They are found on every continent of the world. But they seem to be few sightings of them in Antarctica. Snakes are carnivores they do not have any eyelids. Their internal ears are developed but not the external ones. They cannot bite and chew food and so have to swallow them as a whole slowly taking part by part.  Their jaws are such that they can eat bigger prey than their head. Their anatomy is also unique in that it allows them to swallow and digest large prey easily.


In many countries   they were being used for snake charming performances as they respond to movement and not actually sound as originally thought. They have a good cover of scales which cover them. Their skin is usually smooth and dry and colors and design patterns vary depending on the kind of snake. Their skin shedding process lasts generally for a few days depending on the species of snake and this shedding happens a number of times in a year. Some of the species of snakes one can name are Cobras, King Cobra which eats other snakes especially the smaller varieties and this keeps a check on the population of snakes, Vipers, Black Mamba etc. Some  of the snakes are venomous while the others are non venomous.


The non venomous varieties are water snakes, rat snake etc. They are good at pest control in a natural way. While the venomous varieties Cobra, Black Mamba etc. use their venom  to kill the prey while hunting them and the amount of venom injected is usually proportionate to the prey involved. Snakes generally keep sticking their tongues out which are forked every few seconds or minutes this is done to smell the prey. Snakes like Pythons kill their prey by wrapping around it in a tight fashion thus suffocating the prey. This particular process is called constriction. There are different varieties of pythons like the Indian Python, Burmese Rock Python which is on the endangered list etc. Sea snakes can breathe partially through their skin as in the case of fish but they do not have specially developed parts like the gills in the case of the fish. This helps the snakes to dive and stay a longer time underwater.


There are some nonvenomous snakes such as the scarlet king snake who have different patterns of color on the skin. Snakes are very good swimmers too. The Anacondas are very large, non venomous snakes found in the continent of Latin America. They can reach over five meters or sixteen feet in length. Python reticulates and can grow over more than eight meters or around twenty eight feet. They are considered to be one of the longest snakes in the world. Anacondas also a similar method to hunt.


Eastern coral snakes are the relatives of the Cobra, Mamba and the Sea snake. They generally like to live in the wooded, sandy and the marshy areas of southeastern United States of America. They spend most of their lives burrowed underground or in leaf piles. Their food consists of frogs, smaller snakes, lizards and other varieties of coral snakes etc. Baby snakes emerge from their eggs and at that time they are generally around seven inches or around eighteen centimeters. They are long and are fully venomous once they are born.


The adults reach around two feet or around less than a meter in length. The average lifespan in the wild is not clearly known as it varies depending on the area and the availability of prey and other conditions. But generally they can live up to around seven years in captivity. When snakes want to lay eggs they usually search a area where not much of movement is there. They generally try to pile up leaves which have dried and twigs to see that they reach a good height and are also efficient in keeping the eggs warm at a particular temperature.


Once the eggs are laid the mother has the onerous task of guarding the eggs from other wild animals, birds and other snakes too. Once the eggs hatch after the expected number of days depending on the species of the snake. The baby snakes come out of the eggs and if they are venomous they are venomous and they will bite too. Many of the snakes die in the process of growing up as a result of other predators like birds etc. If you find a snake near your house make sure no one hurts them and call the wildlife department, or the forest department, or you can also call the local municipality.


There are many friends of snakes societies also there who will come and help you if you just give them a call. They will catch the snake safely and leave it in the wild. Make sure that others stay at a safe distance from the snake. As the snake will be afraid of humans too. Protect snakes and help them lead a good life in the wild as they belong to the wild.


Wildlife And Birds Which Live In the Snow
April 2, 2017


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The Planet Earth consists of different regions which vary in temperature, climate, vegetation, topography and many other aspects which are considered very important to the survival of different species of wildlife and birds which live in different parts of the earth including the snowy regions around the world. Each place in the planet is useful to different species and this is what makes our planet a very unique place to live in.  Here we take a look and try and understand the wildlife and birds which make the snowy mountains and other snowy regions of the earth their home.


The Arctic region is a very windy, cold and quite often a snowy biome. It is located around the North Pole of the Planet Earth. When one refers to the Arctic region one usually means the part of the earth which is within the Arctic Circle which is an imaginary circle around the Earth which runs parallel to the Equator and is located twenty three degrees and twenty eight minutes from the North Pole region, that is above around seventy five degrees North Latitude.


Although there is major no land area at the North Pole, the icy region of the Arctic Ocean is teaming with life ranging from the microscopic organisms like zooplankton to the huge ones like the whales. There is a lot of land area within the Arctic Circle from the northern parts of Asian continent, European continent and the North American continent. The land area within the Arctic circle is the Tundra and it supports less amount of life than most other biomass because of the cold temperatures, the strong dry winds which keep blowing and the Permafrost that is the Permanently Frozen Soil. Long periods of darkness in the months of winters and very light sun in the months of the summer also affect the Arctic Life in the region.


The most extreme Arctic land which is the closest to the North Pole is called the High Arctic Zone. There is very little life here and this Polar Desert has very few number of animals, birds or plant life. Less than five percent of the total land area is covered with vegetation. This is due to a very short  and dry growing season, dry air, poor soils, permafrost and over and above all this a lack of pollinating insects. The area which is warmer is know as the Low Arctic Zone and this area tends to support more life, with more than ninety percent of the land area which is covered with hard, cold and dry adapted vegetation.


The following are some of the wildlife and birds which are found in this special region. They seem to have adapted well to the conditions there eventhough it is very harsh.

Walrus – These are the marine animals which live on the eyes. The have two big protruding teeth and they dive into the ocean waters in search of clams.

Seals – They live on and near to the ice in the Arctic, These feed on arctic food mostly fish, Arctic cod and the herring. They are hunted by polar bears, dolphins and sharks.

Penguins – They are found only down neat to the South Pole region. Out of the many species of penguins, the Emperor penguins lives on the Antarctic mainland. The adults among these Emperor penguins are typically around 1.2 meters tall and the  Juveniles are slightly shorter in height are about ninety centimeters to around one meter in height. All the year long they live near near the snow and ice in an area close to the sea to protect themselves in the event of problems from predators on land. There colonies are a  huge area and there are hundreds of birds living and roosting there.

Polar Bears – Are large marine mammals which live on the winter pack ice and they mostly hunt for fish and seals which are their primary food source. They also go under hibernation under extreme weather. Hence they have to consume a huge amount of food before the ice and snow season sets in. They generally give birth to two or three young ones and mothers do take care of the young ones till they are able to live by themselves independently and they are taught how to survive by their mothers. Their skin hair is also white and acts as a camouflage in the snow and provides protection. They also have good fur to keep them warm too.

Arctic Fox – The arctic fox lives the farthest to the north than any other species of fox. They too are white haired and this happens during the winter months and they adapt to the snowy conditions and this white camouflage helps them well even though the weather is cold and harsh in the region.  These arctic foxes too have good fur coat on their body to keep them warm in bad weather.

Beluga Whales – These whales are white in color and live in the pack ice and shallow areas like bays and estuaries in the summer. The feed on fish and forage for crustaceans basically shrimps, crabs and the like in the seabed floor. They also feed on squids and octopus which are cephalopods. They hunt in packs and are quite intelligent and communicate with voices of different frequencies inside the water.

Gray Wolves – These wolves once used to populate large portions of North America, Asia and the European region. They have been hunted to near extinction now. Man animal conflicts and trade in their skin and of other wildlife and birds are responsible for this situations. They are also treated as pests in many countries which are well developed. There is large scale culling going on. They stay in a group and the group has a head who leads the pack. They are very intelligent and communicative and hunt in packs.

Bison – These are symbolic animals of the Great Plains and are often mistakenly called buffaloes by people. By any measure they are formidable beasts and are one of the heaviest land animals in North America. They have been hunted by natives and the Europeans who set up colonies in the Americas.

Giant Panda – By all means the giant panda is one of the rarest animals in the world. They are found only in the mountains of central China. Pandas live in dense bamboo and coniferous forests at altitudes of 1200 meters to 3500 meters which is around 4000 feet to 11500 feet. Based on the region their color also tends to vary. But what the world knows is the black and white colored panda which is famous. They are generally harmless and tend to keep to themselves. They too are on the verge of extinction and the World Wildlife Fund(WWF) has adopted them they logo as they protect wildlife. They too are used to icy and snowy weather.

Snow Leopard – The snow leopard too is on the verge of extinction there are very few of them available in the wild. They are restricted to areas like India, Bhutan, China, Russia, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc. They have a furry coat which is white and grey or blackish combination. They are very shy and rarely appear before humans. If one happens to sight one in natural habitat, they should consider themselves lucky.

As there are only a few months of summer which is just warm and has less sunshine. Majority of the animals spend the summer months there when weather is fine and leave as soon as the weather turns frigid, icy and snowy and availability of food is not there only to return back during the next summer and this cycle keeps repeating year after year. The sad part is many of these animals, birds and others are facing a tough time from humans. Humans are the worst enemies of wild life. They are killed for hunting, poaching, gaming, fur of these animals is used by the fashion industry and humans in general all over the world, laboratories ask for them. There habitats are destroyed and there migratory routes and areas have shrunk very fast. Efforts have to be made to save them from extinction.


Importance of Fasting, No Study Period And Sivi’s Sacrifice In Hinduism



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There are many important aspects in Hinduism and among them Fasting, No Study Period and Sivi’s Sacrifice are a few  of the important ones. All the three aspects are being highlighted in this article in a short and crisp way to make a long story short. One cannot but give  credit to Hinduism which is due to it, because it is to be noted that the religion has survived since the ancient ages and has blended with time to match the needs of the society and culture of the particular period.  This is required by a religion which follows a rational of introspection, accepts self criticism and always tries to go on a correction course when it is due to be done as per the time one is living in. It does not have a fundamentalist tinge to it and is more accepting of others that is the reason why you see that others have come and made India their home. Now let us delve about on the three aspects that are mentioned above.


Fasting – Hinduism lays great emphasis on fasting for the purpose of spiritual cleansing of the mind, body and the soul. This aspect of fasting is considered a means to get closer to the Supreme Being or God. The process of fasting does not simply mean abstinence from food but it also means keeping himself or herself  away from various kinds of sins, cheating, lying. And spending the whole day and night in pious activities.


There are different ways how abstinence from food is practiced like in some cases having food once in a day. While in some other cases there is total abstinence of both food and water. One more thing is the kind of food consumed during this period is of Sattvic kind and can only be cooked in a very simple style. During this period most people who are fasting eat only fruits, berries and other similar kind of food.


No Study period – During This period of no study the study of the Vedas and the Vedangas which is goverened by a series of rules and regulations which have to be followed is not done. Here most of the Smritis lay stress on the study of the Vedas by the Brahmins, Kshatriyas and the Vaishyas.  While the remaining members of the society have been advised to do the important task of providing services to the other groups and they have also been advised to do the work of handicrafts and run their daily lives. This was in the ancient times now things have changed as per current situations and times as it ought to happen in a progressive religion.


In ancient times the royals especially the head of the country being the King is advised to read the Vedas. This study is later to be continued by them for their entire lifetime. Here as per the code of conduct the study of the Vedas during these times which is called Anadhyay is probihibited. This comes into force when the scholars in the kingdom can hear the sounds of wild animals, like hyena’s, jackal’s  etc. Even when the sound of domestic animals like dogs and donkeys are heard this period comes into force when the sound or music of drums, shehnai etc. are audible. When there is warfare going on and when sounds of arrows flying around  and cries of people in trouble for help or of people injured or losing their life are heard even at such times it is not the right time to undertake the study of the Vedas.


In times of natural disasters like earthquake, floods, cyclones, storm, thunder, heavy rainfall and snow,  the study study of the Vedas is prohibited. The other times are when a king dies or even a meteor is sighted study of Vedas is prohibited. No moon day is not a right time to study Vedas. So is the case on full moon days in the months of Poornima Phalguna, Ashada.


Sivi’s Sacrifice – The epic of Mahabharata mentions in detail of  a sacrifice by a king of his own son on the demand of a Brahmin. Sivi the king ruled a kingdom near the place of Gandhara which is famous in Mahabharata and the kindom’s name was Usinara. In this epic Sivi is praised for his great charity and generous nature. The king asked a Brahmin said to be Maha Vishnu in disguise to tell whatever he wanted to have or desired. The Brahmin asked for food and when the king in turn asked as to what kind of food , the Brahmin then asked the king to cook his own son Brihadgarbha for him. Without batting an eyelid Sivi sacrificed his own son and got him cooked.


When the Brahmin was served the food and requested to partake the same he refused to to do and instead tole the king to eat the cooked food. The king did not utter even a word and started to eat, this was when the Brahmin changed into Maha Vishnu and stopped Sivi from having the food. Later He also restored his son Brihadgarbha back to life and also blessed king Sivi.  This was one of the incident  mentioned in the epic. Later in another incident from Mahabharata itself. King Sivi cut flesh from his own body to save a pigeon. Here in this case the pigeon was actually Narada in disguise and was being hunted by an eagle. Here the eagle being God Indra. The pigeon sought refuge with the king Sivi.


Then the angry eagle wanted the king’s flesh equal to the weight of the pigeon as a sort of compensation as the king was the one who was protecting the pigeon. When told the king started chopping up pieces of his own body to weigh the same against the pigeon, but when this process was on the scales never seemed to balance. Then the in the end offered his whole body as the scales were still not equal. Later both the pigeon and the eagle returned into their original form of Narada and Indra and blessed  king Sivi for the sacrifice which he made to save a helpless bird.


Here there are three totally different aspects of Hinduism each highlighting that particular aspects importance. There are many of the practices which many of the Hindus follow even till date. While these may sound like simple stories to some of the readers for a Hindu it is a matter of belief and he or she would like imbibe and uphold the principles and good things which one can learn from these instances mentioned in the Mahabharata.


Fasting is of many varieties and it is quite interesting to know how accommodative  fasting is even in this time and age. Remember whenever you want to fast have a  medical checkup done by the doctor and take his approval whether you can undertake a fast and after getting the permission only then can you  proceed further.


The Return Of The Common Indian Sparrow
March 29, 2017


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The common Indian sparrow which used to be widespread  all over the country both in the rural side of the country and also in the urban areas. Had been disappearing  from the country for many years. When I was a child it was common to see many sparrows flying around and their loud chirping used to be a part and parcel of every Indian’s life. I used to see them regularly pluck and take dry grass for building their nests. They also used to collect paper and other such wastes for their nests too. It was interesting to see their nest.  The eggs  they  used to lay were around two to three eggs. Once they were hatched it was a pleasure to see their parents feed the chicks regularly. Their parenting qualities were well appreciated by many.


As compared to them many humans do not seem to match their  skills today. Their famous places where they used to build nests were trees, attics, chimneys and places where there was no human intervention. They  used to eat the seeds, rice, grains and other foods kept out for them and used drink the water kept and have a good bath in them especially during the dry season. But sadly their habitat has been decreasing over the period of many years. Some of the reasons why the sparrows are found in decreasing numbers compared to what used to exist around thirty years ago are as follows.


Urbanization – This process of urbanization has lead to a uncontrolled growth of concrete structures. When these got built earlier there was space for gardens and there was substantial lung space available for birds and other animals to live. But the increase in population of humans led to rapid demand for the empty places and more houses began to be constructed. The kind of structures which were being constructed were different from what is  being constructed today. Thus sparrows were left with no habitat to survive and thrive on and many lands near lake bodies also got encroached which led to further shrinking of habitats. Shrinking of water bodies also reduced their population in the city. The number of population of sparrows further reduced.


Chopping of trees –  on the roadside also had  a damaging effect on their habitat. Many trees where chopped and others fell during storms. There was no concept of transplantation of trees at that time. Thus a tree gone was a tree lost. Urbanization also lead to  increase in widening of the roads leading to loss of green cover. Increasing vehicles on the road also led to pollution which did not help the case. Loss of green cover top also played a negative role. All this aspects put together drove the sparrows to the country sides. Their routes also were affected due these change of events.


Mobile phone and communication towers – Increased in great number as connectivity services had to be provided to the citizens residing in the cities. These towers generally have electromagnetic radiation. This leads to disorientation and loss of direction or flight path for the birds especially the smaller ones. While many dispute the fact and the mobile and communication players say such a thing is not there. But it has its effect but humans are more in need than communication than in sparrows. One more thing to note is these towers are present in  a particular radius to send and receive signals. This does affect all living beings by varying degrees. This is one more reason for the reduction of sparrows in cities.


Light in the night sky –  in the cities has become very bright than what it was years ago. This also affects the routine of the birds. Their routine gets upset while some of the birds have got used to this many could not and went to places where the night time will be night time mostly on the village side.  One can observe this phenomena practically when a solar eclipse takes place as birds think it is evening and start going to their nests to rest but are confused as the sun returns to it original position after the eclipse and it is evening time and not night as the birds are used to see.


There are many more details which I am not going into at this point of time. As I wish to celebrate the fact that these common Indian sparrows have been coming to the city side and also building their nest and adjusting to the changed scenario since the past few years. It is a welcome relief to see them. The numbers are also increasing slowly. There was huge public worry in India about this and now at least there are  people who are sensitive enough to the needs of the sparrows and are making necessary arrangements in their homes so that they feel invited to come there and have a good time.


What one needs to do is just provide some water, some grains and place some shelf like structures on the rooftops for them to build their nests. The next time you see  them   near your household take care of them and see that they return to your place repeatedly.  That will be the return of the common Indian sparrow which has begun.

Problems Faced By Law Enforcement Agencies In India


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Law enforcement is an important arm of a secure democracy. There are different wings of law enforcement like the Traffic police, Cyber crime, Policemen on mufti, Women police, Special operations group, Perform routine law and order duties etc. There are many more wings which are there in India. The requirements are diverse so are the different wings of the police. These law enforcement agencies perform a thankless job. I am sure many countries around the world the situation will be more or less the same but minor differences will be there.


The unique challenge which law enforcement agencies in India face is the limited amount of law enforcement people available when compared to the size of the population of the country. This makes regulation and enforcement a more difficult task for them. It has to be said that despite these limitations they try to do their best. Here are a few problems which people serving as law enforcers face on a day to day basis. This is being discussed in detail.


Duty hours – There are fixed duty hours but due to their nature of work and as they are short staffed when compared to the size of the population which they have to served these people are very few in number. So what happens to be a eight hour duty turns out to be a more than twelve hour duty. Their timings are there but they have to work according the requirement of the time. Say if an public event is going to take place they have to be there from early hours till late night till the event is over. Work hours are erratic. As one day may be a normal day in office while the next day will be at a place out in the hot sun the whole day without even the time for proper nourishment.


Some time work will run till late hours in the police station itself and they will have to stay their till early hours. So the result is that no one day or a few days seem to be similar. Which is not a good thing for the whole police force. This affects the work during the  duty hours and as they are overstretched efficiency of the work force gets hit in the long run. Which is not good for the force on the whole and this issue has to be addressed on a long term basis. There are some changes which are being effected which are helpful to the people but more needs to be done as it is like a drop in an ocean. More reforms are needed and have to be strictly implemented.


Sleep – The kind of schedule discussed above leads to a erratic lifestyle which directly affects the health and has negative consequences in the long run. When sleep pattern is disturbed and once they report for duty there will be irritation, impatience, anger, anxiety and other such qualities which will be out there on display. Work pressure adds to the problem and increases it. A good nights sleep is very much essential for an effective work force. This will also affect the reaction time, will result in fatigue, will reduce appetite which in turn takes a toll on their health. They would not usually be the personality who actually they were before joining the force. They would end up being more serious and this does not help their job and decreases their efficiency.


Continuing sleep problems in the long run result in behavioral changes,  change in attitude and outlook of life in general. Work will tend to be monotonous. The person who was initially enjoying the job and excited about it will start losing interest in his job. He will start feeling that the job is like a millstone around his or her neck. This leads to other mind related issues like social withdrawal, depression, tension, anxiety about work deadlines not being completed and similar other problems. Every morning when they get up and get ready for work they will feel as if they are forced to go office and slog for their pay.


Family and social life – This is one more important place where the first two issues discussed have an effect. As they will not have a standard time they find it difficult to lead a proper life with their family, friends and society. Many a times they will be working when the whole nation will be celebrating on some festival or the other. While a few of the people may be able to get leave not all can be given leave. Even though they are elder they this does affect their frame of mind and thoughts. This brings changes in their personality too. Their only consolation will be at the end of the day to see their family having a contented meal and sleep peacefully and see that life carries on. Many will be clinging to this one emotional thing, the scene which they see when they reach in the night  and be happy that their family is not suffering.


Friends even if they are there their will be no time for them to meet them or have an outing or some sort of relaxation. The new rules of reform  which have been announced alleviate this problem to some extent. But the main thing they are few people to take care of a big population. This also leads to marital discords and other kinds of trouble in their families which can be very well avoided if this thing is sorted out. Families also will miss them and children will miss the presence of their father. That too has been found out to be a cause of many psychological problems in children.


Unhealthy habits – Many end up becoming alcoholics or have a smoke as they would like to relax during  break hours and this  ends up becoming a addiction which will control their lives leading to serious health issues in the long run. Generally this develops mostly as they are having time and are not at home to attend to family or children and are lost in thoughts and would want some company they treat these as company. One more thing which many get addicted to is tea and coffee. They end up having more than around four to eight cups of tea or coffee which impacts their health negatively. Many also use items like tobacco, betel nuts, pan, etc. Which are cause or oral cancer and other health issues.  Alcohol affects the kidneys and stomach and causes ulcers too.


While smoking causes cancer of the lungs or oral cancer to. Once lifetime is reduced and so is once quality of health. Healthy life becomes a distant dream for many. There are many measures being taken by the address these issues but more needs to be done a holistic approach is needed to help these people. Consuming junk food and not consuming food on time makes them obese which again leads to diabitis, blood sugar and other related health issues. While they are given medical benefits which is appreciated. Prevention is always better than cure.


These are only a few of the important issues faced by law enforcement agencies being highlighted. The best solution I can suggest is to increase the number of workforce as it will have a salutary effect on majority of the problems and other problems which are not discussed due to limit of size of articles. Many more issues which government is addressing is like physical exercises, regular medical checkups, taking care of their financial requirements, seeing that they are being rotated on shifts properly and relieved on time,  granting of leaves and  other such  measures are welcome. These have to be implemented and monitored to see that this wing of the government  turns out to be a strong and efficient one and helps in strengthening the India. By protecting themselves and our country efficiently. A strong force is a prerequisite for a strong nation.

Importance Of Jyotirlinga, Omens, Brahma’s Son In Hinduism


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There are many are many important aspects of Hinduism which a student of Hindu religion or someone who studies history, mythology and different religions or a ordinary Hindu would like to know about. Here let us try to understand the what a Jyotirlinga is its importance, what is the significance of Omens and about Brahma’s Son. Each of the three are different topics and have been dealt in a brief manner. Those seekers who would like to know more can search many sources available for a further deeper study about what they are interested in.


Jyotirlinga – The Shaivites(people who follow the method of God Shiva and pray to him) believe that God Shiva has manifested Himself on earth whenever his devotees have prayed and wanted to seek his blessing and invited Him to grace them. And that His divine shadow resides in that particular place eternally in the form of a linga or Jyotirlinga, meaning the linga of light.


The Jyotirlinga are like other lingas. However the shaivites believe a person who has attained spirituality can see them as columns of fire piercing through the earth. Although God Shiva is nirguna which means without any form, he appeared as Jyotirlinga at 12 places and there are many temples of great divine importance at those particular places.


These twelve particular temples are Somnath  and Dwarka in the state of Gujarat, Mahakaleshwar in city of Ujjain, Sreesailam in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, Kedarnath in the Himalayas, Bhimashankar in the state of Maharashtra, Kashi Vishwanath in the city of Varanasi in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


Rameshwaram in the state of Tamilnadu, Grishneshwar in Ellora in the state of Maharashtra, Vaidyanath in Deogarh in the Santhal Paraganas division in the state of Jharkhand, Tryambakeshwar in Nasik in the state of Maharashtra and Omkareshwar in the state of Madhya Pradesh. These twelve temples are considered to be very powerful and recitation of their names daily in the morning and evening is said to cleanse the devotee of all sins.


Omens – The Hindu cultural behavior has been affected by many animistic religions and many good and bad omens are connected to animals, trees, human behavior, time of the day and planetary positions. The most basic omens are connected to ritualistic living. The Cow, an animal considered holy by Hindus, is also an indicator of good omens for them.


So, touching a cow before starting any new work, its dung and urine are considered to be very beneficial too. Elephant, with its strong link to Ganesha, the remover of all obstacles, is also a good omen. Sighting an elephant, especially before starting any new work, is again considered to be very auspicious.


Dog is both considered auspicious and inauspicious, according to circumstances and time of encountering one. Cat is considered to be quite inauspicious and scriptures do not recommend keeping cats at home as pets. In contrast, trees are mostly considered to be good omens.


Partaking Tulsi leaves before starting work is auspicious, so is circumbulating a banyan tree and a fig tree. Sneezing and hiccups are again considered omens. Sneezing when someone is leaving for a job is a bad omen and hiccups indicate someone is remembering the person with hiccups.


Brahma’s son – God Brahma the creator among the trinity  created the great sage Sanatkumar  from his imagination. Sanatkumar was a model of virtues and maintained celibacy and  was very intelligent and constantly upgraded his knowledge by constantly reading and writing treatises on the religious matters.


His conduct influenced the Brahmins to remain celibate and study for a considerable period of their lives. He is also credited with explaining the Hindu scriptures to his brother, the Sage Narada.


There are many more interesting details which have to be explored by me, as and when I come to know of new details which would be of interest to readers all over the world and especially those practicing Hinduism. I will  write a new article with details of the same and give interesting information about Hinduism and Hindu religious practices.


Three Important Gems Of Hinduism


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There are many important aspects which have been  highlighted in Hinduism but the same have been forgotten by many. Here is an opportunity to revisit them and renew the knowledge which has faded in the sands of time. For some this information may be totally new for others it may be that they may have heard some details about it and would like to know more about the same. Here is a chance to know more about the three gems of Hinduism  which is an ancient religion more than seven thousand years old and has survived onslaught from different sources during different period but has successfully stood  the test of time. Let us discuss about the three important gems of Hinduism in brief detail.


Chaugarhias – The auspicious period of time on a particular day are known as the Chaugarhias. Basically a day is divided into eight parts or portions of one hour and thirty minutes each. The same way every night consists of eight divisions of the same amount of duration or period.  These divisions or periods are also known as Chaugarhias. The best Chaugarhias are called Subha, Labha and Amrita and the worst Chaugarhias are the Roga, Kaala and the ones which are of medium nature are Uddavega and Chanchala. Thus there is a variation from the good to worst times and the medium ones in between.


Here the best time to start work on any day are the periods mentioned above as the Shubha, Labha and the Amrita. The calculation of the auspicious periods or hours is not a very difficult process. The correct or the right time of a Chaugarhia is arrived at by the by deducting or subtracting  the sunset hours time from the sunrise hours time and whatever the result of the calculation is then divided by the figure eight. The final result of the calculation or the answer shows the value of Chaugarhia in the correct hours and minutes. So this the method at which Chaugarhia is calculated and arrived at.


Char Dham – Char Dham  which means four holy places for the Hindus is the term used for the four most revered pilgrimage Sites of the Hindus. The Adi Shankaracharya who was instrumental in  reviving Hinduism in the eighth century grouped together the four most famous temples each in one cardinal direction as the most important pilgrimage sites.  The temples here are the Badrinath situated in the Himalayas that is on the north, Puri in the state of Odhisha to the east of India, Dwarka in the state of Gujarat situated on the west of India and finally Rameshwaram in the state of  Tamil Nadu in the south. This circuit always starts from the eastern side and goes to the southern side then to the western side and finally ends in the northern side of India.


Adi Shankaracharya’s Char Dham  is basically Vaishnavite(one who is devotee of God Maha Vishnu among the trinity). The temples situated in Dwarka, Badrinath, Puri and in the Rameshwaram are basically dedicated to God Maha Vishnu and His avatars. However the pilgrimage sites on the Himalayan sides have also grouped together to form what is called a mini Char Dham. These comprese of Bardinath which is a God Vishnu Temple, followed by Kedarnath which is a God Shiva temple then followed by Gangotri and finally the Yamunotri, in both these sites temples of Maha Devi are located. Gangotri happens to be the source of the river Ganga, Yamunotri happens to be the source of the river Yamuna. The Himalayan Char Dham has a combination of different temples which are dedicated to  God Shiva, God Vishnu and Goddess Maha Devi also called as Shakti.


Behavior – Various commentaries and treatises on the four Vedas that were compiled long after the oral tradition of passing knowledge of the Vedas from one generation to the next are all collectively known as the Vedangas and all these come under the Smritis.   The scriptures are further divided in Shruti which literally means what is heard and the smriti literally meaning what is remembered. Here Shruti considered a divine revelation and comprises of the Vedas. Whereas on the other hand Smritis are the records and the interpretations of the various revelations which have been made. While Shruti is the primary source of religion, it has to be deferred to by the Smritis.


The treatises on the moral and religious code of conduct have been further divided into basically three broad categories they are as follows.

Aachar Samhita – Basically it denotes the code of conduct to be followed. These treatises give information on the right conduct or behavior of a human being. While it is to be noted that the Code of conduct also undergoes changes with social and economic situation of a human being and has to be followed without any sort of digression.

Vyavhara Samhita – Here it denotes the code of behavior that is how one should behave . It also contains detailed descriptions about rules and regulations in force which govern the social behavior of the Hindus. Here great stress is laid on proper social behavior to ensure the longevity of the social fabric of the Hindu society, it also contains the duties and rights of the citizens and rulers and how they have to be followed and implemented by them too.

Prayaschita or Danda Samhita – This is a procedure which has details about the code of atonement or punishment to be meted out to the one committing the mistake. It realizes and recognizes that humans are bound to and will commit mistakes. This particular set of treatises stresses about the details for atonement to be followed by the one committing the mistake. In extreme cases if the mistake is big on punishment in case of transgressing any set of rules.


There are many things which need to be studied and understood well by the student who is trying to understand the gems of knowledge which have been provided in Hinduism. It is better the person going through these also follows the given code of conduct to the best of ones ability as per the current times and age we live in. The attitude of the individual who is understanding, learning, imbibing and practicing the same should be humble  and receptive to knowledge, information and wisdom.



Why Do Children Lie To Parents And Elders


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Lying is an art perfected by all of our with varying degrees from the time we were children till date. There will be no such available on the earth who would have never lied in his or her life. Here I am focusing my topic as to why children lie to parents and elders.  As I already told lying is an art which has been received by all. One can lie for a purpose which is a positive one and many do lie for causes or reasons which are negative or malefic in nature. A positive lie can be something like protecting a innocent victim from the perpetrator to the crime on him. While a negative lie can be something like causing harm to someone. Here the intention behind the lie is not a right one. Now let us zero down on some of the reasons as to why children lie.


Protecting Themselves –  Many children lie to protect themselves from impending harm in the form of shouting, beating or abuse. This is because they do not want to get hurt. Even they know that they have committed an offence which they want to face the consequence they want to avoid facing the same as that is the easiest way of not facing a problem which is of their own making. Their minds are still in the formation stage and they are still growing and learning about lives and they are not yet prepared to face the world and the consequences which one has to face for committing errors or mistakes. This makes them lie to protect them. This works once or twice but not always and the same has to be told to children and they have to be counselled.


Parents Or Other Influences –  There are many things which influence the child’s mind as they are in the growing up age. One thing in that is that they see, observe and learn what people are doing especially parents. Negative habits always come fast to anyone and more so especially children who are vulnerable. If they see their parents at least one of them has this habit of lying they see and observe the same silently from them without the parents knowledge. One more thing which will justify lying to them is they will think. When one of my parent is lying why cannot I do so? Here there is no fault in what the child is doing as they have not learnt and developed their minds to the levels of introspection, being rational, objective and other such traits. So never lie before children or teach them how to lie.


Performing Badly – Sometimes it so happens that parents have very high and unreasonable expectations from the child. The child genuinely wants to fulfill the parents ambition but despite all his or her effort sees that the result is not upto the mark. This may be in a academic exam or in a sport where parents have high hopes on them. The child wants to tell the parents but is unable to do so as he does not want to break the parents heart.


This leads to the concept of delaying by saying the results have got postponed or have yet to be announced for some reason of the other which they make up. They lie this way because they are unable to face the parental expectations and are unable to express themselves before parents due to the same. Here this is not a lie which the child is following due to a bad habit but it is a lie being told to see that  delaying the news will not break the parents heart till that time.


Lying Due To Vengeance – Here the thing is the child may be having a sibling rivalry and feels that the parent is not taking care of him or her because of the other sibling. This leads to jealously and when he sees the mother serving something to the other sibling it leads to anger and this in turn makes his thinking vengeful. But in reality the mother may be taking care of both the sibling equally well which this child is not able to make out.


One more reason is he may want more than what the other sibling is getting.  So to get even he will lie at such a time that it will result in damage or hurt to the other sibling whom he has started hating. Here the lie is due to a result of insecurity, anger, vengeful attitude and other factors at play. Such children need constant counselling and love and affection. They should also be assured in word and deed that they are as important to the parents as the other sibling.


Stealing – This is a common habit which children learn as they grow up. It is nothing but a part of growing up process. It may be from as small as stealing some food or sweets from the house and eating to something big as stealing a big amount of money from the cupboard which has keys. Bad influence, peers, movies, wanting things fast and easy  and other  things are reasons behind it. Here the intention is for a bad purpose which they are aware that it is a wrong thing to do and should not be done.


But they are unable to control the urge within them to steal as they want something like money for viewing which parents will not permit him, indulging in some bad habit like smoking, consuming intoxicants etc. Again here all this they have seen their parent doing these things and are also wanting to try out these things as them. Here both the child and the parent are at fault and both have to be counselled and treated at a rehab.


Collective Lying For Adventure – Here in this case it so happens that either children of the same house or friends of the child chalk out a plan and would want to run away from home. This is not because of  any bad influence. But it is that their minds have not yet matured and they do not know how to go about things. They would have asked their parents for the trip either to a pilgrimage, or to a relatives place or to their  native place or they would just want to bunk the school and push off as a free bird out into the world. This is quite a dangerous thing as the children would not know the consequences or the problems they may encounter due to their being young.


They do not know how bad and cruel the real world is. They go as usual to the school with their bags and never return home in the evening as they would not have gone to school and would have gone out wherever they wanted directly from the home once they left in the morning. Parents will think they are in the school till the time when night comes they realize what has happened and they run to the police station and they try to search them out  and if these children are lucky they get traced. Most of the times they are lost and never found. Here just the thought of seeking some entertainment and adventure leads them face to face with trouble. Here actually neither the child not the parent are responsible. As the growing age made them vulnerable to carry out such an act.


These are some of  the reasons children lie to parents and elders. Here the answer to stop all this is for the parents to have a good physical, emotional relationship with loads of love and communication. They have to be taught some discipline and lots of counselling is essential especially during the formative years of the child. As that is the time when the child commits maximum mistakes. That is the age to learn. But parents have to see that whatever it may be the children will never break their trust. Once this is inculcated majority of the above problems or issues will be resolved.


Each stage of childhood is different and the  mind tends to think differently and they do not know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Their brains are in the formative stage and growing. They are susceptible to many influences and bad things tend to come first in humans that is the universal truth. Keeping all this in view parents have to teach children that whatever their situation may be in life they will always stand by them. Once trust is built and they come to know parents are going to be their through thick and thin then these problems will subside. Parents should be a positive influence on children they have to be careful of their behavior before children. This is part of parenting and a good parent will see that a child does not lie as there will be no need for him to with that parent.

How To Avoid Getting Caught In Road Rage While Driving


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Many of us have to commute from our residences to offices daily. This is a routine we all have to follow as we have to work and receive our monthly pay which helps run our lives smoothly. Many of the cities all over the world have grown into vast concrete jungles. The mad pace at which life goes from morning till night is frightening and overwhelming to an individual.  Many have deadlines to meet at each place at all times which has made life into a rat race literally. Hence one cannot avoid getting caught on the  roads in traffic jams or snarls. Which may result in loss of pay. Each of us who is a traveler is tensed up at the time of travel and would want to reach office in a dash. Sometimes we end up getting caught in a road rage incident while driving. Here let us see how we can avoid getting this ugly side of us to come out and do the damage.


Being Calm: Before starting your journey tell yourself that I am going to be calm while driving and not get provoked by anybody or any incident which may happen on the road with me and others. I will not retaliate to any verbal abuse nor physical abuse by anyone. It is very easy to say this and difficult to follow one may say but getting ourselves disciplined and making it into a habit over a period of time will definitely help. At least one can try to do this and an attempt or a start can be made and built upon.


Monitoring  Speed – Accidents or mistakes tend to happen if we over speed and cause damage not only to our lives but to others lives too. Tell yourself you want to be a safe driver for all 365 days of the year. Motivate yourself by telling I will reach office and home safely after finishing work. I will not harm anyone else because of my rash driving. I will see that no one is injured by my vehicle and especially when I am the driver. This self discipline will help work wonders as it brings a sense of responsibility towards to you, your family and others. Check speed levels while driving regularly and get vehicle checked and do the servicing required.


Rushing Not To Be Late – This is one of the important things which is the cause of people who are driving getting caught in a road rage while driving. One can tell himself or herself that I will leave a bit early daily say at least by half an hour early than the usual time which is needed to reach the workplace. I will go early reach office and spend some time with my colleagues discussing work related issues before the office time starts. Or if you are the sort who would work only when the clock hits the starting hour you can just relax and read the new paper or set your desk. Tell yourself in case I get delayed due to some unforeseen incident which is rare and I end up losing pay as I am not reaching on time its Ok. I will take this cut as a lesson for my life and will not repeat it. But under no circumstance  will I rush to the office not to get late.


Others Fault –  Tell yourself before leaving the world is made up of different characters and I can face anyone if I am going to have a bad day. But I will see to it that it wont be a face off by getting caught in a road rage. Even if the other person is at fault and is being unreasonable and angry at me I wont talk back but be polite. If I end up getting hit I will take the help of law which is there to protect me. But I wont take law in my own hands under any cost. Tell yourself that if I do so I end up conceding that I too am a similar character which I am not.


Arms – In some countries people are allowed to carry arms like revolvers and the like so if you have one for your safety. Tell yourself under no circumstances will I be a trigger happy person if I am caught in a road rage incident. As it takes only a minute to take someones life in the heat of the moment. But one ends up regretting having done so later the whole of his life in jail. And no amount of regret is going to help revive the person who is gone. He too has a family or someone who is depending on him hence I will never do such a thing in my life. It is better to get hit by someone and file a case on him and claim damages than ending up killing him.


Anger Management – If you know that you are a hot headed person and have problems with anger management. Then tell yourself that first I need to get myself treated and heal from this. I will drive on my own only later when I am sure I will not be a threat to others. Till that time you have to request either one of your family member to do the driving, or you can go with a friend as a carpool, or you can take public transport, or you can take a private taxi. But tell yourselves no to driving till your anger management issues are resolved completely. Tell yourself that I will never allow my anger to spill on the streets and upset my and others  day.


Weather – If the weather is not normally what it is and it is going to rain or snow badly or there is going to be a storm. It is better one makes alternate arrangement on that day. Tell yourself you are spending this amount as a sort of insurance to see that you do not have any major accident or breakdown of vehicle. As all these cost a lot of pain, time, money and loss of pay. Whenever the weather is too bad try to pool a car or see that all concerned pool the amount and travel in a taxi safely. Professional taxi drivers are better drivers at such a time usually. It has been observed by me.


Meditation  – Regular meditation and deep breathing exercises with other exercises keeps your body alert and calm. If you practice this daily then chances of you getting caught in such situations will vastly reduce. It will also keep you in a happy and jovial mood and not in a grumpy one. People who are tensed up and anxious and in a grumpy mood are more likely to be caught  in a road rage incident. This has been observed in studies which have been conducted at many places.


Travel With Others – When you are traveling with others you usually tend to interact with others and also drive simultaneously. The attention of the mind is not focused on the road and chances of accidents and getting caught in road rage incidents are very high. Hence it is better the person driving focuses on the road rather than getting involved in talk. If you feel so much that you too feel like participating in the talk then stop the vehicle and talk as freely as possible for some time then continue driving. If this is not possible then better have a chauffeur to drive the car or the vehicle. Then you are relieved of the work of driving. Moreover you are doing things in a safe way which is good for one and all.


Alcohol etc. – Many people are involved in drunken driving and they end up ramming the vehicle on innocent bystanders or on other vehicles leading to loss of life and property. The person driving who is under the influence of alcohol does not really know what has happened at that time. Due to influence of alcohol he or she is not really in his or her real senses. It will take hours for them to realize what they have done, which they never intended in the first place. So if one is going to a party or to a club or bar and is going to have intoxicants like alcohol it is better he has a driver who can drive him back safely. It can be a driver or a friend who is a teetotaler. This is a safe and efficient  way to have a good time and return to ones home safely and also not caught in any road rage incidents. If one is caught for drunken driving the law in many countries is stringent and strict action is initiated by the law enforcement agencies.



Bad Roads – Many a times the roads where we travel is full of speed breakers, ditches, potholes, damaged roads. Sometimes their is oil spill on the road from other vehicles or they may be nails on the road. All these are a recipe for disaster which is in the waiting. The best thing when one is passing through such roads is to keep safety in mind first. Do not over speed  because you want to cover the bad patch faster or you want to compete with others in reaching you place first.  It is always better to be a mature and sober driver, rather than a rash and negligent killer.


You can decide what you want to do to avoid getting caught in road rage incidents while driving.  Remember the people who are dependent on you and who will be eagerly expecting your return every evening. Do you want to end up smashing their dreams? It is for you to think about this and the consequences which follow in the case of road rage and accidents. At the end of the day peace of mind is more important than the feeling of guilt of having done something wrong you never intended to do. It is also important to be a safe driver. Promise yourself daily that I wont cause an accident or bad behavior on the roads while driving or end up hurting or killing people. Renew this pledge daily this will act as a good reminder as to how you are supposed to behave while driving on the roads. We can at least control ourselves if not others. Even others are as tensed up or have similar duties to perform. Share a thought for them and their families too. The next time you are on the road be composed, calm and cool and drive, do this for a year and see the difference in you. Remember speed thrills but kills.