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A Cat that Likes to Sleep at the Top of My Head
March 21, 2017

If you found a cat that sleeps in your lap, congratulations because that cat chooses you to be their human. If you have a cat, your cat has a human and that is you. Congratulations, you found each other. However, what if the cat loves to sleep at the top of your head? Well, the meaning is they love you, they super duper love you that they don’t care on how strong the fragrance of your shampoo. Sleeping without you makes their day incomplete that is why no single night that they are not on top of your head.

Cats have different personalities. Some cats don’t mind you existed until you give them food. Some cats really care how do you feel. When they see you sad, they ask you a question. You might not understand their language, but surely once they cried, they are asking you to do something. If they feel you are sad, they will seat beside you. They will close their eyes but they are not sleeping. They are observing if you want a company or not. Some cats are sweet. You need to make them feel they are loved and they will become sweet to you. Trust me, I have cats in my entire life. I know what it means to have them in your life.

Back to my cat, who sleeps on top of my head, he is a teenager cat. He was with us when he was still a toddler. He entered our house and wants us to forcibly adopt him. He welcomes himself, asks for food and the rest is history. This cat will never sleep when I am working online. Whenever I am with my laptop, he will look at me, looks like telling me to spread my blanket for he will lie down. Sometimes he sleeps deeply, but as soon as I keep my laptop, he will move because he knows that I am preparing to sleep.

He will wake up when I wake up. He is with me when I am having my meal. He is waiting for me when I am using the restroom. He is following everywhere. He looks obsessed but nope, he is just a sweet cat. We talk regularly and I end up laughing because he is answering every question I am asking without understanding it. I more likely to think he is just asking for food all the time. He even stops me from working online when he is tired. It seems he is too sleepy to wait for me to lie down in bed. He is serious on that and even literally holding my hands to stop typing.

This cat thinks he owns me. I don’t mind being owned as long as it makes me happy. He is giving me the feeling he is satisfied by my love and care and I am happy to be loving him for forever. I hope that no one from the neighbor that will hurt her because surely I will forget how nice I am and might start a war. I appreciate this cat. I know we are destined to be together.


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Appreciation is The Key to Lasting Relationship

Have you ever found yourself bored in life? It is like the things you were doing from the past no longer put a smile on your face. You noticed the cycle in your life. You don’t feel like doing the job you are doing daily. You became obviously demotivated. Do you know what is happening to you?


When I was working in my previous company, I was very passionate. I was strictly organized because I want to do every single responsibility I have at work. I was like that daily. I have this notebook. I list all the things I need to done in a day and crossed out those who I already finished. I swept it all. Doing that is never easy. It requires a determination to finish a task and meeting the deadline. I always meet mine. Then suddenly, the feeling drops and I don’t know the reason.


I kept doing it. It is not because I am earning money. I know this is not only for the money. I want to be the person that is perfect for the job responsibility. I want to help my team. I want to be the person that they can lean on when it comes to the problem. I told myself that I need to be part of the solution instead of the problem. I did. I know I did. Then one day, I felt I can’t really go on. I don’t want to move anymore. I became tired of what I was doing. I just let things happen. I was tired and demotivated. I am not happy anymore.


After a soulful prayer in the adoration chapel, I cried. I think God told me that the reason why I am not happy is because I am not appreciated. I started to think about the times that I did well at work. It happened a lot of times and I never thought that I was not appreciated. I realized that life without appreciation will lead to something bad. It can ruin a relationship. It can ruin the faith you have in yourself. It leads you to think you are not valuable.


It does not happen at work too. I know a friend and she is a mother. Mother is a superwoman but they are only human, they get tired also. My friend does everything for her family. She even forgets about her career at work just to be able to take care of her children. She has a lot of children and a stay home mom. At first, she is happy, yet the day came when she no longer feels that she matters.


At home, her husband always blames her for financial problem. She gets tired but she can’t complain because her husband will get offended because he is the one that is working for the family. She told her husband that she will look for a job, but he doesn’t want it since there will be no one that will take care of their children. She does not know now where she will be heading. The arguments at home became regular. It is not funny anymore for it is getting serious. She decided to call it quits, get her kids and went to the province. She is looking for a job.


Appreciation is the key to a lasting relationship. I hope people think that every person has a reason in your life. Regardless of what your role in a certain place, community, work or at home, people around you have the reason why they existed. I do believe that every person performed to the best of their ability, whether in a relationship or professional relationship. If they get tired of doing something the reason might be because they are unhappy. One sure reason of being unhappy is because they are less appreciated, to make it worst, never appreciated.


Appreciation, even the things they do are too simple for you, means you value them. You value their brains, talents, and skills. They are not a puppet. They have feelings too. Even dogs will get tired of their owner if they will just be on a leash or put in the cage for so long. A simple thank you for doing something for you puts a smile on their face. They will feel they matter. They will even work harder because they know you value what they do. Thanking them for being awesome, tell them they did a good job, it will surely uplift their spirits.


Appreciation is a form of gratitude. You just bring back what they did to you. It could be in any form, by message or by a simple gift as a reward. Those people you appreciate will never forget how you make them feel. It can make a day. You can even change a life for doing it. This is the easiest to do and yet why others don’t bother to start doing it.


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The Advantage of Google StreetView in Job Hunting

I am on a job hunting. Before, whenever I received a response from a future employer about my application, the time when the interview schedule sets in, I will have a followup question. I asked how can I get to their office. At present, asking for the complete address of the company will give them the impression on how lazy you are. Remember, you found their job advertisement and yet you did not research for their complete address.
After researching for their complete address, the next step is how to get in their office. There are lots of ways to do it, especially if you have the internet. There are lots of blogs and websites online that will help you to find places. They even shared how to get there. Might as well take the initiative to research it first. Find the place on your own and it will be your advantage.

Before, I only rely on the internet. I rely on Google map. I try to capture the landmarks near the exact office. Landmarks are my guide to find if I am near to that place. I discovered Google Streetview in early 2015. I find it useful and convenient. It not only guides you in reaching the specific place, it provides you the exact picture of the place you are going to. You can see how it looks like.

It is easy to use. You can just click the arrow going right to move forward and left for backward. You can click on specific buildings to able to see how tall it is, how many floors, and the exact look of it. It had helped me a lot during my job hunting. I only need to type the complete address. However, sometimes there are places in my country that have no Google Streetview options so I rely on Google map on that.

It is very useful for job hunters and travelers, or if you are just simple a person that needs to find a specific place in the metro. In the future, for sure all of the places in the world will have a Streetview. I tried searching for our house using Google Streetview, it shows the street but not the lane. Our house is in the lane. I guess one should ask the people around where is our house in the lane.

Right now I learned that you can even view an active volcano using Google Streetview. I just type one volcano from other country using Google Streetview and me able to see it. I even see the lava in it. The view will start from below to the peak. It is amazing. Google is working hard to improve their Streetview service and I can’t wait to use it always. I even see the exact house of a friend in Thailand using Streetview. She is amazed at how I can tell how her house looks like and she never believed me when I said I only use Google Streetview. She thought I went there already that is why I can tell exactly.

Google Streetview is the most helpful service Google provides for their users besides being a reliable search engine. We should all take advantage.


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You Hate Her Because He Likes Her

Girls will always be girls. They cannot avoid insecurities. Some know how to handle it, yet some show it by being irritated when they see that specific person. If you ask them why they hate her, they cannot tell the exact reason. They just feel the hate and it is obvious it is all about insecurities.

I had seen the scenarios ever since I was young. I have lots of friends that are in the same situation. Sometimes, a good friend is in a situation where every girl at school is hating her because there is a guy at school that likes her. She is always offended by the treatment because she knows she had not done anything to hurt someone yet she is hurting someone for being existing.

Most of the girls at school will find something inappropriate about her. They waited for her to make mistakes to criticize her. They were finding her weakness and flaws for them to have something bad to say to her. They even establish a group just to put her down. Because of this, she transferred to the different school. The guy, her rumored boyfriend was left in our school. These girls think they won because she moved to other school but they were wrong. I never thought that true love prevails. It concurs all.

Same case with what I see on social media. I, myself, even hate a certain new celebrity because my favorite celebrity likes her. When I learned about the liking, I can’t accept it. I used to like her. She used to be one of my favorites, but when I found out that my favorite male star likes her, it all became different. I started to see her flaws. I started to see how big her mouth is, how she looks like a human bone, how flat her nose, how thin she is. I even called her as a human frog.

Yes, I am harsh on her, but I am not posting my harsh judgment in social media. I keep my opinions to myself. I do not create something that will get back to me. Karma is digital as they say, however, I still judge her and this is because he likes her. That is how unfair it is. It should not be like that with an open-mind. You cannot tell someone whom he will be like anyway. Liking is an expression and a decision. We all have different taste when it comes to liking. The only problem is that we find them not suitable based on their physical but we cannot deny the fact that their personalities jive.

I still hate her. I need to be true to myself. Again, I keep this feeling to myself as they don’t know me. It could start a war between fans if I will drop a name. Not to keep this feeling alone but to change the idea of hating someone. It is quite unfair to just hate them when the reason is out of our control. It is easy to say that why should we happy for the decision of the people that matters to us and let us be happy for them, but it is not easy to do. We might keep this hate to ourselves, that is I think the best decision for now.


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We Will Fight to be the Person We Should Be

Life is good but it is a journey. In its journey, it has phases. The phases consist of struggle and the other one is a success. We struggle all the time. We struggle to make ends meet. If we have jobs, we struggle to earn, we will adjust to our environment, we will push ourselves to work with people that we hate, we hate our boss and the pay, even if we are not comfortable we need to forget about that.


If you are jobless, you find a job. It is not easy to find one. With the situation in the economy, some people end up with jobs that are far connected to the degree they finished. Some who didn’t finish school might end up in a low-paying job. Most of them are entering agency because it is easy to find a job, even if it is low paying.


If we are a mother, we take care of our children. Being a mother is a noble job. You take care of the family as they are the head. They should always be responsible. Even by reading everything makes us breathe hard now. Why does it always be a struggle? Why does it always hard on us to live? When will it be comfortable?


There is no easy in this world. If you get something that easy, you will never appreciate it. You will never appreciate the journey, the destination and you will never appreciate yourself. Even if you know it is quite a struggle, you should always think that it is not a hindrance for you to become a person you dream to be.


Hard as it seems, but do not give up on what you want to be. If you want to be earning more, then fight the odds of life and focus on how to earn more. Earning money will help you save money. Saving money means you are ready for an emergency. Saving money means you have extra money to invest, to put your dream business. If you want to be a person that is rich, the person who is free from a financial problem, then you know what to do. You provide a solution to your issues.


It is never too late to be a person you want to be. Never too late to start another dream, to put a dream into a process, and to change yourself for the better. Time is in our hand. The right time is always now. If you dream to be a person who is successful in whatever profession you are, then you act on it now. You might stop occasionally, but choose to move forward despite the challenges in between because you cannot describe the feeling of being there. Making your dreams to come true is one of the greatest achievement every individual can do for themselves. If other people can, then you can. It is a long process. It would be a long and rocky road, yet you are getting there one day and it will be a victory. We should fight to be a person we should be.


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Extreme Poverty Situation, Looking Food in the Trash
March 20, 2017

I was reading this news on the net. I feel bad after reading it. I am aware of the situation of a different country. There are lots of issues of lacking foods and shelter. There are lots of devastation brought my calamities. It is happening everywhere. One specific poverty issue is in Venezuela. I learned that 82% of the population in that country has severe poverty issue and most of the people are looking for food in the garbage cans/trash. This news is per AIS Foundation, the foundation which helps the poor and the children.


The economy is really collapsing. There are people in Venezuela who have jobs but they are looking for food in the trash because the salary is not enough for their necessities. The next case will be losing jobs because some of the company shut down. They can no longer sustain giving jobs if they know they can’t afford to pay their employees.


After reading this news, it feels like bad energy creeps on my neck going to my head. I feel like my nerve became tight and migraine attacks happen. I started to feel bad for the children in that country. How are them? Are the government do not have funds to save this person? This is really a serious case and one day it will happen to my country.


We have numerous people who are looking in the trash in my country. Some of them are homeless and some are squatting everywhere. There are those people who just went in the Metro to try if they could have a good life. They seem to think to have a job in the Metro is easy but the truth is, it is not. Even those who have graduated in college are struggling to find a decent job connected to the degree they finished. It is always hard without proper research and if you are not prepared to this kind of challenge.


Let me get back to looking for food in the trash, I think this is being practical but not healthy. However, if your stomach is growling and in need of food, do you think you have a choice if you don’t have enough to buy one? I do not wish that to happen to me and I will never anticipate that. It serves as an eye opener to me that I still have a chance to save money from whatever earnings I have. I am blessed to eat 3 times a day. We are not rich, the accumulative earnings of my family are never enough, but it will never happen to us. Not when I am still alive.


Yes, this situation is happening everywhere and every day, but everyone has a choice. If you don’t want this to happen to your life, you need to do everything to avoid this. Make this situation as your inspiration to earn more and save money. If you have problems with your earnings now, might as well find an opportunity to earn additionally. Time is gold, do not waste it. From this day, I will always remember this news to push myself to work hard and smart. I will save money. I will earn some more. Not to promise, but I do it.


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The Meaning of Lion in Your Dreams
lion-1544990_960_720 (1)

I remember a very distinguished dream I had before. I was in a dark place. In my dreams, I know who I was with. I think we were a group of friends and we were having an excursion. We have a vehicle that I don’t remember and we all went out. While we were out, we were waiting for someone to arrive then there were a group of men came out. They are dress in a weird robe that is color brown. They look like a Buddhist. One lion appears and he seems harmless because when he appeared he stayed in his position.


Then a pack of Lions appeared. They started to run as fast toward us. I don’t know what to do. I turned on my back only to find out I was alone. I don’t know where my groups are. The lions circled me. I was like going to faint when bikers came out rescuing me. They are bikers, they are using the literal bike not the motorbike. I felt weak but I was holding tight to the man that rescued me. I don’t know what he looks like but he tried his best to rescue me.


Since that was the first time I encountered Lion and it is just a dream, I think more than a nightmare, to be honest, I started researching for the meaning. According to my research, when you had a lion appears in your dreams it represents the characteristic of a lion. It represents assertiveness, leadership, strength, courage, power and sometimes aggression. It also represents some threatening situation that is happening to you as of the moment.


I realized that the meaning is true. During that time that I got to dream about it, I have problems with my neighbors. They are the ones that are aggressive to me. The lions in my dreams represent them. People around me think they are superior when you decided not to engage in whatever they are hating on you. If they see that you are not affected by their anguish, they will do everything for you to feel it. They will try their best to give you a hint. They will never stop until you answer their accusations. I don’t feel like answering it because I am not guilty. I don’t have any idea of what they are saying. The insecurities are showing and I don’t want to stoop down to their levels just to defend myself. They are just a big waste of time.


That situation stops now. It never resolved because that issue has been with us even when we were still young. It is just when people hate you, they want you to feel it. I am not juvenile enough to entertain such negativity from the people who are just insecure about your life. It is not my fault if their life is miserable. I don’t want to get involved with people who are very shallow and reacting to petty things is out of my league. I do not even feel sorry for them. Whatever happened to their life, it is their fault, not mine.


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When You’re Young and In Love

I am listening to this song from The Jets. It is titled as When You’re Young and In Love. I am playing this song in the background. The song repeats because I observed that if that song is my background song, my brain is moving. Then while I stop from typing once in a while, I listen to the lyrics. I begin to remember the times when I was young and in love.

When I was young I keep on saying to my parents that I will never fall in love. I know I will admire some guys at school, much more if they are good looking but no, I will not fall in love with them. I promised to my parents that I will finish school and will able to have a decent job to help them. I did it. I able to graduate school and had a lot of jobs already, but one thing is for sure, I did not keep my promise. I fell in love, without their knowing.

Falling in love is a good feeling. When you fall in love, it is a rollercoaster of emotions. He never became my boyfriend. I never had a relationship. When it was happening, at first, he doesn’t know I existed. It is still fresh in my mind when I saw him at school. He was just sitting in one of the benches at school. He was just smiling to his friends. I was there, sitting in front of him. I know I was just looking at him that I never thought I got mesmerized I can’t look around. My eyes were focused on him. I was watching how he talks, laugh and exchanged jokes with his friend. He is funny and good looking.

I never expected that I will again see him after a week. He was on the stairs waiting for someone, maybe. He looked bored but he still looks good. He turned around to me and he found me watching him. I bowed down and pretend to be reading something. His looks turned away to someone and then he was gone. I felt a deeper excitement. It was a feeling I never felt before. I knew from that day that I will fall for him. I knew I will be falling in love and I did.

It is hard when I was not seeing him at school. I started to stalk him when I have a chance. I know he knows that I was watching him all the time. He just allowed me to do so. I found out that one of my close friends knows him. I watched them chat sometimes. She introduced me to him. I can still remember how he looked at me. I was very shy. I know my cheeks turned red. I can’t look at him. He was just looking at me all the time. His were smiling. He held his hand to me and said he is glad to meet me. All I can do is smile.

The rest is history. I already grew up. He is one of the person in my life that made me happy. I know I fell for him and I do not regret everything that had happened. Even if he like someone else before, I just let my heart love him. Nothing happened bad. I just learned from experience. I still believe it is good to fall in love. I believe in the power of love and on how it changes people. It changed me to become a better person. I love to feel that way again.

When you are young and in love, it seems that the world revolves around one person. I am glad that during my time, I treat this young man as an inspiration. He is the reason why I never absent in school. He is my greatest reward. Once I received a good grade, I always tell myself he helped me. He had helped me survived college only by existing. College is a great challenge but there is one person who is there for me even though he doesn’t know that. It is a great feeling. I wish to feel it again. Of course, now with a different person. I like to fall in love again. Love is the greatest feeling.


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Don’t Give Up, You Know Who’s Watching

In life, no matter how you work hard to achieve your dream, there will come a time that you get fed up with all of the routines you are doing. You get tired and you stop once in a while. Once you stop, it is hard to get back again. You begin to imagine how difficult you had been through and sometimes you push yourself because you do not have a choice but to get back on track. You want to achieve something, you need to do everything.


In order to be successful, you need to have a goal. From that goal, you need a plan. In that plan, you need to execute. If you do it all you can only have a result. Sometimes you feel like giving up when the results don’t come as expected. You feel you are a failure when things don’t work out for you. If it happens all the time, you become negative and then you stop.


If you stop, remember that there are people around you that will happy. Remember, not all people around you want you to become successful. Part of our life are the people who believe in us and those who don’t. Unfortunately, sometimes, there are more people who are not at our back. Once we give up, they are there to celebrate. They are just watching us and waiting for us to collapse. I do believe that we should not give them the reason to feel that.


Failure is part of life, yet we do not need them to stay with us. If we feel like giving up, it is just okay. We all need to feel it sometimes. Let failure serves as an inspiration for us to stand on our feet again. Let us not embrace the negativity that gets along with it. If we believe that we can make it, it will all starts from there. We need to stand again, brush it off and start again. We need to try.


The first person who will able to help us is ourselves. We need to believe in ourselves. There are lots of people want to see us crying. They want us to stop. They are watching, checking on our weakness. Don’t be discourage. They are a big discouragement and you know it. They will talk behind your back. They will laugh at you once you give you. Don’t be the source of entertainment. Let them see how you fly high.


You deserve to be successful, if not today, at the right time. Only you that can dictate that because everything is in your hand. You have your strong faith. You know what are the things that you can do. Even how hard it is, you will still try. Make this person cry. Let them be discouraged about your success. You are the ones to celebrate because you are about to reach your dreams. It is near you can feel it. You will work hard to achieve it. You will make it happen. Do not give up, you know who’s watching.


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You Are Not Ugly, I Promise You, We are All Beautiful

Have you been crying in pain because someone harshly criticized your chubby cheeks? Did someone say you look like a pig? Did anyone say you don’t have blood because you look pale? You are short so you cannot join a beauty pageant. You are too tall to be a cheerleader. Your voice sounds like a boy and then you are a girl. You are a woman and you must have Adam’s apple. Have you been bullied because you think you are not the same as others?


It is quite unfair, right? People are different and yet some people don’t get it. Everyone is unique and yet they don’t understand. Are their dumb or just judgmental? Or I am ugly like what they are telling me!


Don’t worry. It is not the end of the world if you are different from them. Let me share with you a song by Sugababes. It is titled as Ugly. It is good. The message is good. Listen to the song and get back to this page.


The song said people are all the same. Personality is what makes us different from other people. We only look ugly when we did something bad, on purpose. Personally, I do not judge people on what they look like. I usually make friends with people who look shy, the kind of person who looks down on themselves. Those who are walking away with the crowd. Why? Because I am that person.


I usually make friends with shy people because I am seeing myself with them. If I able to make them laugh with my silly jokes then I am happy. It makes me have the courage to make friends with more people like them. If I can make a shy person laugh, it is beautiful. It is what makes me beautiful.


I guess my bubbly personality with the crowd that I comfortably like is what makes me beautiful. I can simply be myself. If you are comfortable, you are free flowing. You can say what you want, do what you want, just be happy. Being happy is beautiful, isn’t it?


I don’t mind if I am short, if I am fat if my cheeks are big. I just say I am not fat, but I am fluffly and every will be surely laughing. Choose your crowd. Choose to be with people that will understand you. That will accept your flaw and weakness. That has the same story with you. If you do these things, then you don’t have to worry about others saying you are ugly.


No one is ugly in this world. All of us has a unique beauty in us. Instead of listening to bashers, while not improve yourself. If you are fat then cut some weight and be comfortable. If you think you don’t have a talent, then find things that you can do and build it with yourself. If you do not like what you see about yourself that make some changes and be comfortable again.


Everyone can accept their imperfections. You are here in this world for a purpose and not to judge anyone with their physical looks because it is just external. It can fade, personality does not. People change but always think to change for a better and feel beautiful all the time.


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