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Organs, tissues and cells transplantation.
April 14, 2017

Tissue bank is an institution that collects and stores human tissues for medical research or therapeutic purposes. In the tissue bank, depending on what and how is saved, can be stored living or deceased donor tissues or cells. Human organs for transplantation should be used quickly enough, while the tissues and cells can be stored for a long time.

Tissue transplantation started since 1900. Few years later was established Navy Tissue Bank, where has been prepared and stored bones and since 1970, with all medical advances, began the era of tissue banking establishment. There is in the world established different associations, accreditation institutions, released a series of legal documents governing how tissue banks should work. Tissue bank processing and protecting tissues must ensure that these tissues are suitable for transplantation. Today in the storages are stored and used for transplantation bones and bone derivatives, skin, cornea, heart valves, blood vessels, the amniotic membrane, tendons, ligaments, and various stem cells and gametes.

What does the tissue banks? They search the donors of tissues and cells and check the donor, whether they meet the criteria: questionnaire surveys, disease and social history, physical examination. They collect tissues and cells. From the live donors they take cells, femoral head, and the blood. From the deceased donors: the bones, heart and vascular tissues, skin, cornea, etc. Tissue banks processes and prepare tissue and cells for the storage and perform quality – analysis whether tissue and cells meet the quality requirements, control of infection transmission. Prepare tissues and cells for the transplantation (thawing) and assign them for the medical institutions.

Most tissue banks are involved in scientific works. For example, a bone bank can prepare the bone as needed – can be used for transplantation all the bone or part of bone, bone powder or specific shape bone fragment. Cell banks are involved in researches related to the therapeutic cell application possibilities. Cardiovascular banks are exploring whether for the transplantation is better to use vessels with or without cells. Constantly improved technology leads to tissue transplantation and tissue banking development.


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Why is better to eat sweets in the morning?
April 13, 2017

Is it necessary to completely abandon sugar and other sweets? I think, using them in moderation and at a certain time of day, the sweetness not only not hurt, will not let to bind to them, but also give you energy and good mood for the whole day. Food is the life for us and properly used, it provides a youthful and long life. If using improper, it’s poison and eventually takes away your life.

There are six tastes. Person per day with food have to get all six tastes, only then will be satisfied the soul, the mind and the physical body. The six flavors – it is sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, pungency and astringent taste.

The sweet taste of human nutrition prevails in the morning, at lunch – all six tastes and in the evening – a neutral taste. If there is not enough any taste in human diet, the person feels not as should feel. He just will not be happy, will not feel satisfaction of dinner.

The big importance to the diet takes a sweet taste. Sweet taste means not only that it is sweet what you eat. It turns out, the sweet taste is associated with love and happiness. Like every other flavor, it still has other hidden inner qualities. For instance, contrary to sweetness taste – a salt is associated with severe life.

So how sweet taste affects our life and why it is recommended to use in the morning? In the morning it is always hard to get up from a warm bed and you do not want to step into the cold room environment, to start get involved in day cares: breakfast preparation, seeing off children to school, rush to work, etc Practically, only after getting up begins rush and stress, so the sour taste is dominated in our psyche, not sweet and joyful mood. In fact, the acidity is not so easy to change, is not so easy to just get happy, because it has already tied up with our inner state – the psyche that not everyone can control.

It is therefore recommended to eat sweet foods in the morning, since through our physical body changes our mental status. Eating the sweets, we become better, happier, our interior is filled with love. The sweet taste simply changes our mood. Then, even in cold weather, rain the rush to work or other obstacles for us no longer look such a big deal because the heat lingers inside, joy and happiness. Sweet taste just makes us happy.

According to the products consumption of sweet taste can be said how much people receive love from their loved ones. After all, we want love everyone! Therefore, if our children are eating a lot of sweets, and sometimes we ourselves eat a lot of candy – it’s a sign that children and we ourselves have a lack of love.

Why it is advisable to use a sweet taste in your diet only in the morning? Therefore, the person eating sweets in the evening will inevitably be faced with health problems. The body just cannot digest and disassemble derived carbohydrates in the evening; the body begins to get fat.

In addition, on the face, shoulders and chest can appear the acne, sleep disorder.  In the evening, you should not eat any sweet food because it is a direct path to diseases, to sadness and problems. Therefore, let’s not forget to eat sweetness in the morning and you will get what you most desire – you will feel energetic, happy and loved.


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Chlorophyll, the green plants blood, is useful for people.
April 13, 2017

The very necessary and useful to the human body characteristics of chlorophyll has been known since ancient civilizations heyday. The ancient Greeks processed the green leaves of the plants and with the resulting substance treated wounds and bruises, used as a means of mitigating breath, repealing bad body odor, as well as being gastrointestinal disorders, weak physically.

Today is scientifically proven that chlorophyll by its chemical composition is very similar to hemoglobin – chlorophyll functional properties are the same as blood functions in the human body, so the chlorophyll plants is the same important as human blood. The difference is that the hemoglobin makes red our blood and the chlorophyll paint the plant leaves in green color. Chlorophyll contains magnesium and the hemoglobin – iron.

The human circulatory system, enriched by chlorophyll, works much more efficiently through better removal of slag and metabolic waste, and strengthens the immune system. Chlorophyll not only provides energy, renews red blood cells, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and therefore is recommended for people suffering from anemia, pregnant women and the basic restore of body after childbirth, but also is very valuable for smokers as an antioxidant and a means to improve breath.

Specialists call chlorophyll as the best blood clearance and reconstruction means. It is observed that Chlorophyll helps purify the body from radioactive materials, drug residues and other toxins. Chlorophylls are also suitable for use in respiratory diseases – bronchitis, asthma, angina, tonsillitis, or common cold treatment. This is an effective drug for patients with not only gynecological diseases, after radiation and chemotherapy treatment, but also with problems of joints, thyroid, and kidney failure. This product perfectly regulates a fluid removal from the organism. If it is taken in the morning, even on an empty stomach, the body gets rid of the accumulated fluid in the night, and from the uric acid.

Chlorophyll preparations you can find in the pharmacies. This is the most necessary complex of all vitamins that helps strengthen the body after strenuous exercise, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, and regulates blood pressure. It comprises a plurality of biologically active minerals: iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper, nickel, cobalt. Also, it contains vitamin C, beta carotene and other materials needed for the body. Therefore, liquid chlorophyll is recommended for children and adults, especially for older patients, for ill persons who more time spend indoors and receive little sunlight.

In addition, the green color is very positive effecting on the human body. Especially in such country, where the warm weather is enough short, where you have not enough time  to enjoy the greenery and already starts to get yellow leaves and comes in a long, bleak winter. Therefore, the green color is very important to the human body and soul. It heals, soothes and helps to get rid of negative feelings, suppresses emotions, encourages the creation and loving, and makes you more optimistic.

The famous Avicenna recommended to his patients do greenish water baths and to cover windows with green curtains. And even now it is advisable in the winter to attach to the lamp a piece of green glass that the room was submerged in the greenish light.


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Do you believe in guardian angels?
April 13, 2017


Do you believe in angels? Many people believe that since the birth a man in this world everywhere is accompanied by an angel. In many Christmas legends and stories are mentioned angels. Everywhere they are portrayed as very nice human beings, mostly of children form, but endowed with wings. Angel is a symbol signifying immortality, virtue, innocence, love, kindness, and heavenly nature.

Even children know that angels are beings sent by God, playing a very important role in people’s lives, because many heard stories in the childhood telling about the good angels activities, done for the sake of   mankind. Angel carries out the will of God and goes next to the man as a most faithful companion. Psychics claim that the angels protect us accompanying through many lives, through all stages of the journey of the soul that lead towards spiritual enlightenment. Stories about the fact that angels really exist, are present in many pages of the Gospel.

Although the Catholic Church teaches that the angels are spiritual beings, without the human body, and therefore we cannot see them, but not one of us feel their presence in our lives. There are people, not only seeing the good work of angels, but daily contact with them. Just let them into your heart, or just listen to what they whisper to the ear, from what they are trying to protect us. After all, some of us noticed that only thanks to some kind of chance we avoided death or major disaster. Who does not have to, driving, the dark forces are creating a situation where the only angel helps to avoid an accident?

It is said that the angels do not forget the human soul, inspire the strength and fortitude to it and by spiritual comfort can make easier the pain of each disaster. They are able to remove even some of the obstacles on the way of spiritual development. However, if the disaster happened, just know that it is not that an angel did not have time to help; just it had happened as it had to be. Some things cannot be avoided. It depends on our internal cleanliness and behavior with the surrounding people. Much of what we would like to keep quiet, but we are impossible to escape from our karma.

In the old days is survived countless prayers and thanks to the guardian angel. They can be repeated today, giving thanks for angels support and friendship. If you do not know other prayers, you can apply to your angel in your own words. Most important, be honest to yourself, and he will find ways to help you and point the right way.

It is difficult kinda difficult to evaluate the guardian angel’s role in our lives as today we live in technological world. First, it is hard to believe whether it is or not. However, just knowing that there is a being, as far as possible, taking care of each of us gives extra confidence.  And the confidence that gives a sense of peace plays a very important role in human life.


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Every day is the first in your life.
April 13, 2017

Every day is the first in life. Live this day as if today you were born from the new. You have your task and this day has its own task. If you will open your eyes to this moment – here and now – you will see that there is enough of everything. This day is the perfect and complete by itself. Every moment is the first in your life. Every moment is also the last in your life. Learning means the search for the road; it means to look for yourself. Could it be the road independent of you? Moving up the road means nothing other than to clarify a question to which worth to look for an answer.

We so often are unsatisfied with everything. We are not satisfied even with ourselves and that is why we constantly try to be different. This is the point where the illusion begins. But no one could be in your place. And whatever you think at this moment, what do you want and what you are doing – you are. Irreplaceable. The way you are. This means that there is now no other “true self”, except that this unsatisfied one – you.

There is neither happiness nor a misfortune in life. Everything always depends only on your attitude. There are people who even surrounded by the highest happiness, still squirm in their suffering. Life is the dream that you create by your own beliefs. If you say that you love life, then you really love life and live along with these words. If you say that you are fed up by life, you really are fed up and surrounded by misfortune.

Many things in this life are just products created by your mind: your beliefs that you dress up. We should come back to ourselves, finally to wake up and to see the world as it is – completely naked, without our fantasies. We need to learn to distinguish reality from fantasy. We only become confident when thrown away all heard theories.

It is important that you understand the people surrounding you. And if you want to explain something to someone, you need a very good intuition: only when you understand the other person’s attitude, you will be able to explain something to him so that he will understand you. If you scold someone, there must always be enough free space in your heart that the next moment you could laugh again.

If the sun is shining, let it shine. If it is snowing, let it snow. You should monitor the entire area, not just your personal clipping of it. Just take the nature itself as it is. Your body, such as it is, emits light of truth. The only thing that obstructs the light is your mind that creates intrigues. If you just forget all your secret intentions and plans and with open eyes look around without caught anything, you will sure notice that everything is just fine the way it is.

Be yourself in each place, any time, and stand firmly on the ground. Do not waste pointlessly any moment of your life. Create your life every day from the new point. Do not make this day as a copy of yesterday’s thoughts.


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Monitor what you say to your children.

It is making considerable damage to the bringing up the children often heard uttered phrases of parents. Never compare one child with other one saying that one of them is better, smarter and so on. It is one of the most effective ways to set at variance brothers and sisters very often used by parents. But such comparisons offend children, and comparisons with sisters and brothers are twice as severe. They provoke competition and jealousy.  Nothing good cannot be achieved with these words.

Regular responsibility overthrow to spouse is a gradual, but inexorable loss of authority in the eyes of a child. If child ask you, never send him to your spouse. Where there is no authority, there cannot be any talk about obedience and respect. And never hurry up your child saying that if he will not hurry, you will leave him at home. This phrase sounds everywhere – at home, in shops, on the streets. Using the fear of children to being left at home is not only cruel, but also stupid, because very soon the child will understand that it is simply a lie.

Often parents say that if child will behave badly, the witch or bugaboo or cop will take out him. The world of child’s irrational fears is so great that the adding the policemen, doctors or other fictional or absolutely real thing is time to qualify as violence against the child’s psyche.

You and lazy, ignoramus and so on… It is absolutely wrong to believe that the insult and humiliation will force a child to prove that he is better. It is far more likely that the child will come to terms with the labels and will behave exactly as it programmed by parents.

We have no money for your toys, books, chocolates… It would seem, saying that there is no money is understandable and simple reason, which can lead to refusal to buy something. However, the child hears this phrase and makes his own conclusions. First, he starts to think that money is the most important thing in life, you can buy absolutely everything if you have money, and lack of money cause many problems. Second, the child begins to assess their parental authority by family wealth.

Give him your toy, you are older… Toys are child’s personal belongings and parents simply do not have the right to command to give them to someone else. Doing this parents demonstrate their power and lack of rights of the child. The child himself can dispose of his toys, exchange them with others, play himself or lend. Independence is not just being able to eat by yourself or to tie the shoes, but also the right to make decisions. Education of self-sufficiency begins from earliest childhood.

Do not worry, it’s all nonsense… What adults seem as nonsense and trivia, for children may seem like a very serious problem. And when a child, told of his trouble, receives that it is nothing important, he cannot understand why his problems parents see as just trifles. And further all is simple – the next time child will not come to his parents when he gets problems, both with serious problems and with childish and fancied.


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What we should never say to children.

Conversations with children, even if it’s the simplest playful chatter, are an easy way to nurture their growth and your relationship with them. In fact, the studies showed that the number of words a child hears in the first few years of his life, has a direct influence on his language skills and even for the intelligence quotient.

The first words that children hear from our lips tend to be soft and beautiful. However, with an offspring growth, problems associated with their upbringing, become increasingly difficult to deal with. It happens that suddenly find ourselves with children speaking even too much: we constantly dictate, correct them, ask, encourage and help. Occasionally to talk less it means to talk more. Here are four phrases, which you should never say to your children – no matter what their age is. Of course, this is not a dogma; but these tips can help you grow inspiring relationships with your children.

Never request for quickly apology! Forced apology is not at all an apology. It does not help anyone to feel better. How to behave in such a situation? Yes, if your child hurt someone quite unintentionally, you really should teach him to apologize immediately. Such education did not receive a negative response. But what if he hurt someone intentionally? Typically, we are forcing children to apologize, because we want them to be responsible, aware that behaved not correctly, and would correct his mistake and, ultimately, never repeat such mistake. However, it is better not artificially force the child to apologize, but ask him to explain what he had done improperly. Explain him how his behavior made to feel other person and encourage him to submit proposals how the next time he could do differently. Such measures will change child’s behavior in the future and will allow the disadvantaged to feel better.

Never say “my naughty” or “my little imp”. Do not make categorical conclusions about the character of your children – especially when they are near. Rather categorically evaluate their behavior. It is true ones or not, better not to glue labels for children. Specific labeling for the people prevent them from changes, in addition, it may be that because of them they will be more likely to follow the various stereotypes.

Never say any lie to your child. When you are a parent, surely you learn to lie. It would be difficult to find parents who have not threatened their children to just leave them in the playground, if they are not going to get in a car and do not go home. But actually you would never leave them there, even if seeking to threaten and encouraging them faster to run into the car, in fact drove a couple of centimeters. If your claim that you are telling to your children, is not true, do not say it. You do not want to sacrifice your child’s confidence in you, in exchange for its proper behavior.

Never say – you are the best…, you are the most… Do not praise them, using the words of the highest degree. If you praise each child’s progress detail, may come a day when a life will ruin nurtured perfectionism, and you will not be near to protect your child.  Children should not think that to be not the best in any field is a pathetic failure – in fact no one is perfect and the best in every activity.

It is not enough just to talk to children when they grow up. We need to learn to speak properly. Educating the children, we have to leave a space for them that they could change their behavior and properties.


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New technology and children’s leisure time.

Leisure time when a child is watching television or even playing various computer games is modern parenting problem that is becoming more and more relevant. Often the TV or the computer becomes a kind of magic wand for young parents who have difficulty to find a time for their offspring. When the baby shows whims, refuses to eat or take medication, it’s easy to lure him by bright pictures and adult toys. Live games, fairy tales now are changed by the short movies for the little kids and games in the smart phones. Increasingly, instead of a fairy tale before bedtime parents simply turns on the child movie.

On the one hand, we cannot escape nowhere of the progress. Our children come into this world of technology that is becoming increasingly complex in coming years. Thus, the contact with technology is inevitable. And there are indeed valuable gadgets for the nurture of younger. Use them or not – choose the parents, as it is part of modern life. Smart phones have become an integral part of our work and the rest, the most important part of mediators in communication. And children from birth absorb to themselves such lifestyle.

However, it is important to have a sense of proportion. It is easy to miss the moment when the electronics is becoming a dominant theme in communication between parents and children. And it is very easy to “turn off” the child, turning on an ordinary movie or stop paying attention to his endless “why” by letting him to sit at the computer.

The child is completely attracted by changing vivid images and amazing sounds. Kid becomes “convenient”, and the parents are engaged in their own affairs. It is a very great temptation. However, in such a situation the child’s contact with parents is rapidly run out. There is a risk completely losing touch with the child.

Of course, young children are very mobile; they need a rapid change of activity. As a result, they are more prone to games with mom and dad. Meanwhile, children over the age of 3, can watch movies for hours, completely falling out of reality. Even more – turning off the TV can cause the big hysteria. It is a serious challenge for the kid. The closest and dearest person suddenly takes away of him the most interesting toy. He sees it as a betrayal. There comes an anger, frustration, a sense of injustice, a real grief – how all this should survive your child? He will require to “restore justice” in every way possible.

However, we create problems ourselves. It is natural that if the TV occupies part of everyday adult’s life, and the child will absorb this lifestyle. Children suffer more clearly the influence of television; they are actively growing and become familiar with the world, quickly absorbing everything that surrounds them. There is no criticism and selection of gotten information; it begins to take shape around 9-11 years of age. Therefore, it is important to monitor a TV broadcast material content and watching time. It could be useful to think about the whole family behaviors, traditions and rituals. All this in the future will unfold as an integral part of the child’s way of life.


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Genetically modified plants – is it healthy?
April 12, 2017

Multinational corporations that produce herbicides, have developed plants resistant to these herbicides, as well as moved genes producing bacterial toxins into the genomes of different species of plants and in all sorts of ways  trying to grow and multiply in many countries of the world, ostensibly to rescue humanity from hunger. The benefit is very questionable and in many places had failed, but this is huge money for the GMO producers and traffickers.

More and more scientists identify GMO creation as the evolution of cancer with bewildering effects for the whole living nature. This never has been through the whole evolution of life. The man still did not create anything more perfect than nature. The European Union, with few exceptions, has so far resisted the invasion of GM crops in their lands. No need to be an expert to realize that big money can tempt national responsible officials and lobbyists to allow GMOs in their countries. Growing plants resistant to glyphosate, used herbicides quantities increases indefinitely. So, there is a good business for herbicides producers.

Many studies show that glyphosate is very harmful to soil microorganisms, animal, and human. Glyphosate residues of derivatives are found much longer time than specify the companies offering these herbicides. These residues are found in various products and even in the bodies of people who had no contact with herbicides.

The problem is that concluding a contract with the producers of GMOs firms, these specify that there is no evidence that a particular GM varieties harmful to the environment and to people themselves, without providing specific test results. But in order to terminate the contract, the state must prove that it is harmful. And for that you need to do a lot of complicated and expensive research. In addition, yet there is still not created an appropriate research methodologies and the harmfulness of GMOs may occur, for example, only for the third generation.

Other, even more dangerous, the GM plant varieties groups are resistant to pests. Using genetic engineering, some kind of genes were implanted into the plants. Therefore, all the time in every GM plant tissue, in each cell is produced active toxin that kills not only the pests, but also the other life. Could it be that a toxin that kills pests are harmless to bees, animals and humans? Who of you would like to eat potatoes, which tasted Colorado potato beetle is killed, or tomatoes, in which genome are inserted human genes or bacteria? We do not want that.


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Respect is the key to the hearts of people
April 12, 2017

What is respect? In particular, the respect is by what we are able to determine whether a person is cultured. Respect means in a positive mood to monitor and evaluate the good human qualities. Unfortunately, in today’s society, it loses a substantial proper place.

Where from comes a lack of respect for one another? In schools children and teachers communication has become familiar. The trouble is that the teachers look casually at such communication and allow students to do so. Parents do not respect their children, do not respect their personal opinion, they are constantly trying to impose own world view, because of that comes anger. Adult children do not show proper respect for their parents. When these request for something their children are reluctant to carry it without any sense of gratitude, joy and enthusiasm, then the parents also become unhappy. Husband and wife do not respect each other as should be respected. In most cases their relations are bases on the values of outside beauty, which hindered to see another man’s true qualities. This means that in case of serious problems in relations, people just break out.

Everything, absolutely everything in the society is based on the respect. If a person has achieved something in life, whether it be some kind of high social status, or a harmonious family, or a good relationship with the people or amazing features and high intelligence, all he got for his expressed respect. However, if the person does not have or lost in the course of life the above-mentioned things, if he fail to work, fail relationships with people, if he is constantly experiencing stress and is troubled, it’s all due to the fact that he does not respect others.

When a person begins to show respect, he has also become dear for those that he respects, and after all, we all deep down want to be appreciated and to feel needed. No one of us desires to be alone, but respect is precisely that feeling, the key that allows us to enter into another person’s heart and see his inner world.


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