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Anger is normal our emotion like any other.
May 14, 2017

Somewhere I read that to feel anger to the other person is the same as to drink a glass of poison and expect that the other one will die. Anger is normal our emotion like any other, which accompanies us. It is important that we adequately accept the rising anger in us, clearly realize the cause of its. Of course, this is an unpleasant emotion that we do not want to experience ourselves, and do not want to monitor it in the environment surrounding us.

But it is important to realize that anger has a positive side also. It can be a force, motivating and positive, helping to achieve a particular goal or object you wish for, despite of facing various difficulties and obstacles. Anger also may reveal a big part of the truth about you, of course, only in a case if you analyze yourself. This emotion can motivate to change, grow as a person, it helps to retain a sense of control.

However, prolonged detention of anger and avoiding to express it to the environment can cause considerable damage to man. When a man get angry, his whole body system react to this anger, it rises up energy that he has to use for anger’s attack and has somehow to release it out. It is natural to outcry, curse, and punch the pillow.

But there is cases when adults do not allow themselves to be angry because of certain childhood experiences. Then the feeling of anger is blocked, energy released of anger is detained and severely controlled. Quiet anger can become intractable fury, hatred, or even cause some body disorders like hypertension or asthma.

Also, it is important to forgive even if you feel angry. The ability to forgive grows with experience, it must be learned and we must mature for this. The most important is work with ourselves. The realization that you are imperfect, fallible and changeable, makes it easier to accept people around you and to forgive them and yourself for the mistakes made.


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Making repeated mistakes in relationship.

Have you heard saying that women and men are from different planets. It may sound banal, but there is some truth, especially when it comes to differences of men and women thoughts and behaviors in their relationships. However, both women and men make mistakes. Every human makes mistakes. The trouble is that most of the mistakes we cannot rectify. Because a large proportion of mistakes are being made in relationships.

It is often said that if a person made mistake once, it is necessary to allow him to improve, but if he made a second mistake – this is not a mistake, but a choice. Do you support this idea? Mistakes are part of our lives. Everyone was wrong at least once. It’s not important how often we make mistakes, but if we are able to learn from those mistakes.

Sometimes living as a couple, people perceive differently, what is the mistake in relationship. Mistake maybe is a little too strong word, perhaps more would fit word behavior that is unacceptable to another person. If we want to maintain long-term relationships, we strive not to repeat what our partner does not like.

I think, in such situations could help open conversations. We can tell a person what we consider as unpleasant and unacceptable in mutual relations and jointly decide how it can be corrected. It is important for people to hear each other.

If unacceptable behavior is, however, repeated in the future, you should consider whether the partner shall take into account your needs, whether it is important for him that in the relations both of you would feel good. If partners do not pay attention to each other’s needs, hardly their relationship will become successful. Also, you should think about whether you will be able to live with someone whose behavior is unacceptable and the low probability that it will be different. Sometimes in the relations, partner’s mistakes remains as grievances, which hinder open and sincere relationship in the future.


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Criticism is necessary for everyone and in all areas of life.
May 13, 2017

Emotionally damaged people do not accept criticism. The main reason is the poor self-knowledge, psychological trauma caused by parents or other people, due to which we feel inferior and not accepted by others. If self-esteem is low, we hardly are going through criticism and hardly accept any notes. Such people any criticism personally apply to themselves and believe that was criticized only their character, and can’t accept criticism even if it is true.

After all, sometimes people can express own critical observations in order to wish the good, for example, to assist or enhance. But those who are criticized and does not accept criticism are simply emotionally damaged people and they always take any kind of criticism as their rejection. In such cases, it is necessary to work with emotions.

Negative reaction to criticism is because of:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • The view that everything should be done perfectly. These types of people are serving for their own high expectations and criteria, but they do not recognize that they are imperfect, they trying to live according to own developed criteria, but are unable to do so. Efforts to be perfect in every area of life do not allow them to be imperfect, to be criticized by others or to feel being wrong. Their aspiration is perfection, so they accept heard criticism as a threat.
  • Pride. These people are so exalting themselves that believe being not able to do anything wrong, cannot go wrong, are better than others. Being pride, they do not accept neither fair nor unfair criticism.

Everyone should look at yourself and figure out how you respond to the criticism. When we reject critics, we restrict our own mind, emotions. Distancing ourselves and not wanting to hear criticism, we decide to do everything by selves, we refuse to accept new ideas. Then our feelings and emotions stop developing and we stop growing.

Some people try to avoid criticism, simply because they are afraid of failure. But from that we learn! Criticism is necessary for everyone and in all areas of life. Of course, it does not have to be harsh, cruel and rude. After all, our observations we can say gently.


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Trust in yourself and not pay attention to any standards.
May 13, 2017

For a majority of the people the beauty and attractiveness is an important issue. But nothing in life is without our own contribution. We tend to criticize the surrounding people – one thick, the other thin, third has not nice nose… Such evaluations create standards and our approach to beauty. Better let us talk about the unique beauty of each person and do not place everything in the frames.

Mostly women who do not trust themselves, give weight to all existing and non-existing weaknesses, but completely overlook the benefits. Therefore, in order to change something you must try to behave the opposite – to overlook weaknesses and give prominence to strengths.

After all, each of us, no matter how low self-esteem we have, no matter how is our self-reliance, have the area where value ourselves at least a little more than in the other areas. If you are not happy with the appearance, maybe you are skilled in dances, maybe you are able to meditate well.

All areas are suitable for self-education. The more people feel able to do, the more they get self-confidence. Getting stronger skills and confidence in one or more areas, often things where we felt worthless, become not so important. It is changing our attitudes about what is important to us, and together there going up also our self-confidence.

Love to yourself is sonorous phrase, but how to do it? How to learn to love yourself? Get used each evening to praise yourself for something you have done. Think about your day and find something for what you deserve to get praises.  This will direct you from negative thoughts about yourself.

We should not believe that we do not meet any standards, that others are happier than us. In order to stop comparing yourself, it is important to remind ourselves that the neighbor’s grass is not necessarily greener, maybe we can see only the greenest areas. It all starts with our own.


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Why it so hard sometimes to apologize for bad behavior?
May 13, 2017

From a very young age, when acted inappropriately, we used to hear that we must to apologize. Not always it was easy to apologize, right? We grew up, but even now sometimes it is complicated to apologize and to forgive. The word “sorry” is really miraculous and at the same time, it is also one of the most difficult spoken words.

For some of us even recognition of small mistakes means a great internal struggle. After all, everyone makes mistakes overstepping the limits of the other person, offending others or otherwise improper acting. Usually at these moments we feel ashamed, we feel discomfort and would like to leave as soon as possible such situation, saying barely audible, and, most likely, and not completely perceived apology.

However, in most cases, it should be much more than a simple silently said sorry. Perception of own guilt and its acceptance, taking responsibility for own deeds during a conversation with someone you hurt, can improve relationships, to mitigate the situation.

Most often, people do not want to admit they have made mistakes, they seek to ignore, displace it from their consciousness, but, unfortunately, often unsuccessfully. The inability to apologize is associated with the defense of the person, his pride, and perhaps even fragile self-confidence. The man denies his guilt, trying to get rid of the responsibility of the guilt, because it all brings to the light all his flaws, fears and his character. For such people to admit own guilt and mistake can require significant internal resources.

The most important thing is that would be said a sincere apology, appropriate intonation and understanding how feels the person who is hurt. Empathy in apology process is particularly important and can help you achieve your goal – to get relief.

In no way I do not propose to justify yourself while accusing the same man that you hurt. Also, no need to look for excuses for your behavior and understate the consequences.


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How important is appearance and clothing at job interview?
May 13, 2017

Of course, standing as a candidate in a particular place of work, we believe that for the employer is the most important our experience, skills, education and so on. However, the first impression of us in a working interview, it is also very important. How important is appearance and clothing during a job interview?

I think, clothing and appearance is very important, because the employer forms a first impression of candidate to vacancy and the first thing what he sees is your appearance. When the employer sees the person for the first time, he can instantly decide whether a person raises his sympathy, trustworthy, and so on.

The first impression of a person is formed in the first few moments of communication and influence subsequent human’s perception. Of course, this does not mean that the first impression of a man in any case be true, and yet, although in some cases, the opinion of a man can later change, it frequently remains the same as it was formed at the start.

The first impression can be a fundamental reason for the collapses job interview and it occurs within the first minutes. In addition, many studies showed that persons with physical appearance that is perceived as attractive, also were assigned a positive inner qualities.

The first impression of a man, his image depends a lot on the facial features, body shape and clothing, and so on. Not for nothing that many people pay much attention to their external image.

The saying that we meet a person according to his garment, but see out according to the mind is as well as correct. On the other hand, to judge someone paying attention to his outfit is basically logical, because dressed up in one way or another, person is ready to show how he would like to be perceived by others. Thus, employers generally must paid attention to how a man is dressed for a job interview, and accordingly decide whether the potential employee is suitable.


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Have you encountered the conflict of mind and heart

Do you have encountered the conflict of mind and heart? If so, perhaps, say that it’s a real headache, right? Which one should listen? What to do? How will not get lost in web of feelings? It is often said that the mind and heart do not agree, so how such feelings could be explained? In general, such a phenomenon exist?

Everyone feels differently the mind and heart’s involvement in mutual relations. Some people tend to think more rationally and analyze, others are more emotional and more often take decisions based on heart voice. However, in both cases, it cannot be said that it is relying on only the mind or heart only. Human emotions and mind interact closely, it is not surprising that in making decisions we are dealing with various objections.

At the friendship beginning, the man is overwhelmed by a very strong emotional experiences, which are sometimes difficult to identify. When a person falls in love, feelings overpower the mind. It even can be explained biologically. The body at the time of falling in love, excludes a larger amount of hormones that stimulate our body and we feel like uplifted. It is a useful evolutionary sense. However, after some time feelings get calmer. Here turns on the mind. Man consciously begin to analyze the love object. He starts compare it with his own self-created image of his ideal partner. And if at the moment there a lot of inconsistencies, is taken to question whether it is worthwhile to maintain the relationship.

When you meet your true person, the question of what to listen not occur because both the mind and the heart says “yes.” This would be the best option – the heart and the mind looks in one direction. If, however, you have a lot of internal contradictions, it is important to learn to listen to your heart, but keep in mind to work with the mind also. Then there a balance between what we feel and what we think.


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Appreciate criticisms, it helps to grow emotionally.
May 12, 2017

Often the criticism seems like any evil to people. Some react to criticism with so many negative emotions that gives the impression that a few negative words to them tantamount to the end of the world. In my opinion, people should be grateful for criticism, and when a person does not accept criticism, his feelings and emotions are stop developing.

Consciously or unconsciously, we all react to criticism, but how we respond will depend on our own. If you are able to hear the criticism and calmly lay down all the arguments for and against, it helps us to change ourselves, to grow our personality, develop ourselves. We respond to criticism as learned respond from the childhood. I think that the most appropriate response is gratitude for the criticism and discussion of said things. When you hear the words that you do not like something, you should be open to them and take a closer look at yourself. Furthermore, you should remain polite an open, even if the criticism is angry.

You can ask open-ended questions to the criticizing man how you could act next time in similar situation or what he would do in your situation. If the criticism is unfair, still stay calm and polite. Being calm, openly listening to criticism, you will have the opportunity to learn and grow, as well as to correct what is wrong. That our behavior teaches us humility.

If you appreciate the criticism as an opportunity to grow emotionally, it is a very good unit of measurement for assessing your emotional state. After hearing the criticism about yourself, if it is correct, you should agree, consider heard words, you really do not need to defend yourself and blame others.

A man who is constantly looking for other people’s praise or acceptance is controlled by other people’s opinions. It is therefore not surprising that such a person will react not properly to criticism. We must learn how to properly accept criticism and praises. Remember, it is impossible to please everyone. It is therefore necessary to accept own imperfection and mistakes, only then our own image will not depend on others opinion.


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Garnet – how it can improve life?
May 12, 2017


Garnet’s power is hiding in various colors forms of this stone. Although usually is found red, pink or brownish-red, the power and energy stone can also be purple red, green, gold, black-brown, black, or even colorless. Not surprisingly, being such a versatile in aspect of color palette, this mineral has a very wide range of therapeutic, mind and soul cleansing, life improver’s properties.

Garnet is the stone of positive thoughts, giving hope, calmness and optimism. It is believed that this stone is able to treat severe emotional trauma, liberates from the clutches of depression, and gives courage to look at life from the bright side. A regular carry on gives joy and stimulate a love of life.

Garnet, giving optimism and infusing light into the life, helps to get rid of old habits of thinking negative, harmful stereotypes. Garnet also prevents sticking to the past and the human subconscious sabotage of himself.

Garnet is often called a stone of love and passion. However, despite the fact that the mineral promotes spiritually and helps bring love to life, Garnet is also one of the stones, which takes care of its master also in practical, earthly level. This stone helps when you want to relax, to understand your own sexual desires, helps to find balance between needs of emotional and physical intimacy. Useful if you lack of passion, because it increases sexual appetite.

Garnet is a powerful stone, so gives determination, courage and patience to overcome all the difficulties of life. By the way, it is believed that by providing incredible inner strength, garnet also enhances the host’s intuition. In the Buddhist and Hindu religions, garnet in former ages was considered sacred stone, able to shed light on the way and protected from evil.

Garnet is not only a love stone. This mineral is called health’s mascot. It is stated that this stone heals many problems of body, such as acid reflux dysfunction, anemia, and various blood diseases, it helps to restore blood cell structure, strengthens the immune system, suppress the rise in temperature, clean the lungs, treats skin diseases, etc.


It is believed that garnet gives success if the owner has already developed or is planning to build a business. Mineral gives self-confidence, charisma, it helps to speak expressively and smoothly, as well as make financially beneficial solutions.

By the way, from the early centuries it was thought that the garnet opens to his master the way to abundance and wealth. Admittedly, it helps people in what they believe, so even non-believers can use it for autosuggestion, placebo psychological motives.


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Do compliments help to imorove self-esteem?
May 12, 2017

For many people women from the cover of a magazine or television screen looks more beautiful, more attractive, better and so on then they are. And I would like to ask why you are comparing yourself to them? Why do you try to insert yourself and others to any standards and frames?

Each person experiences the joy of creating successful relationships with other people, especially with the opposite sex. A woman’s beauty and attractiveness has long been perceived as a sign of success for creating a family, while men sometimes are referred as an evaluators of woman’s beauty. It is therefore not surprising that the majority of women understand their beauty base on how much it is attractive to the opposite sex. This is typical especially for those women who do not think they are valuable themselves. They are looking for approval from the environment, in this case – of the men. However, nothing will change if a woman will not change the approach to her body and herself. First of all, you have to be nice to yourself, and only then to others.

If a woman has a very low self-esteem, few compliments maybe improve her mood, but is unlikely to raise self-esteem. A man who does not trust himself, is not easy to accept compliments of the surrounding. It is hard to believe for them that it is said sincerely. Therefore, first of all you need to work on self-esteem.

Work with low self-esteem, it is work with yourself, with the sense of your values. It is important to understand that no matter how beautiful or ugly we look, our human value stay unchanged. For example, whether beautiful woman will prepare more taste dinner than not so beautiful woman? The correct answer is no, because the taste of the dinner depends on cooking skills, rather than on the beauty standards.

The main thing is to try to stop comparing yourself with other women. Women on the covers of magazines, women on TV, women in the neighborhood – we all have our weaknesses.


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