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my income goal for the year 2017

my income plan is one keep my part time job which is sunday to Friday.Monday to thurday I work from 4pm to 9pm on Friday it like 7am to 3pm on Sundays it 10am to 6.30pm.So my goal is other job like from 9am to 3.00pm monday to thursday, Yes I still have the hot dog cart business going I will hire some one to run it. My goal is to make a livalbe income. Why ? I am tired of being low income I want to be albe to enjoy life my food cart businss is a steping stone the first step for me to work my way up to up a deli shop . Kind of like what my grandma had . She had it before I was born and it was all close down before I was born she had the deli for a while .So I guess it was in the blood lol. If I can do this plan the long term will be just working the deli then I have my livable income, But other thing I need now is my own apartment I am getting tired of renting bedrooms and I rally need my own place and thatt cost money but at 55 I should had the money to do it but thank to the way things are in the US there no new jobs like factories and with out the type of business people can not make it
this why I am trying to make changes so I will not have to seek help I do have one other plan and that is to buy some income houses this rally can help me make money and get that livalbe income .So the are my goals for the year of 2017 . I will make this happen Ok that it for now.

barting for service instead of cash

If you do not have the cash is there other way of getting what you need done? I say yes there can be other way of getting what you need done, for example barting what is barting trading service for service for example say you are a cook but you do not have time to clean your home So you cook for the cleaning person and that person will clean your home for the cooking the cleaning person still will have to buy the food for you to cook for them. Yes there are some barting complines that act like middle men and get a commison out of people who use this kind of barting service is this good or bad? it can good , it can be bad for example the good part is this company will have a list of business that might be albe to help you and they might need your service to .
this is one form of barting but I think the old fashion way trading service for service is the way to go. Say some one who does yard work need a cook just like the example before you now have some more ways to barter for service. As we know before today money exist most people barter for things they need I think there might be a craig list for bartering. When you have time check out craig list to see what they offer on barting and what other benefits can be done. with the middle men some times it easier to use them for one reason they might have a big membership this why is some time good to use a barting service.How to find the barting service group? Just do a search on line this will help you find what you are looking for.OK that it for this one.

would like to go to Israel for a vaction
March 22, 2017

This is were I like to go for vacation if I ever have the money to go over seas I like to visit Israel. Why would I like to visit Israel
one since I am Jewish I kind of have a calling to visit it but at this time I do not have the money to afford to go to Israel as of right now my Hebrew for talking is not that good it ok for prayers but I rally like to me more to be able to speak it clear it case I meet a cute single lady hey I am single that one reason I want to visit Israel the second reason it full of history I like to visit the country . Some people say it to dangerous to visit but those people some are the one that are trying to boycott everything made in Israel other are just afraid of every thing I think US is more dangours. I know people and cousins who go Israel all most every year including Rabbis with no problems
I know some people might say I like there so much that I might want to stay that is a possblity but I could not bring my hot dog cart with me lol . Now if I meet my future wife in the us then Israel will be a good place for a honeymoon that other way to visit it and have fun to I think I might have cousin over there I know who the person is they do not know that I am a cousin So there a possible place to stay I am friend with that person on face book .the second country I like to visit is perth city autsrial I had a pen lady there who got me very much interest in that city it look like a nice place to vacation I think I need to wind the lottery to do this. Now there is other way to with out winning the lottery run for a state office and try to get to DC were people can go all over the place Then I would have the money to do it.Ok that it for now.

skiing is like flying for me
March 22, 2017

What is down hill snow skiing like
? for me down hill snow skiing is like kind of like flying with out wings or a engine When I ski I kind of get a natural high it hard to explain but for me I do not do drugs I just call down hill snow skiing a natural hi I think other skier or snow boards people will under stand what I get . Well in skiing you do a little real flying kind of you have to take a lift chair to get up the mountain and the lift chairs are in the air higher then tree tops so I think you can call this a way of flying to here where flying and skiing do have in common and plane on the way of landing has to keep it nose up in skiing when you get off the lift chair you have to keep your ski tips up just like a plane does when the plane lands because when you get off the lift chair you are kind of landing on the top of the mountain this other way that skiing is like flying because you were just in the air , now when you go down the mountain is possible to go fast I try not to go to fast I enjoy the view going down the mountain . When I go over the little snow bumps in the snow let call backward pot holes this to me is all so like flying If the photo come out right you see some of the si resort I was at yesterday .What a nice day it was I think I got a sunburn yes at a ski slope if the sun it out and it like 60f. degree out it possible to get sunburn and wind burn lot of sun yesterday Ok that it with skiing is like flying.

going solo or not going solo

what does solo mean? OK let look at the word solo to see what it means. ? This how I see the word solo , Let say you are in a club and you like doing things but the club does not want you to do what you want to do so you now going to do the things that you hope you have people with you to make the things more fun. In other words this call going solo . yes going solo means you are going to be doing it alone with out help and no body with you this is what going solo mean like I said be for going solo
let look at people who become jet plane pilots when it come test time the future pilots have to fly the jet by them self so the person can past there pilot test this is all so going solo . I think at this time It still be hard to go solo on a rocket ship or space ship what ever you want to call it were we do not go solo when we have a driver test for a car lineces to get . Now I all so know some one a long time ago name their dog solo
why I have no idea may be it ran away a lot of just like to all over the place with out it owner. Other mean of going solo. I think I would never name a pet solo now what or who is a good name for a pet but not going solo . Now what else can I say about going solo I am not sure as you see I am still working on it .What do you think solo means beside going alone on doing things.AS we know solo is doing it alone or going alone it one of them. OK that it for now.

word games do you like them?

Word games I think they can be good for people who write and blog. What do you think. Some word games can help writers like us get topics for are stories or post.
The stories can be about real life or something else like some kind of story the word games I like is I take a word that some one wrote down on paper and then I look at and see how many words I can get out of it
then I take each word and make a story or post about that word. I think it a fun word game. I be showing soon how I do this word game. For me this word game is kind of relaxing I know some will say it not relaxing but I say it is Ok here the word I am going to use The word is Colossal
now the trick is how many words can you get out of Colossal? let see I think I have ten words. Here are the words I got so far
the words are coal, call, loss, loco cola, lass
solo.cool ,lasso class coo,and Al, there is other word that I can write down some might think that one word can be dirty so that one I will not write down .OK back to the words I wrote down as you see I now I have ten words or more which gave me topics to write about I do it inprove style like it I was in a class here I going to try to tie in all the words in one story let see how it turn out?There was a guy name Al who work at a coal mine Al thought he was cool but he rally was not he rally had no class and the lasso that her carried did not help him, The Spanish workers call him loco because he all ways spill his cola and though his lasso was to catch a young lass who was in a coo. This why Al was all ways solo end of this story. Now back to word games Now you see this is a challenge to take all the words you got from one word and put them all toghter to make one story with only like 3 minutes to make the story up this I say it more of the challenge So what do you think do you like this kind of word game? Like I said before it kind of relax me Ok that it for this word game I might do more later on if I can think of one

losing money I hate it do you?

Some people can get loss in the mall , some in the parking lot. Yes we know kids get loss
which I think is call a code Adam ? then some people get loss in their minds like when ordering food from a restaurant. for me I went to a reunion and when the reunion was done I got loss in the driveway, Yes I did get loss in the drive way and no I was not drunk. How did I get loss in the drive way ? The time was 12.00am mid night and the place which was in the country a golf corse they turn all the light off so it was pitch dark out so I could not find which way the drive way went to get out. how did I get out of the driveway of the restruant? I wait for some friends to come out and follow them out of the drive way . This place was kind in the woods this is why the place was pitch black
that how I got loss in the driveway since the drive way was the size of a normal street neighborhood. I was not a little house drive way. That would be hard to do . Has any one else ever got loss in a driveway ? lol. Here some thing else I hate to lose ? What do I hate to lose ? Money is what I hate to lose and what am I talking about? One I am not talking albut losing money from investing or writing or gambling. What I am talking about is losing money from my wallet and it falling on the ground I did not see it happen or if I see and the wind take it and I can not catch it I think that worst then losing money that kind like having the wind steel your money . That just got me thinking I have to make sure the wind does not take my money when I open my food cart ,hot dog stand, So that some thing else I going o have to work on .OK that it for now.

some ways to get a phone call
March 22, 2017

Phone calls today I learn one that I can
make phone calls by facebook messenger
how did I learn that? I had a friend call me
up through that program . Now I have to learn how to get the camera to work then I can see the person I am talking to.
This will take me time since some times I can be a slow learner . Then some times I learn things right away. Now since I am talking about phone calls I am going to talk about my android phone the LG tribute
I learn when it very sunny out side and bright I can not see any thing on my phone I try to go to display setting but the phone was on it max for brightest for me this no good I be going to Florida in a few weeks I need to be able to look at my phone to do any thing or to work it this is the second LG I have the first one was no good to the memory fills up fast . Plus with my LG phone the battery life is short no joke If I need to make a phone call I have to find like a pay phone some do exist in my area
but not that much . So now I am going to see what else boost mobile is offering I might go back to net 10 if they have a android at the right price. I use to have net ten but they did not have smart phones at the time I want one so I switch to boost mobile at the time if it was not for that I would still be with net ten if they had android phones . I did like net 10 why ? because they had unlimited to plus the wi-fi is on
when I went to the stores and I did have some data maybe it was not a store but
it mobile that have the data to play you tube videos no joke. Ok for this one this is it for now.

to get a freazer or not to?

Soon I have my food cart open
soon I have my food cart open . Now the question should I buy a freser to keep my hot dogs frozen? Yes I know food taste better if they are not frozen but at the same time I do not want lose money or time by having hot dogs for the week I save time by not having to go to the store every day to get my hot dogs and more.So my question to get a freezer or not . Or maybe I should just buy a little apt size
refrigerator this way the hot dogs will not be frozen As you know some time when a good hot dog is frozen then cook the taste can change and I know some people say the all beef hot dogs when frozen taste like rubber .
as you know a lot of fast food places their food has no taste because the meats come in frozen if you cook food you know the differnts of fresh and frozen food taste. When people go to a restruant they do not want to eat food that was frozen and I am one them and a hot dog is still a restruant in a way just a very small one with a limited menu So my question is still the same to get a freezer or not to get a freezer this is my question. Yes I know it kind of a spin on William Shakespeare thing but that is my question but I think since I just got done rereading this post I answer my own question do not freeze the hot dogs so I am going to go that route I want to offer good food and a ok price this is my goal my hot dogs are all beef with the natural casing, This is what I like and I know people who like that way to.

Bob the orange and the earth

The life of Bob the Orange

The life of Bob the orange , It was a beautiful day out In Spring Hill Florida
The Orange orchards were doing great. There was this one happy orange Bob He was excited about leaving the tree and helping the humans out. Some of his friend thought he was nuts. But he knew he was a orange not a nut from a nut tree. Bob knew it would be his time to end of the way he his but he belive there a reason for every thing and he prefer to be eaten or drink by a human then to rot a way on a tree or on grass. AS a orange Bob mission was to help humans. Why do you want to do that the tree that bob on ask him? Bob said because I knew if I rot a tree my life would be a waste. The tree say to bob not rally a lot of rotting fruit does help the ground so you are still helping these earth . I did not know that bob said but I still prefer to help the humans out. Why ? the tree said. Because they are pitful . the tree said human do not have pit some are fruit friends do Bob said that not what I mean the human rally need help they are kind of loss more then normal and we need to keep this planet going and the humans are what we need to do to get things done right it not a good choice but it better then having no plans at all. This was bob plan if I become a drink the humans will drink me and then I can help from the inside I know I will not know who I am but it the right thing to do.So bob did this and every one was happy end of story