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my main goals with my food cart business

What my main goal with my hot dog business? this is what ny main goal is
to make money and save enough to get a down payment on a income property with this kind of property I know I can make money with renting out to low income who get government help.I know people who are in the business and today the checks from the government do come in when due I know it hard to belive but my friends do not have any problems and for me I think this is my best solution for a livable income this way I have no worry about the weather and have money coming yes I know with a business partner and taxes it will take time for the money to come in but it a start. then the next step will be to open a deli up to make some money to.for me it will be a kosher style deli, why do Is ay style? if the deli open on Saturday a Rabbi will not ceritfie it kosher even it all the food is kosher. In my area Saturday it the busy day for the res truant , cafe , deli business etc. This why it need to be open on Saturday that when people eat out it would be a breakfast lunch kind of step up, other business I am think of is the event business , why because I am kind of close to this now since I have my food cart . I do have special rates for private parties for food but say they need a band. If I can think on how to make money by putting a event on then there more money for me to get my goals going. I think for me it might be good to have a partner yes I know money has to be spilt up 50/50
Ok that it for this one.

no more rain in my area in been raining for all most three month
May 31, 2017

rain rain my area had enough of it
why I am I sick and tired of the rain? one it been raining since the end of march and it all most June . why do I want the rain to stop.so I can make money that why ? how am I going to make money with the rain to stop?
as some of you know you seen my past post with my food cart. this is how I am going to make money with my food cart
by selling all beef hot dogs with natural casing on.but with the rain it rally making it hard to do the business . why did I get in to this kind of business here why one my job that I have does not have full time work, two they are cutting hours now. this is why I did not sell my stand, I need to make money and with this kind of business I know it what to do with this kind of business since I grow around the food business plus work in retail and fast food the past 30years so I am not a new be to the food business, I all so Have the Serf safe manger cerficate. It kind of a back up were it can help me get a job a asst. manger in a fast food place . I think that were the full time work is . but my goal is I want to have fun and make money and if this rain stop I can do it. In my area we got so much rain I think even the fish had enough rain to.creeks that were dry I think are now near flood levels this is nuts the weather is getting stranger every day. what do you think? is the weather strange by you to.
I say more rain in my area for the day time night time like mid night is OK

do you save your post stories to the computer?

do you save your post that you write on your computer ? for me yes for all the post stories that I write I save them on a memory flash drive stick why do I do this? here why the writing sites after a few pay outs a lot of them go belly up and if the site dose that were I do not get paid . I take those post that I save and put them on other writing site that is paying . I do make some little change to the post so it does not look like I am steeling some else story since they are mine and the other site did not pay for them
from sites that went belly up like my kites and bubblews we all know there a risk with are time. But on the other hand it only cost us time not money to do the writing look at other people on face book playing games for fake money at least some of use got some money not a lot but still can go for a credit card bill payment . Or if you do not have any credit card payments it can go for saving to. that my next step when My credit card bills are paid up . other thing I do with the little money I make from writing say my credit card bills are paid I act like I do not have credit card and make a saving for future car repair and home repair just like how medical isuarnce work .A while back I was able to do that and I had the money to fix my car thank to a friend who is a back yard car repair person. So by having my stories or post what ever you want to call it save to a flash drive stick soon or later those stories will make some money.

were the ads on Literacybase, if no ads how does this site make money?

How does literacy base make money
I do not see any ads on this site. As you know a lot of writing sites make money with ads that people click on.If the sites do not use ads were does the money come from?
we know they do not have a membership fee which will not get people on here to join I will not pay to write. but time on the other hand is kind of a payment to plus a lesson one thing since I started writing my typing is getting faster ,A friend of mine notice I am not looking at the key board to write my post . How this happen? by being on the low paying writing sites that how this happen so on one hand I might be paid very little pennies but look how many people are on Farmville face book playing with fake money. Now the time I use to put on facebook farmville I now do the writing thing and make some money yes I know it not a lot but soon I get better at spelling and maybe then I can go for the real writing jobs for magazine that do short stories that were the real money for writing is I think this way I have more money coming in my number one goal is to get my spelling better then I rally be good I still like to learn copy writing yes I know it boring but it is good income that I was reading about does any here on LB do copy writing?If you do let me know. I think since copy writing is very comptive no one going to say if they do it or not . I know copy writing is other style of writing but if it can make me money then I do it. 

it time for me to get strick with me with my budget

I need to get real strict with my budget
why do I need to get real strict with my budget? because one my hours at work have all ready been cut two with the rain I can not open my food cart so I am getting low on funds . so what the first thing to do ? one do not use my credit cards for personal stuff like food clothes etc, why do I do not cut them up? If you seen a past post of mine you know I use my credit cards as working capital for my hot dog cart business. this is why I do not cut up my credit cards. the only other place I use my credit card is If I need a co pay for a doctor visit that it. I did use my credit card for a down payment of a truck this is why the payment high on this credit card. so I be working on that soon to get the min payment down as fast as possible. Now if it stop raining in my area I be making money selling hot dogs and more. I should been doing this today but the weather is real nasty out that why I did not set up I would made no money on it. Soon I will look for other way to make money on line one is my bottom business I need to get strict with my self and start working on this now I do not need good weather for this to do this plus I need to do this now so people can order what they want and then I can send it to them before the Christmas’s holiday start. why do I need to do the photo button business now? because I do it by hand.
so the are the things I need to get done.

time for me to lose pounds for good
May 31, 2017

Now for me to lose pounds what do I need to do one read on LB how other people are doing it to see how they are losing pounds , two does some one here on LB have poor mans way of losing pounds. why do I want to lose pounds ? because I look fat and I now can feel it that it starting to bug me. So number three for me is to cut out energy drink this will do a double benefit. How is this a double benefit? Here how it will do that by me quitting energy drinks one I will not gain any pounds from it, and the other benefit is I save money . This how It a double benefit for me. My next thing to do it some how between my job and my food cart find a way to walk for a half and hour I know this will help me lose pounds to. Other think I need to do is try new foods outs since I am a meet eater and this is hard for me to cut down at this time I had cut down any way because of my budget most of my money is going to my food cart so I can make money. so I think me cutting energy drinks certain food out and doing some walking every day should give me a start in getting me to lose pounds .One of my friend she afraid I have a heart attack if I do not lose pounds I keep telling her I can not have one because my medical insurance will not cover it. she does not like this kind of joke . but she right I do not want to go that route I am seeing to many people in the obiturays dieing around in their 50,s from heat attacks some of them I know were heavy hitter on energy drinks and coffee. and what my age now 55 that why I am going to start soon to lose pounds I just need the poor man way of losing pounds with food that I can like.Ok that it for now

getting credit card pay off this year

For me now it time to get my credit card pay up. Why do I want to get my credit card pay up? easy so I do not have a balance plus the interest is high plus I have the two credit card that carry a yearly fee. I got them to help me with my food cart business
plus the cards help me got my credit rating up. Now thank to those credit cards I now have two more credit cards with no yearly fee so the yearly fees credit cards are to be the first card to be pay off so I can cancel them if they company want my business they need to one stop the yearly fees , two lower the interest. then I keep them. why would I want to that? since I am trying to get my food cart business open the cards are good if I have to do a event this give me the working capital I need then after the event I pay the card off again.say for example a county fair the event people who put this on want the money way in advance so they know they will have food at the county fair and more. I know some credit cards say do not use the card for business use why do they say that ? Here the big reason they say that . They do not want to people to make money with their credit cards because then there will be no balance and the credit card company will not be making any money out of this and one more reason they are afraid that the person will pay off the credit card so again there will not be a balance. which is my goal no balance all credit cards pay off I know this will take time.Ok that it for now.

traffic exchange do they work or not

Traffic exchange do they work? I can not not say no or yes why ? I have never use them but now I am trying to learn them why because I have a web site business oprountiy that kind of MLM and if I can get people there to see the video I can start making money with this I been paying $10.00 a month and I do like the web site. a lot of good plus on it , It does have a word press program that I am still trying to learn plus ten personal emails. If this traffic exchange can bring me the right people for my web site and my paid to click sites then I have the money I need to live a ok life and get my own apartment as of right now I can not afford a apartment in my area. I can not even get my food cart open why ? It been raining since march 2017 I even think the fish are getting tired of the rain. My goal is to have on line income pay my bills and help raise money so I can buy income apartment where I am getting the rent tin stead of me paying rent I think this is the best way to retire yes it still work but it a way to all ways have money coming in. I been reading a book call rich dad poor day very good book it talk about reat estate that can make you money not flipping home but a way to make money with renting them out . So as of this time I am making a plan so when the time comes I can buy what I am looking for then put in to action what I learn form the rich dad poor dad book.OK that it for now.

the dead mall in th hudson valley NY
20170529_185030 (1)

 Dead mall, what do I mean by dead mall?
in my area this kind of mall is open but has all most no stores, JC penny and Macy shut doors like last year. In my area the out door style malls or strip mall or plaza what ever you call them are doing good.this mall go from owner to bank to new owner then the sell it to flip it again that means to resell it .May be this is the reason they can not get good anchor stores. I told some one if they can get a trader Joe store in that mall . the mall will become alive again. why ? because my area does not have a trader Joe type of store. The mall owners need to chase stores that no one else has in other major towns. this would bring people in to my town. I know other store that kind of like Jc penny’s it call stein mart this is a ok store if you like JC Penny’s you like stein mart. as of right now the dead mall has stores closing left and right subway just shut it doors. I know the smoothing place is next Im friends with the owner she a nice lady but with out shoppers there no sense to have food. Now on the other hand a medical clinic want to rent the empty space were Macy had it store. Is that good or bad for the mall. I say it a negative positive for the mall yes they be getting rent but this type will not bring in shoppers only sick people .It will help the food court but that will be the only stores that benefit from this type of medial place it like a urgent care kind of set up.

how to have a real star trek at home
May 24, 2017

If you like Star Trek you know the main mission
is to explore. not to fight battles. How do we at home on earth do our own star trek? This how we can do it one there a lot of place on earth to learn about like our oceans man kind know more about space then earth it self. For the people on a budget .channels like or shows like river monsters, the discovery channel
even history. Now if you have the time start with your home town every town has some kind of spiecal area that people can explore,hiking, when I go hiking some times we run in to what use to be old stone homes form very long time ago .did they burn down no they just roted away from no one taken care of them because no one know they existed in the woods. Other place to explore if you like scuba diving is the area lake now you are getting closer to star trek How. one when you are under water you need oxygen. two the wait under water the gravity is a lot lighter. Plus some things in that live in the water do look like aliens from other planet. and they are just from our planet earth. when you get time go to you tube and look up strange fish of the ocean it very interesting to see what rally there that not fake, I not sure if lB let us post you tube links but here I am not going to do it. my other writing site I have no problem with posting you tube link as long as that what I am talking about.If I could this on Lb site then I would have more post on here by now,OK that it for this one,