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is it me or every one feeling more tired then normal
April 23, 2017

IS it me or is it every one for the past few weeks I been feeling more tire then usual and some of my friends say they all so are very tired more then normal I been talking to people young and old every one says they more tired then they use to be even after a good sleep and the right food . first for me I thought it be might be with draw from the energy drinks no it not from that. Number two I thought it could be my job why ? because it boring I am a greeter and I can not move around to clean stuff. I even try to go on energy drinks but they are not working . Yes I do eat breakfast in the morning I know that should be a key but it not only me it all most every one I talk to , Yes no joke they are all tell me they more tired then usual . It has nothing to do with their job. Has any one on this site feel more tired in the past few weeks then what normal for you. This is why I have not post things for a while I been to tired to type as right now I am fighting to get my stories postes. I need the money to pay for my credit card payments I need to the cards at the time they are do I know this will help my credit rating go up. So now this week I am going to look in to see why I am so tired. because I am getting sick and tired of being tired yes no joke I like to feel a wake with out having to take any thing in my mouth . I know it nor the pollen in the air or can it be the pollen since the bees are first starting now to do there thing for the honey. OK have fun tonight.

single dating site and lady who want a guy with money

This is very interesting I think I am on a single Jewish site why I am Jewish that why
but here a story I am 55 single male but I still like to have a family why I have not got marry as of now? because I all ways been low income this year will change for me because I am starting my food cart business, a on line photo button business
plus the food cart is the first step to get me closer to owning a kosher style deli. Ok now I see on this single Jewish site that this lady she in her 5o, s but she all so want a family this is why I answer it. it very hard find any ladies Jewish or not the one I like do not want a family so I that why I answer this lady who in her early 50,s but this is what she wants. One she does not want to work, at one hand if you want a family and the money there I can see taking care of the kids the right way then having a day care to take care of them but this lady she does not want to work , she want her future husband to live in her home town. She thinks there jobs for men all over the place. I know she does not know any thing about business and farm country. I live in New York state but not in NY city and live up state were we have a mall about to close down most of the county is farm or apple orchard country
I show this lady a photo of my food cart and she think it a joke and people can not make money from it she told she know guys who have ten restrunats or more. She put me on block before I can send her other reply and ask her I was going to say hey lady you the guys how come they did marry you? you are in your early 50s but you are still single , She said she like the over sea guys better but I know they are smart and could see right thur her like I did. She does not care about were the guys home town is
she all about her self. will I can say it her loss not mine this year so far is going were I want it to go. When my food cart open I know I be on my way this year I have a plan
I know the lady of my future will be here soon . OK that it for now.

no time to write hot dogs are on my mine

I have not have time to write on any of my writing sites. Why ? one I been on vacation I got back last week on wensday and beside my job been working on getting my food cart to open So what am I doing? I am now going thru the paper work the kind of last steps . What do I need to open ? One I need the health permit. then I have to get the vendor permit for each town I am going operate the food cart in. So now I am making a list of what I need so I can pass the health inspection. This is the key when that done I should be set to go. Now other thing is were to put left over food in case I have to go to my part time job early and able to get to the proper place . Well I can tell you some thing my part time job can wait for me to get there the food cart will be number one for me . Why? because it other key for me making a OK income
my part time job will not do that. As you know a lot of brick and mortar stores the sales are going down .Why? beccasue on line sales are going up. two as a customer I can not find items I need in the stores so I am all so force to order on line for items I need but the good part is I finding better prices and saving money. this will help with the hot dog business. I will all so be working on a photo button business that will be on line. This way I have two sources of income so the job I have now will become a fun money job.

The Beaver and the hot dog

The beaver and the hot dog
yes the beaver seen a hot dog that roll off a hot dog cart. What the beaver did not know was the hot dog saw the beaver and did not want to be eat so the hot dog found a way to roll down the street and some how wind up stuck in log . the beaver eyes were glowing he want that hot dog bad, The hot dog was shaking and saying do not eat me please . The beaver laugh you are food you are made for humans to eat you . All sudden a wood chuck saw the hot dog the beaver and saw the wood chuck and the fight of the century was on the hot dog decide to take bets to see who win the fight but one problem animals do not use money . So that plan was out of the question.Then a frog seen the hot dog and said I like to eat you but you are to big for me oy said the frog . The beaver won the fight over the wood chuck why ? the wood chuck was drunk he some how got in to the humans garbage of wine and beer . The hot dog is now shaking again I do not want to be eaten . You have no choice the beaver said you are mine I won you fair and square . So sit down here why I get some napkins and beer . What the beer for the hot dog ask ? it for you so you do not feel the pain why I eat you. The hot dog goes I do not drink . The beaver laugh .What are worry for you be part of me soon . So the beer still get in to me before the hot knew it the beaver ate him . The beaver goes Oh I for got the mustard and the hot dogs gone. This is the end of the story or is it?

my photo for my post that on some of my post

The photo of the boats you see in some of my post . the place is call hidden harbor yacht club which is located in Port Ewen New York
the river you see is the Hudson river
part ot the land you see at Hidden Harbor that look like a island was at one time a barge for doing stuff . A long time ago the barge was made part of the harbor and as you see it now land and roads well rally a parking lot
I kind of grow up at hidden harbor on weekends my dad had a boat in the club when I was little kid . When he and my mom move the Florida the hardest thing was leaving the club to join hidden harbor you need two member to sponsor you in . Son of members can get get in right away but not sons of former members I ask . But it now my time yet . right now it time to get my food cart open up then down the road I might get a boat and see If I can get in as of right now I hear the waiting list is short. Why? I think to day all most every one work two jobs I know people who are married and never see each other because the wife has two job and so those the husband and . I see some people do have three jobs why? none of the jobs are full time and they need to cover theirs bills. that why? at one time people were able to get a 40 hour week job and had no problem paying bills . but with today is very hard to do to find one full time job that why I am opening a food cart this way I know I have a income as long as I do every thing right Ok that it for now.

on line and phone banking today

on line banking with phone. I got a new phone why I was on vacation for the Jewish holidays
I have a app from one of my banks to make on line banking faster. Main reason when I get a check from some one I can take a photo of the check and it get deposit right away if I mail the check in . It takes like two weeks for it to get deposit . Why does it take so long because I live in a other state and this credit union does not have any offices in the state I have . This is the longest bank account I ever had. but with the new phone I am trying to use the app to check the my bank balance . It will not let me in it keep saying I have a outstanding pin which I can not find on my old phone or emails . This app is very important because it helps me with my budget. I use this account now for savings and fun things to do so I like to put money away as fast as possible . Yes I can still check my bank information the old way by going on line and seeing what the balance is but I can not deposit checks that way. I guess I double check my email soon and see if there some pin number there from my bank.well credit union.b
why do I use credits unions ? they rally have no fees on min needed if your low income or if you do not want to carry a heavy balance of money you can not use.today comercal banks charge fees for every thing including talking to a teller or making a phone call to find your bank information
this is no joke I know some one who had this problem . They now are using a credit union to. yes if you bounce a check their is a fee but it still a lower cost then bouncing a check at a commercial bank. Which I do not do that bounce a check the cost can rally get out of hand if you have a lot of transactions going on.this is why I check my bank information every day so I can see that every thing is OK .Now when I am done with this post I check my email again to see if that pin number any were.

the CW TV Supergirl show and more

like the way the new cw super girl show is bring in actor from the old superman shows and other old time super hero shows the one I watch today I watch on line , The super girl show had Terry hatcher who use to play on lois and Clark the new adventure of superman they had her play a evil person they all so had the old wonder wo,en star Linda carter I am thinking she rally playing a evil person to on this super girl show even if it look like she is not.Dean cane who play superman on lois and Clark is one this super girl show. From the smallville TV show the lady who play super girl on that show pop on on this new super girl show as a evil female brainac. So she still has some kind of powers . With Dean Cane at first he had no powers then some how they made him have powers but as a all most evil person but he rally not on this super girl show you need to watch the show and get caught up on it to understand it. If you are a super man fan or super girl fan and be reading the comic books you will under stand the show at no problem I think down the road for the stars that are still alive they bring in may every actor that play on all past superman shows or movies I think it kind of cool how they made terri thatcher play a evil person for a change most of her rules are for a nice person. with Dean cane he plays super girl adopted dad. Which is cool, Yes this super girl show has a actor who plays superman to and it not dean cane or tom wellings . I forgot the actor name but he all so was the star on a teen wolf movie or TV show and it not mike jay fox. as right now I can think of his name.
maybe on other post Ok that it for now have a fun night.

facebook writing people, sharing other stuff

Trying to share my post on face book from Literacy base is a challenge.
why is a challenge? because when I hit the face book button the share part of go bigger then my lap top and I can not
hit the button to post my post so I rally have to keep a eye on it like playing a game at the carnal no joke. Now with twitter I have no problem sharing my post that way all so pinitrest I have no problems to . Has any else here on Literacy base having trouble trying to share on face book? with my other witing sites that I am on I have no problem once in a blue moon I do and it the same problem the face book button is under my bottom bar so I can not hit it so I can post my post so what do I do I just hit the twitter button because all my tweets go on face book to. So down the road I will try to fix this problem so I can post faster and not have my eyes hurt every time I am on the lap top . Like I all way say there a solution to every problem even if you do not like it.Do you think there a solution to every problem ? I sure do and I learn this from thee Clearwater fl
Jaycees. this was a very good club for young men and women from 18- 40 the ages are all ways change on it the age thing why ? because they need new members for there club. as before the Jaycees are all so known as the junior charmer of commerce or JCI junior chamber internatal.The Jaycees are a very good club to get involved in it can help with a lot of stuff that you might need help with or just to get out and help. Ok that it for now

my trip to Florida this week

I am heading to Florida tomorw
what I like I think is I all ready check in on line to get my boarding pass I know this save time now when I get to the airport there should be only two lines I need to get in one for them to check my carry on bag and two the line at the gate. I did not ask for any seat number when I get there I see what I can get I wish they would ask would you like to sit by some single women, since I am singe I would say yes . but it not a date flight it a flight for me to see my family and some friends were am I leaving from Newark going to Tampa bay no not to see the ray baseball game unless I can get in for free like I use to. How did I do that? I use to belong to the Jaycee in the Clearwater area of Florida The Tampa bay Rays play in St .Petersburg Florida not Tampa . Before the Tampa bay Rays play at the torpican field . The name use to be call the thunder dome and Tampa bay lighting play there at first . That how the lighting got there name . when the torpican filed was build they name it the thunder dome and at that time they had no sports teams playing there at all then came hockey them later on base ball . I would of like it if Tampa bay lighting did not move to Tampa I kind of like hockey better then base ball.I can not wait to get down to Florida for two reason .
one warm weather. number two to go swimming. Yes I am like a fish when I am in water pool or the gulf but the gulf of Mexico might still be to cold for me I just check a report on it the temp. of the water around 70 to me that means 65, but most of every one I know who has a pool has a heater on it.Ok that if for now.

how to get energy to write with drinking energy drinks
April 3, 2017

I need to find a way to get energy with out drinking energy drinks why ? When I drank the energy drinks they do help me with my brain .
what my brain doing Is falling a sleep with out the energy drink . So I kind of been crashing my head on my lap top this does not help me . When I did drink the energy drinks my brain was fire up and I had no problem writing like ten post a day I like to get that format going when I get better and under stand are way . As now my brain is ready to crash again and l like to get as many post in as possible . Why ? for two reason one I need money , two to get my writing better this why I do stuff so I can do other things . It kind of hard for me to write with out a energy drink in my hand but I know the energy drinks can cause heart attack and more so at my age I am going to try to stay away from energy drinks for now the only ones I will drink of energy drink is are the natural ones like what amway sells
why would I drink that brand and not the one in the store two reason I might one is all natural and the second reason is the energy drinks do not have the crash that go with the other commercial drinks. Just look at the obits in the paper look how some people who are in their early 50s die of a heart attack from thaking the energy drinks and not one they drank a lot plus coffee I know the paper will not say energy drink was the casus of the heart attack but some of the people I knew and I knew how they drank their energy drinks