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How to Write a Winning Amazon Product Review

Product review refers to a written statement by the user or buyer about a specific product indicating the advantages and disadvantages of using the product. A product review is important for any shopping platform as it provides clients with an opportunity to rate and give their views on products they have procured. This is done precisely on the product page where other consumers or potential product buyers go through when deciding on which product to purchase. Product reviews also give sellers an upper hand in penetrating the market segment by attracting more potential buyers.

Product review is one of the most successful ways of earning more cash from Amazon. Amazon associates get more sales by writing reviews for various products being merchandized on the Amazon platform. If you are one of those looking forth to becoming one of those experts on Amazon; the following are visually proven concepts to be adopted in writing effectual winning product reviews.

Choose the right product to review

Choose the best product that suits your affiliate endorsement. Remember that you are writing the product review so that you can be paid. You should choose the correct product to review taking into consideration the company conditions in regard to the product you are reviewing or endorsing. The review should be the most outstanding, appealing and have premium review ranking.

Give a legitimate cause why readers should choose Amazon

When reviewing a product, consider mentioning the prices of the same product from other platforms or websites. Amazon prices are relatively not expensive in comparison to those of other websites. Give a firm call to action to persuade your readers to visit the Amazon product page.

Give a hint on other customers review

Investigate thoroughly and get opinions of other customers about the same product you are reviewing. Add some Amazon customer reviews on the product you are reviewing. This makes your readers comprehend the experience of the product in the case.

Use your own writing style

Personalized product review is the best catch in the market as it will link you well to your readers. It makes a review look like an actual face to face conversation with your friends concerning the particular product. Many researchers have indicated that this is the most effective style of writing for it provides your review with a better link with your readers.



State Advantages and Disadvantages of the Product

You should tell the readers the benefits of the product. List these benefits based on your own experience. Next, you should talk about the disadvantages of the product according to you. Remember to talk more on the advantages than the disadvantages of the product you are reviewing. In your review, include the product details which are vital for your reader’s general information about the product.

Add several images and videos

Distinctive videos and images of the product being reviewed are very significant selling tool as they provide readers more experience about the product. A review is regarded as more appealing and striking to read when product images and videos are added. A content-only product review will not be enough to attract more customers.

Only use text links only

Banners are not encouraged in promoting products on Amazon platform. Use of text link is the most effective promotional method for Amazon products. Place the links within the content and not separated from the content. This enables clarity in your conversation.

When the above concept is well applied when writing Amazon product reviews, it will completely maximize sales on the product being reviewed.


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My adventure at lake Naivasha

The Lake Naivasha is a birdwatchers dream comes true. Some areas of Lake Shore have recorded over 400 species. The acacia forests teem with Hoopoe, Woodpeckers, Rollers, Shrikes, Hawks, cuckoos and much more. A walk along the shore, or even sitting and relaxing in a single place, will provide the visitor with endlessly rich sightings.

A trip out onto the Lake is even more impressive. The water is dotted with Pelicans and the papyrus alive with Kingfisher, Heron, and Jacarandas and more, while high in the trees over the Lake you will find Africa’s largest concentration of African Fish Eagles. These mighty birds dominate the air over the Lake, their haunting cries echoing across the shores as they plunge to the surface and pull fish from the water.

The Lake is also famous for its Hippo population, and there are more than 400 here. Boat trips can be taken from many lakeside lodges and campsites, providing an ideal opportunity to see large pods of Hippo lying half submerged in the water.

At night they emerge to graze on the Lakeshore. At some Lakeshore lodges and campsites, the remarkable sight of these massive creatures grazing across the lawns is a nightly occurrence. Most visitors are amazed when they see just how large a hippo is when it emerges from the water. It is an awe-inspiring sight, even more so when they are grazing a few feet from the door of your tent. Hippos are a common cause of sleepless nights for lakeside campers.

Crescent Island, a partially submerged volcanic crater, is a private game sanctuary with herds of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, gazelle and other plains game. Many local lodges can organize boat trips to the island, where you can walk among the herds of game.

North West of the Lake is the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary. This is a small private sanctuary centered on a volcanic crater lake with spectacular green water. The lake attracts many flamingos, and the surrounding forests and plains have plenty of game. This is a good place to explore on foot.

I will never forget this scenario in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley.

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How do you welcome a newbie on Literacy Base

Hallo there,

Allow me to introduce myself;

My name is Geoffrey Musera; I have been a blogger/article writer for over 5 years. I share information that empowers people on various aspects of life. I write blogs and articles in the following niches: communications, food and drinks, health and fitness, home improvement, medical, recreation, self-improvement, travel and leisure, news and society, reference and education, shopping, business, finance, home & family and relationships among others.

I realized that despite being educated, people need more enlightenment on things affecting their social-economic life. It has been invariably established that wrong choices and decisions in life come due to lack of knowledge and inspiration in real life issues.

I am a newbie on this Literacy Base platform. I am still learning many things about how it works as well as how to maximize my earnings by sharing and posting here. I have just gone through the Frequently Asked Questions and I am impressed that one only needs to perform simple tasks as mentioned in the reward section and there he goes with earnings. I love the aspect of socializing and making friends which make it more of a rewarding social media like.

I also like the idea that earnings here are updated automatically using a complex algorithm. This gives a real-time monitoring of one’s performance against the effort put. The good thing is that earnings are calculated based on the quality and quantity of contents. This calls for individual efforts in writing quality and quantity posts which are trending on the platform.

I like this platform, I hope to learn, share, and interact more with experienced people on this platform. I have a passion sharing information with the entire community. I look forward to a rewarding and mutually beneficial relationship with friends on this platform. I do expect to learn more as we continue to connect here. I am open to connecting with all friends worldwide.

Please feel free to welcome this newbie on this platform.

Thank you.


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