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After a Long Time Going to Our Native Place with Entire Family, So Happy!

We all have native places, the origin that makes us instantly state the name when somebody asks us where we are from. We can find people staying away from their origins to make our living or to make living better. And I belong to that group of people. My father traveled all the way from Bellary to Bangalore(India) to create a better future for himself.

Of course, he was successful in doing that. He just din’t create a good future for himself but make our, his children’s life much better. We did face difficults  like how he faced at our age. The only thing that bothered was his memories of his place.

Sometimes or at least to people like us, who are called emotional people, become nostalgic. Those days spent with that huge family does make one feel nostalgic. Though my parents had shifted to Bangalore even before I was born but those summer vacations of three consecutive years during my schooling used to be spent there. Almost my entire schooling’s summer vacations I have spent there.

There our joint family lives. There are totally 12 people living under same roof. So day in and day out the house is full and it is full of noise and energy. That makes us feel empty here. It is a great pleasure to visit our relatives.

Today, after a long time, we are going to meet. I am really excited.

Bellary, which is renamed as Bellari on November 1, 2014 is  a historic place in Karnataka, India. There exists many neolithic archaeological places around the city. There are ash mounds near Sanganakallu , which is said to be the largest neolithic complex.

It was ruled by by many rulers. Some of them are Kadambas, Chalukyas, Yadavas ,Hoysalas and Cholas. After the Maratha Empire, the Mughal, Nizam ceded the Deccan part to the British East India Company , then on it went to British Empire.

There are three stories about how this place got it’s name. First one, there were few traveling merchants near this place who couldn’t find any Shiva Linga (Indian God sculpture, worshiped  by Indians). The bought something called ‘Balla’, which is used to measure grain, was installed as Shiva Linga and worshiped. Later a temple was built around it and was named Malleshwara. it is said that from that temple Bellari name was derived.

Second, it is said that Bellari name is derived from the legend called Indira, he is King of Gods. He killed demon named Balla in that place. Hence the name Ballari came into existence.In sanskrit, ‘Balla’ means ‘name of the demon’ and ‘Ari ‘means  ‘enemy of’ , so Ballari means enemy of Balla, hence the name Bellari.

Third, it is said that this name derived from old Kannada( Karnataka State’s regional language) word ‘Vellari’ or ‘Vallapuri’.

So proud to belong to a place like this one. Hope this post was enjoyable.


Thank you.

Exploring LiteracyBase For The First Time, Excited!
March 18, 2017

Hi everybody,

This is my first post in LiteracyBase. I registered myself  almost a month ago but was finding it little difficult for me to find things. There were submit buttons and I also found 14 likes already before I posted. Therefore, it was confusing.

I din’t know where to find friends and message them or did not know where to write, how this is gonna work and stuff. I found it difficult to upload picture because it had many fields and did not take any information if I try entering, but I did upload one. Now I am exploring one by one.

I was also experimenting about the amount that gets added after giving a comment. This really looks amazing and I really want to try more things here. There are few recommended posts I get every time I open my account. I din’t know whether they were advertisements of other writers or were they really article.

Few months back i had joined MyLot website. It is also a website like LB. There I had some friends who spoke about this website and later I thought of making an attempt of joining here. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be to open an account but it is not as easy as I thought it will be to use it.

One day I did try clicking on it and reading those recommended articles.Those posts are really great. The are really in great standard. Hope I learn that here. I think it is not just about writing anything or about a random thing, but it should be acknowledged by at least few people. That is my intension. So that I at least improve.

At last, if you thing I can be added to any groups please do let me know how to join. I am also going through the forum and group fields in the website.



Thank you.