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Just A Little Thing We Call Love

Falling in love is the most easiest yet hardest thing we do. We take a risk with our hearts for a chance of happiness or heartbreak. Oh how I wish love was so simple. But no, there’s always the wrong person that can ruin our idea of what real love is. Too many people get used and taken advantage of. Because we get so use to being played, that’s when we build a wall to keep our emotions checked. We don’t know what a good thing is when the right person does come along because we get so use to getting hurt. We push others away or have so much trust issues that it ruins the “what could be”, scenario. So what can we do if we feel maybe someone we date or fall for seems right? We need to live in the moment. Cherish the little things and create memories. Focus on you two and communicate. Don’t let outsiders invade or influence your relationship. Don’t take advice from others about your relationship because no one knows more about your relationship then the two that’s in the relationship. Don’t take each other for granted. Respect each other and stay faithful. Don’t let temptation in. Fully trust one another and learn to put each other first. Relationships are hard work and love is a beautiful thing. If you aren’t ready to date or commit to someone, don’t lead anyone on. Just stay single if you’re the type to wanna have fun and mess around. No one deserves to get hurt. If you really care for someone, you have to understand no relationship is perfect and there will be fights. It’s okay for two people to have disagreements, that’s what makes both of you different. But don’t be the couple to fight in public or around friends and family. Keep your business, your business. No one needs to get in between what you’ll have going on because as long as you communicate, it can get worked out. Keep your relationship interesting, meaning always flirt with each other. Keep the spark there. Make time to spend time together. Two people need t have a special bond and closeness to really understand each other. Get to understand your partner deeply. Let them know you will always be there for them so they can see they can be comfortable to open to you about anything. It seems like it’s a lot with being with someone and being in love but it takes time and effort. Take what I say and use it to help your relationship or make it great. Good luck!

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Ranting Out My Inner Thoughts and Feelings
December 1, 2017

With everything we deal with as humans, why aren’t we still trying to come together as a union? It’s bad enough we still deal with racism and hate crimes, but why can’t we all just live in happiness and in peace? My beliefs are very simple; if you don’t like someone, don’t speak to them. There’s no need for unnecessary drama that can lead to bullying, threats, or violence. It’s nonsense. If you have toxic people in your life, the best thing to do is cut them off and continue living your life. The main topic I see a lot is the LGBT community. I don’t understand why people hate or act disgusted by people who love each other. Like if you hate gay people so much, why are you so worried about what they are doing? I can’t stand people who focus on other people’s lives but their own. What do you get out of worrying about strangers? Then we have all this craziness about President Trump. I keep telling people, it’s not like the president is coming to your house, cooking for you, shopping for you, taking care of you or your family. People need to stop. Wake up! Just enjoy your life and do what you need to do before things in the world becomes bad. Then you going to regret not taking the time out to enjoy the little things because your worried about the wrong things. Another thing that I think about is people who take others for granted. So many people lose out on a good person because they sometimes listen to others that has nothing to do with you and your partner. People need to stop looking for answers and advice from others about their relationship and just communicate with your partner. The more your speak and open up, the better your relationship will be. Don’t let other ruin something you have special with your partner. I am very open minded and I think differently. But this was my little rant.

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