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Artisry-Abstract-Doesn’t Have To Make Sense
Artisry-Abstract-Doesn't Have To Make Sense

Do you know what it is……. ABSTRACT ART!!!!!

I love it, been doing since I was a little girl. It can be what you want to make it… ABSTRACT-meanng—whatever you want it to mean…no rules or regulation on it, no limitation on, no boundaries. You can draw on wood, paper, plastic, metal or combination of things. Your own imagination of the fantasy you may be in when drawing that piece of ABSTRACT ARTWORK.

You say what it is..It can be so much and express yourself with it. It doesn’t have to make since to other, just to you. You have that vision of what you want that to be at the time of creation,only you can see what it is and how it is going to turn out….Sometimes an Artist doesn’t even know, we just follow our creation.

I feel that you should be different. I have always thought that things are so beautiful that are like that. Take what is up to date and use it in your own way. Cloths, Shoes… NO matter what it is.

Love to see things that others don’t have or you won’t see another like it. The colors, pens, pencils, paint or what ever you like to use. I have been drawing long time and keep a collection of all my drawings I have done over my lifetime. I keep some that would not sell because they have a lot of meaning as to why I drew it……. money cant take the place of that. You can put any line, circle ,diamond ,square in any formation you like and add whatever you feel at that moment.

Use yourself as a piece of ARTWORK!!!! I do it all the time and meet people all the time because of it. I use my hair ,face and body…..I get a lot of compliments because I am being myself in which ABSTRACT ARTISTRY is a part of me so I express it in every way. You should be free and never let no one take that from you..

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    1. My brother and a few of my friends were people that I thought of as artists because they could draw or paint things or people and it looked recognizable. I could never do that so I thought the word “artist” could never be applied to me. Then I learned there was such a thing as “abstract art”. I can’t do portraits or landscapes. But I can do abstract! I’m like: “Hey! I can be an artist!” 🙂

    2. Unless one has interest in drawing even abstract art becomes an effort.


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