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Are You From Royal Blood?

Did I descend from royalty? Eh! Probably not!



My dad never made a big deal about his last name. In fact, when he came to America, he even changed the spelling of his last name. When I got older, found out that my maiden name was very common in his native land. Turns out that one of prime ministers in The Bahamas has the same last name. Even so, doubt that the minister would acknowledge any kinship with me. If I really want to know, Louis Gates Jr. could no doubt help me trace my genealogy and genetic history.


Have you ever watched his TV show Finding Your Roots It’s a very popular show on public television and actually kind of neat!


My husband on the other hand always makes a big deal about his last name. His boasts include being a probable descendant from members of the British parliament to being probably related to that person in America in the entertainment business who owns everything including a news company! Yeah! Right!


My kids and I like our last name because it’s easy to spell. Just three letters. How can you go wrong signing your name? In fact, sometimes when people say “Initial here”, I just write out my last name! So simple.


Don’t want to keep babbling. Just wanted to share this interesting blog post found at a site that helps one trace their ancestry.


Do You Have Royal Blood? Your Last Name May Tell You.Ancestry. Ancestry.com LLC, n.d. Web. 15 Sept. 2016. A resource for online family history & genealogy.

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    1. I love this article. My dads side of the family is from royal blood. I never actually took the time to look and go back far enough to see who we were related to. But I know its royalty.

    2. I agree with the saying. The Royal Blood is Royal. One may be poor by now but he never goes begging on the street. I have seen many such personalities. The way they move, the way they select friends, and the way they respond to others will definitely make them distinct.

      That is why people ask about the Genealogy. It is the foundation. If the blood is not Royal he will be more selfish and businessman-like person. He never thinks about others.

      The person with Royal blood always desires to share the good, bad, and the worse with others. He will be a leader. He lives for others and not for himself. They will have dynamic quality. He takes the lead in every aspect of the society. The society needs and identifies them wherever they are. They need not approach anybody for anything.

      There is nothing wrong feeling proud of having the Royal Blood

      • Sorry. I respectfully disagree with you, sir. I don’t think there is any such thing as “royal blood”. All blood is the same. We call people “royals” who are kings and queens. But who decided they should a king or a queen? They either made themselves a king or a queen OR somebody or some group of people decided they should be king or queen. But they have the same blood as everybody else. How on earth can you possibly say “The person with Royal blood always desires to share the good, bad, and the worse with others.”? If they want to share the “good”, that’s fine. But they can keep the “bad and the worse”. Why share that with me? I don’t want it!! If I had it, I wouldn’t even try to share it. People would probably throw it back in my face! That’s if they run me out of town first!! 🙁

        “The Royal Blood is Royal”. Who said that anyway??

    3. Maybe yes I have a royal blood which is maharlika ( during old times, maharlika is what they call to the group of people in higher category like the king which we call datu), but maybe no also, I’m just a timmawa (a category of people which belong to worker or helper). My father side was just an ordinary people in Ilocos while my mother side is said to have bloodline to Spaniards who colonized Philippines for 333 years.

      • I’m not sure that the site where I found the article can really help people trace their roots if they are not of European descent. But I guess if your have records in your country and a way to test your DNA you could know for sure.

    4. I don’t like to trace my forebears or my lineage. I am afraid if I have a royal blood. It is impossible for me to get back to those ancestries. Personally, I know I was born to my royal parents as I consider them. They are indeed a royal individual for me. They did their best to rear me up, to educate and to give the bright future which I am enjoying right. I know that is the royal blood I am proud of. The royal blood of my loving and caring parents.

      • Now we’re talking! This is exactly how I feel. I grew up in low income housing and we lived on welfare. But my mom and dad were there for me. They gave wise advice and encouraged me to respect others, obey the law, and strive to live a peaceful life. I have read stories and seen documentaries about so-called royals that did things to their children, their own flesh and blood, that not even animals would do! Quite often the child of royal descent is not even raised by his or her parents. They are just given a lot of things, left to a caretaker not even related to them, and told that one day he or she will reign. When I read or hear the story of a king that gave up his throne, it makes me wonder: ‘Did they figure out what real living is all about and decide to go live their life before it was too late for them to enjoy it?’

    5. Interesting blog. Thanks for sharing…never know when my curiosity will pop up and lead me over the horizon.

    6. Well, someone from our ancestors were, way back in early 1800s members of a king’s court- so in that way I have some referential connection here.

    7. I believe bit in any royal blood because there has been no royal blood on earth because royal blood belong to the prophets family and besides prophets’ families there is no royal blood on earth. It is my point of view.

      ccording to a new study of unique last names from around the world, moving in or out of the upper class doesn’t take just a few generations — it takes centuries.

      Measuring not just income and wealth but also occupation, education, and longevity, researchers found that upper-class families took 300 to 450 years before their scions fell back into the middle class. Throughout society, poor families, taken as a whole, took an equal amount of time — 10 to 15 generations — to work their way up into the middle class.

      In England these name are royal as In England, those aristocratic names included Atthill, Bunduck, Balfour, Bramston, Cheslyn, and Conyngham.

    8. Royal blood is my royal family, that is the royal to me, royal is just word means nothing but respect to the older people like parents and grandparents, that is what royal means and I am so proud of them and my family that I am raising now, we all proud of who we are and we are royal in our humble way.


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