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Do Apps Help You or Just Waste Your Time?
July 5, 2016
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Mobile apps are very popular these days. With the advent of smartphones, so many mobile apps have come into vogue. Productivity, gaming, utility, entertainment, news, sports ,fitness, books,shopping-  There are so many different categories for different kinds of apps for your mobile phone. Of all these various kinds of apps, gaming apps are the most popular. You can see people glued to their smartphones playing Candy Crush Saga or Angry birds and so on! Not only youngsters but also mature adults can be found playing mobiles games whenever they get some spare time. These gaming apps are so addictive that people can’t just stop playing them.

While some apps are there just to kill time, there are some useful apps also like the mobile banking apps and utility apps etc. Now you can pay your phone bills and your electricity bills or cable & internet bills from the convenience of your home by using apps. Most of the banks now provide the facility of phonebanking through their apps. You can shop at leisure using the shopping apps from various websites on your phone. 

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You can meditate using the meditation apps, you can learn about yoga and fitness through the health apps or you can read books online through kindle app on your mobile. You can even learn foreign languages or learn new recipes or any skill you want to through the apps. You can make your life convenient by using the utility apps on your mobile phone to write your to-do lists, to scan receipts, to send emails, to access documents stored on evernote or dropbox and so on.

There are numerous useful mobile apps which can make our life so much easy. But most of the people don’t make use of it and prefer spending their time on gaming apps only. Do you use mobile apps? Do you use only gaming apps or other useful apps too? Do you think they are of any use?


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    1. @shaloo walia I have not downloaded any Apps as I have just a mobile that has some basic functions. I shop online without these Apps and I am doing fine.

    2. Yes, there are many apps in all mobiles for different purposes but I think it better for those who have enough time to waste in opening and checking the apps’functions for different purpose but I think apps are useless for lay men and uneducated peoples.

      Using apps is a waste of time because time is money on earth. If we waste our precious time in apps’ activities we waste our time and money. It is not good for human mentality it makes apps addicted and no time is left for other works.

    3. One must learn the art of using these apps otherwise these apps are ready to kill our time. They do waste a lot of our time. Although some of these apps are helping us in many fields but majority of these apps are just useless and meant for killing our time.

      An aap in form of some dictionary may be a good addition as it is going to save a lot of our time.

    4. Most of the apps that I have are being selected especially for earning purposes. I had deleted the other non-essentials in my mobile phone.

    5. Well Apps do help- but not all, and some make us waste our time rather than help us save time or money.

    6. There are varieties of APPS coming in the market Some of them come along with the Smartphone when we purchase them. Some of them have to be downloaded as per our necessity All banking Apps like PayTM and Rupay needs to be downloaded. They are useful and unavoidable for easy banking transactions.
      Some APPS come along with smartphone when we purchase them They are mostly gaming APPS which does not carry any value except for time pass. Better the less is talked about them as it is totally absurd and waste of time
      There are some apps relating to measuring the heights of buildings, depths of wells etc., which can be had on monthly payment basis They are useful in the construction field.
      Apps like yoga, recipes, S. Health is important for everyone. They make the things easy and people are really getting many benefits out of them. Another area in which they are widely coming to use is in the transportation. The Ola and Uber Apps are becoming very useful and are bringing the transport system to our door steps without any waste of time.

      I think in future it is only the APPS that will make the life very easy and comfortable to live in

    7. Apps are actually saving me time. I use mobile banking so it is easier for me to log in using the app. I also have an app for humanatic, an app that pays you for reviewing calls. Of course, there are apps that really waste my time but I know when to open them.

    8. Depends on the app in question some save time others waste time. So really it depends on the person and what kind of apps he or she uses.

    9. I think these apps are marketed and valued depending on their usage and the type of person who will be using the app.

      I mean, these apps are all marketed for people who needed them. Those games would be valued and used by people who loved games, who enjoyed it and it would be quite useless to people who does not find any joy in playing it.

      The eBook reading apps are marketed and used by readers all over the world. It would be useless and a waste of time for non-readers.

      The shoppers loves using the online shopping apps. Sometimes they do offer great discounts and promos for using their apps. Non shoppers wouldn’t appreciate online shopping apps.

      So I guess in every app there are people who needed them and won’t think it a waste of time.

      These apps shows how progressive we are now because programmers used these apps to cater for different types of people for their different needs.

    10. I only have the mobile apps that I always use. I also have the app for my daily devotional. As for the games, I used to have at least 3 but I uninstalled them because I would only play one game until I a done with all its level, then uninstall it then install a new one.

      That way, my phone will not slow down.

      I have the viber , facebook , unit converter, flashlight, calculator , reminder, Memo apps too. They are all useful to me.

    11. Well I am just someone who is not really into apps or games. I used to have only basic apps like, well, those used for social media, for my banking needs and chatting needs.

      When my children grew and learned to use gadgets, my phone is full educational apps and games. Really.

      Good thing recently, I found out that there are also fun apps, doing small task and actually earn. And I get to do this during my spare time. Is that good or what?

    12. I,for one, appreciate my android phone with it’s many apps. Games are good but, personally, I do not have much use for it. I use apps for information and self edification. There is an app that I, recently, downloaded called Duolingo and I am using it to learn French. It is a app that combines games and entertainment and uses it to help you learn a language. Just maybe 5 or 10 minutes on it and you would be surprised at how you can further your knowledge on any language. There are other apps that I, also, use–some for Ministry or for watching documentaries such as the history channel. My advice–Games are cool but use its features to get further in life such as learning a language.

    13. I make use of apps. I have several that make me a reasonable amount of money, not lots, but the odd £ or £5 which comes in handy. If you work it to your advantage you can manage a good bit off the bill of a smart phone. The apps I do not like are the ones that just waste my time, so I will not download games unless they will somehow make me money. Time is too short.

    14. To me, some apps are important while some are useless, some games are important while are important, it depends on what the user wants.

      Sometimes it pays to use some apps or play some games but most of the time it’s a waste of time, once again it depends on the user.

      i only have apps on my mobile phone, time to play games are passed away, behold this a new time to do something important, lol.

    15. People have become so hooked into their cell phones that any app becomes another link the chain of slavery.

    16. I have downloaded a couple of apps for my phone. I have downloaded a riddle game, Pokemon Go and social media apps (instagram, facebbok, etc..).

      There is however, one app i installed that is helpful to be on a daily basis because i am very forgetful. I downloaded an app to help remind me when to take the contraceptive pill. Not only does it have the alarm to remind me, it shows a calendar that tells me when i end, start and need to buy a new pack.

      I have been trying to find other apps to help me daily but haven’t been sucessful.

      I have also downloaded Foap and EyeEm which are apps where you can sell the pictures you take even from you smartphone. As long as they have quality and useful to someone you’ll be fine. Haven’t sold any yet, but i am still training in photography.

    17. What I understand, is that, beside all things the Apps unnecessarily eat up a lot of memory space in the mobile handset

    18. wow…great to see so many replies here and seeing this post featured among top posts…thank you all!

    19. Not all apps are useful. These are a list of apps I find useful, Sworkit, My Fitness pal, Aaptiv all apps for exercise, diet etc. But what I find annoying are the payments they make us do, although not compulsory. My makeup apps are good as well, I have learnt from Perfect365 how to apply makeup like a pro. Not all apps are useless.

    20. its really both, sometimes its good o have som eapps for food for fun ,f or communication aand things like that even for receipes or weather, but sometime the app makes youaddcit to it so you waste your time doing so do you think the time we wated onn the apps is nt bad, i guess that is really money that we waste using apps thta is also leess social life , less friends, less meeting people and work also, lots of workeres leave their work to plan on the apps to chat using the messengers

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