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Anger is normal our emotion like any other.
May 14, 2017

Somewhere I read that to feel anger to the other person is the same as to drink a glass of poison and expect that the other one will die. Anger is normal our emotion like any other, which accompanies us. It is important that we adequately accept the rising anger in us, clearly realize the cause of its. Of course, this is an unpleasant emotion that we do not want to experience ourselves, and do not want to monitor it in the environment surrounding us.

But it is important to realize that anger has a positive side also. It can be a force, motivating and positive, helping to achieve a particular goal or object you wish for, despite of facing various difficulties and obstacles. Anger also may reveal a big part of the truth about you, of course, only in a case if you analyze yourself. This emotion can motivate to change, grow as a person, it helps to retain a sense of control.

However, prolonged detention of anger and avoiding to express it to the environment can cause considerable damage to man. When a man get angry, his whole body system react to this anger, it rises up energy that he has to use for anger’s attack and has somehow to release it out. It is natural to outcry, curse, and punch the pillow.

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But there is cases when adults do not allow themselves to be angry because of certain childhood experiences. Then the feeling of anger is blocked, energy released of anger is detained and severely controlled. Quiet anger can become intractable fury, hatred, or even cause some body disorders like hypertension or asthma.

Also, it is important to forgive even if you feel angry. The ability to forgive grows with experience, it must be learned and we must mature for this. The most important is work with ourselves. The realization that you are imperfect, fallible and changeable, makes it easier to accept people around you and to forgive them and yourself for the mistakes made.


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