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Amway MLM Business – How Do People Make Money
February 26, 2017

Amway is one of the MLM business that has managed to survive for long. And the best part about the business is that it has successfully recruited people. There seems to be no way any business can survive on that model. But I am wonder how come such business model has managed to stay active over the years. How come it has not collapsed. How do they manage to handle the expenses through MLM. I know their products are not much useful and many people have better deal elsewhere at lower price. So I am just thinking harder for where this sort of business is making money.

There are some parts where Amway and few other companies fail. They require us to either sell their products or membership. And equally bring more people under the system. This means one has to constantly try and get more referrals. I can’t do this because I can’t convince people to buy such bad products. If I am not wrong there are many other similar MLM products. I am not sure how many of the people are into this sort of the business and how they are even managing. I just think that this model in itself is not something I’d choose to look out for. As the amount of efforts are too high here.
My relative tried Amway and they managed to pull in few other referrals. But it seems that the MLM model of the business is revised. Here one has to constantly get more referrals and make commision on product sales. So this is indeed something that is changed over the years. If I were to choose, I’d never get into this type of business model. As this type of business makes it really hard for many of us to sustain for long. Amway’s secret seems to be that they are standing on top of many of those sales people who are working really hard. And that means there is a chance that some day it will collapse.

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    1. I did Amway and never again. I saw how many people get hyped up and get nowhere. I did have a friend who achieved a measure of success but I was not convinced to enroll. I have another friend who is involved and has not made much money and is still after me to enroll. Their products are expensive and I could do better elsewhere. So, please if you are approached by someone, run as fast as you can and not look back. Granted, some have succeeded but I would advise you to stay away.


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