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America First; America Only; the new Policy
March 18, 2017
Trump in hat - Make America White Again

One was expecting, somewhat sadly, that this would happen.   Only maybe not as enormously.   The United States which once contributed to many of the ‘Good Works’ all over the world, now has stepped back.   No. No more money for foreign aid.

Okay, make the point that a lot of the countries that the United States ‘helps’ hate America.    So, pulling back and out, is not unexpected.

Cutting the budget to the Environment Protection Agency was expected, but not so much; at least keep up appearances.

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The reality of what Trump is doing; that resonates with European nations.   Many will either have to assume the United State’s burden, or let the projects go.

A number of ‘public’ radio stations in the U.S.. will probably close, as will whatever artistic endeavours are funded by the American budget,  be they music, art, dance are no longer important so will not be funded.

One suspects various educational grants will also be removed, and health care will be a shambles.

But!   The American Military will be well funded, so will Home Land Security.   America will be ‘safe’, that is locked down.

Trump’s meeting with Angela Merkel was interesting.   She had flung open her borders, causing a lot of annoyance and anger all over Europe.    After a few terrorist attacks she has backed off, somewhat, but no where near Trump’s xenophobia.

Many people in Germany, which are annoyed with Merkel might flirt with the far right,  but seeing Trump might cast a vote for her to avoid getting a Trump.

As I’ve said before, it isn’t just his so-called programs, it is his observable clumsy, boorish, intellectually limited persona.   He is repulsive and although many of the far right candidates are not as offensive as he is,  they are daubed by the same brush.

So the world watches and wonders and shudders.





    1. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

      That’s the policy. Don’t let anybody tell you different. That’s the policy.

      Trump is not America. Didn’t see his meeting with Merkel. Was not even interested. But the world need not shudder. 4 years goes by fast.

      • no it doesn’t. Every day it’s something else. Another lie, another vomit of hate, another stupid idea.

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