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America Has The 45th USA President
November 10, 2016
us flag_America Has The 45th USA President_President Donald Trump

President elect Donald Trump of United States promised the fulfillment of American dream. The White House will be govern by  new leadership now after Barack Obama step down.

Well, it can be said now, after having Trump tower, Trump plane, Trump show and so now he has Trump white house and Trump country.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to have all the resources and means to win the election: concurrent party administration of Democrats, Wall Street, Hollywood, media, and even the experiences and family of politicians.

But as we say: Trump has the tadhana—meaning, its Trump’s destiny to be the leader of the most powerful country of the globe. He is a businessman and not a politician. But he is a billionaire. He has a dream to make America great again. He wants to serve Americans.

Before the election, many predicted that Clinton would win the race. Many projections headed to Clinton that seems her issues on foundation and emails do not matter. Then again, the stunning win for Trump gaining even more electoral boats that what is expected as close race. Trump got the runaway win against Clinton.

So now, lots of world leaders are sending congratulatory message to Donald Trump. Of course, it is also the time for them to observe how Trump will treat other countries. Trump has already noted program and love to American people. But let us accept the Trump, US is also global. Does relationship with other countries will change and the concentration only for the American people.

Give him a chance, said her campaign supporter. Of course the new US president needs that especially that global markets drop down when he win the election. This includes the Asian market. Stock markets tumble down. Sure the economy was affected. But as said, give him a chance.

But things first, before anything else, before the negative things. It is but proper to give the message… congratulations President Donald Trump.

God bless America.###

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    1. This Marks a new Era in american history….best of luck guys

      • I don’t know but I think Donald Trump will be just another president of US if not one of the unpopular president because of his attitude and thinking.

    2. You said: electoral boats I think you meant electoral VOTES. I think Trump will do okay in office. It would be nice to see the democrats stop protesting and crying over Trump winning. I am also glad that evil witch didn’t win.

      • Oh my, shame on me, what a… electoral boats (sigh). Anyway, that tension could be a problem its good that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is helping by telling to their surrender to give your president a chance to lead America.

    3. Hope the new president makes this world a peaceful place to live in. I pray for his success. He would be the most powerful man in the world.Thats why he can do a lot for his nation as well as for the rest of the world. Hope he improves the things.

      • Its so happen, Donald Trump major program is for Americans only… that is why he said he want to make America Great Again. That is a big problem in other countries that is depending to the help and alms of US. In our country, the BPO industry will surely be affected when that business will be force to transfer their business to US and not anymore here in the country.

    4. Thank you for concluding your post with “God bless America”.

      • We often read and hear this phrase “God Bless America”. Now that Donald Trump was elected as president of United States, it got the deeper meaning to everyone not only in America but to the other countries.

        Just like when we are praying every night to give us good sleep, strength, forgiveness to our sins among other things. It become just normal like a song we always sing. But when a typhoon and while disaster is hitting our place, it become more meaningful and wholeheartedly spoken.

    5. More power on the new presidency! I hope he will lead his county in goodness, prosperity, peace and united with God who is the supreme ruler of the world 😉

    6. Donal Trump is a newly elected president in America. I hope he can uplift the sentiments of the people. It is really unexpected for me to let him have the victory. The feeling is also the same thing with our new president. Personally speaking, I don’t have high hopes for these two people. I am sure that most of you had seen the great impact under the new administration in my country.

    7. I have read and seen those nations who change their leaders in hope of bringing the new leader better than the first dream does not come true. The history of the world reveals that the condition of America ill be very bad because whenever in any country any businessman takes the charge the any country means the country will go in the pit of darkness and it is sure.

      Keep in mind, getting marriage is easy but to run a family is an art just like getting power on the ground of money is easy but to drive the state is a technical art that is not known to the businessmen. As in my country, Nawaz took the charge of as The PM of Pakistan and now my country is going to the wall everything’s price is going up day by day.

      Businessmen never care for public because they love just their money. Taking the charge of USA first of all edibles will be high due to businessmen’s mentality. hey pay attention to business not to public well fare. The public of USA will see what I am saying very soon. After this, war clouds will b appear over the heads of American peoples. Russia will threat USA president and the condition will be very bad.

      I have realized the people of USA have made a horrible mistake selecting Donald Trump as their dishonest leader. I have read today in the newspaper, that 4500 law suits are against DT but how took part in Election 2016.

      • The truth is : We don’t need a leader. The ants have no leader. They lead themselves. What we need is “order”.

        “Businessmen never care for public because they love just their money.” ~ I disagree. But I wouldn’t get into an extended debate about it. It depends on the individual businessman.

        “I have realized the people of USA have made a horrible mistake selecting Donald Trump.” ~ “The people” did not elect Donald Trump! Just to be clear, for the record. 🙂

    8. I think if he can show some restraint and follow sound logic, he can do good for both US and the world, but it is too early to pass any judgement.

    9. very good content..
      thanks for the sharing.


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