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Aloe vera the wonder worker
May 19, 2016

I was a distributor for a US company who were specialized in products based on Aloe vera.  

Known as a miracle plant, Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis miller) is an all purpose plant with countless benefits. Easy to grow,  it is now available bottled, singly and/or in various combinations. 

 1. Aloe Vera Gel: This is 100 percent aloe vera gel.  Only stabilizers are used to keep its quality unaltered for as long as 4 years unopened. But once it is opened it should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3 months.

This is the basic product, which one should start with. It detoxifies one’s system and rids it of all poisons. Aloe vera is adaptogenic and therefore the dosage depends on age and situations. A minimum of 3 bottles is recommended. 

2. Aloe berry nectar – 85% stabilized aloe vera it is fortified with apple and cranberry juice. This helps menopausal problems, asthma, stones in bladder and kidney, gout besides what aloe vera gel does. This has a better taste but as starters one should first go for aloe vera gel. Take atleast one bottle before switching over to aloe berry nectar. 

3. Aloe bits and peaches – 100% aloe with peaches that is a source of antioxidants and vitamin A. 

4. Aloe Vera Jelly – A must in every household. It takes care of bedsores,

wounds, wrinkles, cuts, bruises. This can be eaten also and it takes care of mouth ulcers. It is ideal for all skin ailments. 

5. Aloe MSM Gel. This is 100% gel fortified with Methyl sulfonyl Methane from natural sources.   The miracle of msm gel helps fortify connective tissues, maintains healthy joints, is a strong pain killer and reduces inflammation.

This is another product that one should have in every household, particularly where there are seniors 

6. Aloe heat lotion – Massage has become a part of our lifestyle to soothe our aching muscles. Take this heat lotion to the parlour or get someone to do it for you and see for yourself the results. 

More research is under way and it is expected that there will be more supplements with Aloe vera as the main ingredient  as time goes by. 

Things to remember: 

Before taking other health supplements it is necessary that the body is flushed out of all toxins. Aloe vera gel not only flushes the system of all toxins it also helps in better absorption of food and other medication/health supplements. Aloe vera works at the cell level and therefore it takes care of several complications in one’s body. It scavenges dead cells and also rebuilds  cells and rejuvenates the body as a whole.

For chronic ailments however in order to keep them under check there are several other health supplements but these should be taken after atleast one bottle of aloe vera gel is consumed. 

The patient should continue taking whatever medication that is already prescribed by their doctor. Consumption of water is recommended. 

For the first two days one should take 2 tablespoons in the morning and 2 tablespoons in the evening one hour before meals. From the third day onwards,  1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 tablespoon in the evening. The bottle once opened should be kept in the fridge and shaken  well before use and should be consumed within 3 months once it is opened. 

There are no side effects and aloe vera is safe for consumption.


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    1. We have aloe vera in the garden since 2001 when we moved to this house. We had planted it for an herbal hair grower. But it’s not true that you will get a thick crop of hair. The only truth in aloe vera is its healing properties as salve for burns. Pardon me if this runs counter to your post. But my comment is based on my experience – we had experimented with aloe vera before.

      • Any therapy has rules and they need to be followed. Having said that has anyone told you that Aloe vera guarantees thick growth of hair?

    2. Lola said on May 22, 2016

      Aloe Vera is a great plant. I have used its gel on my skin before and it is wonderful to help with sun burns. I also have used it in juice and pill forms to help with stomach ailments and regularity.

    3. Even a toothache gets relieved if it is applied directly on the gums.

    4. Aloe vera has been well-known by the old folks in my country. They used this for shampooing their long silky black hair. Through the years, it became the primary content for brand shampoos available in pagoda of the supermarket. I was surprised that there are other benefits for having this in the system of our body.


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