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Adidas sneakers review to athletes
April 17, 2017
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Since quite few years adidas is undoubtedly the high rated brand of all sneakers. Adidas great for its style and great quality and the too expensive brand too. When we went in the adidas shop we really lost between the great designs of sneaker that offers high quality at high price also. sneakers feel great

The soft rubber for the sides of the sneakers make it so nice to look at imagine then the feeling wearing it. Sneakers were light, though they have lots of pattern at the soles to fit different feet shapes, it took me some time to find the one that I was really comfortable and fits nicely.


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Of course theses are outdoor sneakers, they are meant for clubs or gym or any outdoor activity too, but not at home.

Designs made shoe simple and they have lots of solid colors and mix different colors too.  I like the pink purple combo on the sneakers that  I bought, guaranteed to attract all the eyes to your shoes. They though are not for casual outdoor walk you can try jogging with them, I say the are not for casual because the design is not good for just walking with them, there are professional shape, as they’ll look great with adidas shirt and cab, but I COULD not buy all from adidas so I was happy with getting the sneakers only.

Adidas sneakers review to athletes

I have to say I am not loyal to adidas but I have also some mix brands shoes too.

any way that is how to pamper yourself when you have some money from workng online, though I need months to do few dollars, waiting 5 months to make that money and buy adidas is worth it. do you also like adidas and have tried them and tried other brands? trust me you will not see how pretty they are unless you try also other shoes brands. try and write and buy

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