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A funny Thing Happened to Triond
March 26, 2017
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When the writing site Triond first came into existence back in 2008 the idea was human moderation.  This didn’t last very long and then it switched to A.I.

Artificial Intelligence is certainly artificial and often not intelligent.   It can’t think, it doesn’t understand. It looks for words that are taboo and blocks an article.  If one wrote about armour, mentioning a breastplate or about a disease mentioning a part of the body, the item would be rejected for obscenity.

This A.I. was tweaked but did not distinguish between a quote, giving attribution and plagiarism.   Hence, anyone who quoted anything that was ever published; from the Bible to a Newspaper, would have their item rejected for plagiarism.

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This became ridiculous and as there were a lot of people on the site who had fantastic senses of humour then began to play the site.  Making up stories and twisting things and leaving out facts as I did in  http://literacybase.com/how-to-avoid-being-flagged-for-plagiarism/

Now clearly, if you read that item you’ll notice I left all all the names, all the dates, and wrote a factual piece without the facts.

Instead of giving you an actual history of political parties in my country I wrote empty verbiage.

This is what happens when A.I. takes charge of a site.

On Triond people began to invent stories.   They wrote about an actor or a politician and made it up as they went along.  The crazier the better because it can’t be plagiarism if it is invention.   So if I wrote that Donald Trump went on his usually Thursday afternoon visit to Hell to speak to his cousin Satan, it would not be flagged.   If I researched and wrote where he actually went on Thursday afternoon I would be flagged for plagiarism because that fact would be in some newspaper somewhere.

After a time, Triond realised how it was cutting its own throat by the use of the A.I. plagiarism checker.  That it was virtually demanding that people write crap to avoid being flagged.

Great writers had begun to resort to writing what they ordered for dinner at a restaurant so as not to be flagged, while others would jumble things; so they’d write States of United so as Not to be flagged.

The A.I. was shelved.

It was shelved because it destroyed the site.

Unfortunately for Triond, this happened at the point when Google instituted its new policies.

So a good site had been dragged into crap and lay in crap until it was closed.

This happened to other sites.

The problem is that human eyes need to focus on items ‘flagged’ by A.I. so that good items aren’t removed and writers are encouraged to post the best most factual and readable items.

    1. What you say is true. I agree that we should be using words without naming people as that would keep the writer safe and the article safe from the problems stated above. One can also write other topics like short stories, incidents which took place in ones life, places where one went and interesting things happened. Something which only we know and not many other know about it such things would keep the writer safe.

      While there are places where all topics can also be covered and written. One can search for them for such articles. While we can follow all these it is better we use the checker which is faulty and check as the site is using the same. If it shows that anything is repeating at some other place simply do not publish the article here. That is better way of playing it safe and not being called names.

      • I’m going to avoid topical factual items here and post them on other sites. This will just be a pop corn site.

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