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A Coma State of Sleep
July 22, 2018

A special way to sleep. It seems as though my sleeping pattern is deeply sleeping. I’m able to become more rejuvenated which such a sleep pattern. The best thing is that there’s no disruption which helps a lot. Helps the heart and resting heals the body. Lessens the moodiness which is great. There’s more thinking occurring when proper rest is developed. “I’m excited when there is deep sleep obtained.” (Tanikka Paulk). Certainly a person would need to rest when there’s numerous auto immune conditions. There will be the fatigue.

I’m able to regroup and come up with new ideas when I’ve achieved proper rest. My joints are certainly happier when resting occurs. To sleep is a wonderful thing. To sleep when there are no knocks at the door is a blessing. There’s greater motion when there’s enough rest obtained. To sleep comfortably is a joy! There are some who believe that they’re able to function by sleeping less. The body will “eventually” break down when there’s little sleep obtained.

Overworking isn’t something no person should attempt. Once the body and mind breaks down the persons are pretty much immobile. Rest, relaxation, sleep is very important some don’t realize of such until they experience health problems. When there’s tiredness the eyes will feel drowsiness. There has to be a set time when sleep or rest is achieved. Some may think that they’re so strong that they don’t need to sleep very much but they are incorrect.

Every person must obtain rest. “Doctors will advise their patients that rest is very important and lowering the stress levels.’ by: Tanikka Paulk. “When I’m able to sleep I’m like a child receiving some delicious candy.” (Tanikka Paulk). Imagine sleeping and individuals continuously causing disruptions that’s when a person becomes moody. Moods change when there’s lack of sleep or rest. Deep “meditation” will also help lower stress. Finding the most effective ways to lower stress will help achieve greater happiness and better mood.

There are great ways to relax. There’s so many relaxing sounds which one could put on their headphones and just listen to the sounds. There’s ocean, beach, rain and thunder sounds which help develop relaxation and helps with better sleep. The mind is at ease when there’s relaxing sounds, words, surroundings. There are many locations where the sounds can be heard. There are “peaceful” sounds in one’s community. Crickets also produce such sounds.

Here are a couple of sounds which will incur peacefulness

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