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February 8, 2017


Do you know that laziness kill talents? If you are very lazy, to know your talent will be difficult, peradventure you know your talent, to develop it will be hard.

Laziness profits to nothing.

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Laziness makes people poor.

Laziness leads to dirtiness.

Laziness can get you sacked.

I have put up some signs I feel lazy people portray, you can add yours at the comment section below:

  1. When you find it so hard to wake up early in the morning: the acts of lazy people begin very early in the morning. Industrious people wake up early to do their chores but the lazy ones sleep until the school bell rings. By that time, they complain the hour of the night is too short, that they wish it is extended.


  1. When you procrastinate all the time: procrastination delay things, what should have been done since a year may be lying waiting till now all because of procrastination. Lazy people are fond of procrastination, they never finish what they started.


  1. When you sleep too much: lazy people love to sleep, they can sleep anywhere, be it in the office, church, class and the likes. Even while walking, they can be sleeping.


  1. When people always tell you what to do: lazy people are not only lazy in the external but also on the internal. What do I mean? Laziness can also affect the brain in the sense that people always tell them what to do. Lazy people don’t have time to think — they don’t think.


  1. When you complain too much: lazy people can complain on anything, give them an assignment, they will give you one trillion reasons why the assignment could not be done, or why the assignment has not been done. So watch out, when you complain too much.

    1. I concur with you on this one, but I may disagree with you on the first point. Reason being sometimes you may find someone who wakes up early prepares everything then goes to work. At work they are probably running up and down and doing most of the office errands, they are the same people who will or are expected to come home to a hungry lot. The husband is there waiting for dinner to be prepared, then your the one who checks the kids homework, you bathe them, feed them, wash the utensils and so on and so forth.bythe time you are going to bed you are so tired; and all you want to do is sleep. But your husband needs you at that point, so by the time your catching sleep it’s already too late. You and up sleeping for less than 6 hours. The following morning your at it again for the whole week, would you honestly say that this person is lazy? I don’t think so such people are overwhelmed and there why they are reluctant to wake up in the morning. As for the rest I guess you are right. Usually left people even find it hard to think. They want everything laid out for them. Quite interesting sentiments it may act as a wake up call for those who seem to be heading that way.

      • you have a point, to me it is still an excuse.

        reason is that, i am a mother, i go to work everyday, take my children to school, do all the chores you mentioned, yet wakes up 5 am daily.

        aside that, the price of motherhood by waking up to attend to babies at midnight is there.

        i’m not saying i am perfect in all, but we just have to do our work as women.

        let’s reason together, leave the married alone, what about the youth, let’s say students, waking up early to read helps.

        in conclusion, this is not a final judgement but how i feel about it personally.

        thanks for reading.

      • ok. i read your comments again and gave it a second thought, probably you are talking about a person who normally is industrious but in one way or the other was tired to wake up on time. IF I GET YOU RIGHT?

        that person is not lazy, it’s just like when one is sick.

        so you are very correct.

    2. People waking up late in the morning are not all lazy, in my own opinion. Maybe it depends on the situation. For example, some people are working until night in their office, so of course, they were tired and just want to sleep and not to wake up early for them to rest well and be ready for their work again.

      At some point, I agree that some people who wake up late are due to laziness. They want to sleep and don’t want to wake up early, they just wait for their food to be served first before going out to bed.

      • Yes, that is the point, I mean your second reason is what I meant in this article.
        You are correct that it’s not all who wakes up late are lazy, it is true, this is because it has a condition, the condition is that they work late.

        What about those who didn’t work late, and are not sick? You understand what I mean now??

        Laziness could make someone wakes up and wouldn’t want to do anything other than eat, and go back to bed, though he or she has piled jobs waiting to be done.

        Thanks for reading

    3. I wish now I had not been so prone to procrastination all my life. I am a perfectionist and look at a task and then become daunted by my inability to do it well enough according to my own lights. Often it would have been fine. Then I stop for a coffee and nothing gets done!

    4. got to say yea and no, these are sign of lazy maybe at times but at times it may not
      some feel lazy due to sickness and some feel lazy at times due to their work hours and so on, thanks for the post its interesting

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