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4 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy
4 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancya pregnant mom by pixabay.com

Many pregnant mums do have a misunderstanding that they are eating for 2 people during pregnancy period.


You are what you eat, and your baby is what you eat


In other words, how your baby turns out when he is born, depends on what you had consumed during pregnancy.

If your baby is fat or thin and you are experiencing difficult labor pain during delivery, all of these factors are related to your eating habits.


When you are pregnant, you are not eating for two person ( mum and fetus -baby ).

Instead, you are eating for ONE person, it should be nourishing , healthy and full of nutrients for the development of the fetus


Do not grab this opportunity to become a food freak, consuming all your favorite food that is both unhealthy and obsessed with a certain type of foods only.

Just apply a common sense approach in your diet in order to have a healthy and happy pregnancy, a healthy bouncy baby and sufficient energy to breastfeed him after your baby is born.


Among the foods that you will consuming during pregnancy, beware of some foods that should be avoided at all cost for the sake of your baby and you.

4 Foods to avoid during pregnancy

#1  – Fatty and oily Foods

Fatty foods had been long proven to be the main reason for cardiovascular diseases.

During breastfeeding period, mothers who had consumed high amount of sugar and saturated fats will produce breast milk with fats content which is lack in nutrients for the baby.

Doctor researches had proven that the fatty and oily food consumed by moms during pregnancy had induced unhealthy breast milk.

Hence, it is best to cut down on:

  • sausages / hotdogs
  • meat pies
  • bacon/ ham
  • burgers / pizzas
  • kebabs / skewers
  • Danish pastries
  • cakes with creams
  • ice-creams
  • butter buns with sugar


#2 – Salt / Sodium

Everyone knows that salt / sodium related food will induce high blood pressure and fluid retention which is the reason most mums’ feet / legs appeared ” swollen”.

Try not to sprinkle salt into your home cooked meals, replace it with light soy sauce or oyster sauce.

Reduce intake of salted foods especially pre-manufactured foods that is highly marinated with salt and MSG

#3-  Carbonated and sweet drinks  

Avoid drinking carbonated beverages such as sodas, fruit juice in cartons, concentrated fruit juice ( that needed to mix with water ), colas and related gassy drinks.

Carbonated drinks and sweet beverages are high in sugar content

In addition, your body will lost the calcium nutrient and increase your chances of contracting diabetes at later stage of pregnancy.



#4 – Chilled / Cold Foods

Many of us had heard of old wive tales that cold foods are NOT ALLOWED to be consume during pregnancy because it will cause fits ( seizures ) and asthma.

Too much of watermelon will cause your baby to contract asthma and fits ( seizures) at later stage of growth.

Some people believed that watermelon is naturally “too cold”

Doctors had advised that pregnant mums should consume a wide variety of fruits in order to absorb fibres, assorted nutrients and help to reduce constipation.

However, it is best to consume “cold fruits” in moderate amount.

Do not eat one kind of fruit only.


Frozen , chilled . cold foods which you take out from the at fridge should be thawed and heat up thoroughly before you eat it.


What other foods do you think should be avoided during pregnancy?

Do share with us


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    1. That’s a lot of food right there that pregnant women should not take, I am even lost for words what else is there left to eat? I know vegetables is a must, literally all the foods that are not supposed to be eaten have been mentioned above I don’t think I can add up anything else. or maybe chilies are pregnant women allowed to have spiced food with chilies, take wine after food, maybe that one should also be talked about because there are people like me who like spiced food and that could cause problems for me when I get pregnant could you kindly expound on this, it would help quite a lot to know. Thanks for sharing the information.

    2. These would be some very good tips for pregnant women and they would benefit a lot from these.
      I am also sharing these ahead.

    3. nice tips for pregnant women

    4. Pregnancy is such a funny thing, yes i agree that our baby is what we eat. But sometime during pregnancy your baby decides what you can and cannot eat. I remember when I was pregnant I couldn’t eat meat none at all throughout my entire pregnancy. I craved vegetables and salty foods and if I even tried eating meat my stomach would get upset and I would have terrible vomiting. Even simply having a glass of water was hard for me, as I would throw up whenever I tried having a drink. Every woman have different experience and it seems to me like the baby has its own appetite while inside of the womb.


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