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4 Best Ways to Earn From LiteracyBase
July 20, 2016
LiteracyBase Paying Social MediaPaying Social Network, Simple and Attractive.

If you are reading this, it means you are already on LiteracyBasec.com. If you are not then you are missing the opportunity to make some extra cash to boost your revenue. Now I have come up with these 4 Best ways to earn from LiteracyBase . As some of you are looking to Increase your Income streams. If you don’t know about the literacyBase then I will suggest you to read About-Us for more detailed Info or let me take the liberty to tell you concisely that LiteracyBase is the microblogging social site that pays you for your valuable contribution to the site.

After evaluating the variety of earning methods defined in the rewards section. I found 4 ways more lucrative. Since I have found these people who are new and not aware the proper way to contribute and get most out of it. I am very convinced that after reading this you will be doing the same what I am doing here and get most out of your contributions. So you can check what would be worth your efforts and time. The list is lightly organized by 1 – Social Media Sharing Power, 2 – Contribution & Discussion is the key here to success, 3 – Write whatever you are good at.  However, your suggestions are very welcome If you consider I skipped, kindly let me know in the comments below.

1. Referral Visit / Sign-ups

Make Money By Sharing on Social Network

Sharing is Caring. Share Online & Increase revenue.

This is the most underrated task by many of us. However, nobody knows that this is by far the best option you have to earn from LiteracyBase. If you are new here and don’t know where to start or what to do? You really don’t know the topics you are good at? And you are not in a mode to contribute. So, you still have the power to earn by sharing useful Articles, Topics and discussions with your Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and etc. By sharing those Attention-grabbing content with your friends & pages, you are actually creating referral visits from these social networks to the site. For every visit that derives from your shared network, you will be getting rewards. If some of your friends or followers join by using those links then you have a permanent referral. Now every time your referral contributes to the site by creating content and participating in discussions you are actually getting the commission for like 10% or more. So, this is the two-way earning, you are making money by getting referrals who visits website or content and commission if they become members and start contributing. Here is the complete tutorial on how to share on Social Networks.

You can really Increase your Income or entirely reliant on this section if you have a big social following or big pages.


2. Participate In Group Discussion

It has been observed that more users tend to update walls only. They don’t really join any groups and start any topic in the forum section of the group. They just go to the groups and do a couple of wall post. However they can earn from wall post but this is not a decent way to earn and wall post has earning limits as well. So, why don’t start topics inside any group section? This is the great way to start some trending discussions on related topics. It does not require any content limitation or specialization and you can start small discussions, unlike blog-post where you must have minimum 300+ words limit. People love to discuss and respond with the solutions. Remember you will earn on every topic creation as well as responding to the discussion, even author of the topic can respond to his / her own topic and earn. So, start topics in groups -> Forum section today with little or catchy titles. You can ask questions, solutions, new events, small how-to guides, reviews and something else entirely.

3. Posting Comments

Getting comments on your blog post or articles are wonderful feelings that anyone can have, but what if you are getting paid in order to post comments. Yes, you hear me right! Now you can post comments on any article or blog that you find Interesting and you believe that your comments make it more valuable. Remember comments like appreciating the author is a good way to show your admiration towards author but it won’t make you a decent amount. Instead, you can post some Important points or questions related to the post or missing information that provide value to the particular blog-post will definitely earn you some inevitable points. LiteracyBase has this comments algorithm that calculates rewards based on the quality and the quantity of the comment, even though the author can earn rewards by responding to the comments as well. There is no such limit to make comments.

4. Blog Post / Article

Last but not the least, Posting articles and blog-post will definitely earn you more, because it requires no less than 300 words per article to maintain the quality of the article. Many folks find it hard and there are obvious reasons such as writing 300+ words article is not easy for everyone. But believe me, if you are writing on the topic that you love the most then you will find this interesting. Even I am writing this blog-post that already has crossed over 1000 words and I still do have so much to share. So, writing 300+ words article is not a big deal for individuals who are really enthusiastic. If you know your interesting topic or what area of interest excites you? Then you will find this option more profitable. The main focus of literacyBase is to provide quality information to the world. If you are producing quality material by any mean then you may be earning more.  Here you can learn how to do Blog-post?

Again, all these not determined your earning potential; it’s you and your dedication, contribution, and hard-work that make the difference. This site is for you to enjoy some quality time and be among the people who share the same interest that you possess while having a company of such wonderful folks earning is the added bonus here.

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    1. All the four ways you mentioned are really best ways.

    2. suny said on May 4, 2016

      Thanks Rameez, I was looking for this information and found it here at your blog post. It provides almost everything a newbie like me would want to see. Thank you so much.

    3. Thank you for writing a detailed post about it. I hope all new members find the site easy to work and earn a decent amount.

    4. Thank you, Rameez. I just signed up. I’m looking forward to getting started. I appreciate the information that you provided.

    5. How much do we get for our activities though? I think if we’re going to refr people to the site we should be able to tell them.

    6. IcyBC said on May 5, 2016

      This is like a welcome letter to me, as a new user! I am going to follow these tips and thank you!

    7. Wow thanks for these tips dear. Will try to do these too. Been wondering how to earn here 🙂 where to see referred member here dear?

    8. Its Good to bump on this post. Thanks for sharing these tips ram 🙂

    9. This post will help newcomers like myself. Thank you for being so kind to enlighten us.

    10. May I know how long does it takes for a blog post to be published? I have a friend had mentioned she had submitted a blog post a few days ago but no news yet

    11. may I know how long does it takes for a submitted blog post to be approved and published?

    12. This is an helpful post. My preference is to earn through posts. How much time does it take to get the post approved?

    13. I just signed in and have read everything from FAQ’s to TOS. This is helpful for the newbies.

    14. I am with #4. But sadly my article has not been approved since 3 days.

    15. The EASIEST for me is #1. I just signed up and saw my bank moving fast after tweeting and sharing on Facebook. I hope there is no limit to refer visitors. I can do it as a full time job. LOL

    16. This is a big help to the members of LiteracyBase, more particularly with the newcomer lust like me. I have just joined this day and I have to go over everything here to satisfy my curiosity especially the basic things to do. Before reading this post, I have check the rewards button to find out the point system or the credit a writer could received, but I have not found any informative things there except I am being redirected to a particular page.

      Now with this, I know what to do and I know what to expect and I know how to earn through these 4 possible ways of earning. I am very thankful for this post.

    17. this is a very easy way to earn……..

    18. I have just finished writing you article. As a recent newcomer on this beautifully laid out writing site, your post presents very interesting ways to increase traffic and of course money to each and everybody’s post including mine when I finally start. Thank you for your descriptive and well written article.

    19. This was very helpful

    20. I’m just getting started here. I’m still a bit confused as to how to share articles with my affiliate link attached. Thank you for sharing the system that works best for you in making money here.

    21. Well sharing, it’s really helpful for the newbies like me here, I would try to follow your guidelines in order to enjoy more here!

    22. Great post! Newbies will love it! You could have said, we get credit just for logging in, so if we do nothing else, at least sign in every day. 🙂

    23. Good site ever

    24. I’m new here, and reading as much as I can to familiarize myself with this site. Your post is very informational. I still have to start sharing on pinterest and Google+, facebook, etc.

    25. This is a perfect list for those that are just familiarizing themselves here.

    26. A very detailed and useful information. Thanks for sharing it. Though I’m not that new to this site, but I still read some tips on how to earn here and you give it through this blog.

    27. Very well written d8dnt sound complicated. Appreciate the info.

    28. Useful information. Thank you for sharing.


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